Fansub Review: [Esc-ShinBunBu] Ano Natsu de Matteru (Episode 02v2)

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I lasted eleven minutes. This release simply isn’t worth my time or yours.

Release format: MKV (269 MB, 8-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.

Group website:

8thsin’s translation critique:

Ji-hi’s screenshot comparisons:



Opening. It was all right. I didn’t get a chance to check out the ED because I couldn’t last that far in the release.



It’s just the title. Who’d bother to typeset that?



That comma needs to be a period.


Try “There…”

This girl only says “ni” which is far shorter than the three-syllable line you see here. It’s not even close in terms of length.

Except that’s not what she says.

“Takatsuki Ichika-san ne” so change it to “Takatsuki Ichika-san, huh?

Oh three-liners without character differentiation~

“I was at a loss at what to do.” No.

“I was at a loss for what to do.” Yes.

“I can’t follow, but it sounds complicated…”

And please, please differentiate between speakers when there are two different lines on the same screen.

“I haven’t done such a thing!” -> “We never hugged!”

It’s just so much less shitty.

“You were nursing him, you said?” or “You said you were just nursing him?”

I prefer the latter.

There aren’t nearly enough questions marks available to me to register my confusion. How could anybody think this is acceptable?

Yet with a simple “That’s how it is on my star!” we can fix the problem. Much better.

“had made” …

Why? Why not just “made”?

And a thousand QCs suddenly cried out in pain.

“so I know your feeling right now” -> “so I know how you feel right now”

… and I’m going to ignore that there’s a three-liner here with lines that aren’t differentiated. I’ll consider “stupid” to be the flavor of the day here.

I’m going to close my eyes, walk a few steps back, do a little spin, clap my hands, and then open my eyes see if that error’s still there.



Nope. Still there. All right, Esc-Shin, I think I proved that your editor’s current process isn’t working. Try something different.

This is not how you list.

“He wouldn’t do anything strange, odd, or weird, right?”

This conversation contains the worst assortment of comebacks ever.

A: He just thought about it!

B: No I wasn’t!


A: What sort of expression?

B: You totally do!

They don’t make sense when they’re read. What the shit happened here?

Onee-chan. Onee-chan! Fucking… I have no problem with the hearing-impaired. Honestly, I really don’t. But don’t have them edit. It’s not gonna end well.

Don’t just randomly capitalize words after sentences, you goddamn bumblefucks. This is terrible.

This is clearly conditioned stupidity.

I think your subs are distiguished enough. All right. After close to 11 minutes in, I’m going to have to cut you off from the Sage bar, Esc-ShinBunBu. There are still 13 minutes to go, but you’ve had enough fail for tonight (and many nights, really).


Watchability: Unwatchable.

Overall grade: F

I feel bad because I know Esc-ShinBunBu put some hefty effort into this episode. They were so proud when their members came and asked for a review, sure I would be impressed. I’m sorry guys, but I call them as I see them. This was a bad release.

I can’t recommend these guys for Ano Natsu at all.

0 thoughts on “Fansub Review: [Esc-ShinBunBu] Ano Natsu de Matteru (Episode 02v2)”

    • Don’t blame me just because you can’t edit. You really think I’d give anything more than an “F” to a group with this number of errors in only 11 minutes? If the answer is “yes”, then you can totally call me biased. If the answer is “no” and any group which fucks up this much is going to get an “F”, then I’m not biased. You just suck.

      • No, I just “love” the timing of it, how it somehow falls right after a lengthy rant that slammed me and Kana-chan. These things aren’t correlated at all. Nope, not in the slightest.

        • You were in that rant? ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
          Just like the disclaimer for the rant said:
          “I did not write this. Just posting it for a friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous.”

          If Dark_Sage is such a biased and unreliable reviewer, then none are going to read his reviews or believe him. Guess you have nothing to worry about. But then, why are you here whining on his blog for whiners?

        • To be perfectly honest, I don’t think “timing” has much to do with it when both releases are terrible.

          Here’s a quick tip:

          If you get multiple bad reviews, it might be better to assume that you are doing something wrong (rather than, you know, assuming it’s some sort of conspiracy against you).

          • KMB WAS shit and I’m aware of it myself.
            That was editor-less, QC-less and TLC-less and basically was my shitty engrish for the first half.
            I wouldn’t call it an A-tier but if there isn’t something going on it’s likely due to the fact he didn’t finish the episode.
            19 ‘errors’ were pointed out and 18 were in the first 9 minutes of the episode. They also aren’t errors that would completely fuck your brain while you try to comprehend, and the last one isn’t even an error.
            If you noticed that, you’d also notice a TL change. If we deserve an F it should be for the whole episode not the first half of it.

            Also, just saiyan but ED karaoke > OP karaoke.

          • I take that back, the last one was an error.

            I was seeing an extra “there’s” at the start of the line with my 3″ screen. I still stand by my point though, if you’re gonna gve us an F do it properly.

