Fansub Review: [Commie] Inu x Boku SS (Episode 01)

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So should I assume the only difference between Crunchyroll and Commie is that Commie adds karaoke? There’s no way this was edited. [Note: Images lost due to site migration]

Release format: MKV (10-bit, 258 MB)

Japanesiness: No honorifics.

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Ending. Only the ending aired this episode. Commie’s kara’s s’all right enough.



Rolling like a true man.

Boy scouts pledge. Fraternity whelps pledge. Ladies promise.

Edit: I didn’t mean that pledge/promise are male/female versions of the same word. I just wrote the line like that because I thought it was poetic and shit. The reason “pledge” shouldn’t be used is simply because a pledge is far more involved of a declaration that you’ll do something. It is essentially an oath. She didn’t make an oath here. She said she’d do something, which is more akin to a promise. Both would bind her due to her honor as an upper-class lady, but only “promise” makes sense in this context.



You need to rock a comma before the “so” here. There’s a process to these things.

assure -> ensure

“From this day forth, it’s my duty to ensure your daily safety.”

“a” before consonant sounds and “an” before vowel sounds.

“an apple”

“a banana”

“an honor”

“a ukelele”

So it should be “an honorable” here.

Three accounts of “being” in the same sentence? Now you’re just being ridiculous. :/

“I was lonely because I was both bullied and protected simply for being a Shirakiin.” (And this flows exceptionally well from the preceding sentence, which is “I was lonely.”

No, come on. These are fucking CR subs. It’s not hard to edit them properly, you lazy shitheads.

“Why don’t we try it, then?” -> “I’ll take you up on that bet.”

Oh wow, I completely redeemed the phrasing and made the anime better by not fucking the dialogue to hell and back. I deserve a medal for fixing stupid shit like this.

… This reads like they’re all closely related. Also, it reads like shit.

“But our ancestors mingled with monsters.”

And now it doesn’t sound like they’re all inbred trash. How fucking easy was that?

Not “permission to do so”. It’s “permission to be here”. “permission to do so” makes no fucking sense in this sentence.


Watchability: Watchable.

Overall grade: B-

Honestly, does Commie even do shit to their Crunchyroll rips anymore or do they just toss this shit on a Zero-Raws raw and call it a day? Competent editors wouldn’t have these errors on a script as cookie cutter as this, so either their staff is stupid or their staff doesn’t exist.

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  1. Feels like Commie is more like Underwater, in which there’s only one person doing it (or most of it) now. Maybe a couple other people for encoding and typesetting/karaoke but that’s it.

    Still, I’ll believe in the former than the latter. Even if the staff doesn’t exist, someone is being stupid anyway.

    • Double Posting whatever, but I forgot that it sucks that they are the only ones doing some of the shows and are obviously, albiet painfully, better than whoever else, a.k.a Hadena.

      Hadena is still shit and I would give them a real award if they finally beat Commie, or at least take off the dunce caps over their heads for a short time only to put it back on them for being so stupid for so long.

  2. It’s more like: We need to do all the CR-shows! Rip it, apply some “editing” (spellcheck), make it look nice and throw it out asap.

    It has nothing to with “we like the show, so we’re doing it” anymore.

    So, it’s not really being lazy; they just don’t care.

    • Have to agree. From the comments they’ve left in various places it seems that they’re more concerned with breaking some pointless record of number of shows done in a season than actually doing a good job on them all.


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