          • If the remaining 13 minutes are as amazing as you think they are, then I suppose I’ll have to give them a look much, much later tonight. But I hope you realize that even if you blow my dick off with amazing quality in the later half of the episode, you’re still not gonna get above D-tier.

            As for whatever conspiracy I have against y’all… Um, I don’t. I was writing the review way before I posted the drama because y’all kept asking me to. :/

          • It’s not going to blow your dick off and all the errors so far don’t hinder much with the show itself with the exception of a few lines like Remon’s description of Gundam you should be whining about a missing “with.”
            What you did here is nitpick everything you could and stick an F onto it because you hate editors now.
            As for the conspiracy I don’t really think much of it, nor do I think it’s completely true. If any bad timing is involved it’s that nisemono. Calm the fuck down, fansubbing is about watchability not English power levels.
            If you want to criticise us do it like KMB and call us shit for killing the meaning or guesslating as you called it, not for using a comma instead of a dot that no one other than grammar nazis such as yourself care about,

          • Having to use my brain to re-translate and re-edit your shit TL while watching the show inhibits my ability to actually focus on the contents of the show and therefore is a direct cause of having a poor viewing experience.

          • If you really wrote this review before all this mess started Dark_Sage, then I would like to apologize for lashing out at you.

            Just understand how all these events played out and how I connected the dots in the way I did.

          • I do, but compare the errors he pointed out here with the other F tiers, say, that Sengoku thing.
            I don’t think a comma for a full stop would make our release so badly unwatchable as is claimed.
            What’s more surprising is that he actually got to the end of Hadena’s Zero no Tsukiama, unless I’m missing something here and their engrish is better.

          • No problem, Hayate. The timing wasn’t great, but I really had no intention of kicking you while you were down. :/

            As for watching shows all the way/stopping halfway through… it really depends on what I feel like doing. I watched ZnT all the way through because the errors were hilarious and could make for a fun article.

            The errors here were just, quite frankly, stupid and annoying. I stopped halfway through because I didn’t see any benefit in recording 40 total screenshots and having to poke through them to decide which bad error was worse than the others. I didn’t realize there was a TL change halfway through. If I did, I would’ve done something fun like split up the review into two halves and give a separate grade for each. You’d still probably hit an F overall, but at least your pride could be preserved as you blamed one person for the overall result.

            I’m not out to “get you”. Really, I feel bad giving out low grades to newer groups because I don’t want to discourage new blood. However, I call’s ’em as I sees ’em. An F is an F regardless of who was responsible for the release. And no, not all new groups suck. EveTaku’s entry onto the scene was a fantastic one, for example. I sense that something might be wrong with your process. Hit me up on IRC when I get on and I’ll walk you through how to fansub more efficiently.

            And yes, I’ll review the remaining 13 minutes like you desire, but it’ll have to be later. I have some IRL stuff to attend to right now.

          • Sure thing. IRC it is then.
            I appreciate you going through the next 13 minutes, and if you are that thoughtful there’s nothing I can do.
            I await your kind guidance, good sir.
            Apologies if I sounded like I was lashing, I have always respected you and still am, but just with Hayate things have been playing out badly recently.

          • Just to add to the various points here, using two translators on one episode is fail, even if they’re both amazingly good tls. The difference in style will ALWAYS be noticeable and offputting for the viewer, so why do it? If your tl can’t do the whole episode for some reason, turf him and get someone who can.

          • Using two TLs on one episode is perfectly fine, if there is that big of a difference in styles, the editor should catch it. If the TLs interact with each other it’s no big deal and happens all the time.

            For this to succeed, there has to be some semblance of organization, of course.

    • “Alternator was damaged.”
      Yeah, you didn’t rephrase our line at all, and your TL has enough liberal translation experience to actually get “alternator” from the audio “orutarate”.

      What I don’t get is if you used CoalGuys release to spot translate, then why do I still see 3 critical errors just from these screenshots?

      How does “That’s how it is on my star” line even make sense even without the editing mistake? Her race lives in a star’s core?

  1. Hayata and Konachan, I told you to take my suggestions into consideration, but no… you didn’t listen to me. You guys could have gotten a D at least. ( ¬‿¬)

  2. @Kanachan, you need to take a step back, and take this blog for what it is. It’s criticism that you can use to actually improve your work. The point here is not to look at your release and say, “Meh, it’s good enough.” You should actually try your best and take pride in your work. If you come here and just try to blow everything off because it doesn’t seriously hinder your understanding of the anime, then you’re missing the point of this blog. Dark_Sage points out your errors, and you do your best not to repeat them. Disregard the insulting tone, look at the errors, and you’ll gain a lot more from this blog than high blood pressure.

  3. All in all, that was pretty crap-tastic. I’m sure they probably did the best that they could, but more fine tuning is definitely needed.

  4. In their defence, it has to be said that Aegisub doesn’t actually warn the user when something spills over more than two rows.


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