Ohayocon 2012 – Day 3

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Okay, Ohayocon sucked, but we’re totally going back next year. If you’ve ever been to a con, you’ll know this feel.


The entire day was really… bad compared to the others. Nobody was there and nothing was going on.

Totally unimpressed

10:00 Left the b&b and headed to the con. Chipotle was still closed. I think I saw Soup shed a single tear.

10:15 Hit up the Gainax panel. It was only a third full. I don’t really like Gainax, but to see a Gainax panel with such low attendance? Was not expecting that.

11:00 “Reverse Q&A with Brad Swaille” panel. Apparently he’s a voice actor or something. Since it  was a ‘reverse q&a’, he asked the audience about AMVs and how to make them… Bad idea.

Some 50-year-old in terrible steampunk gear replied, “First, you have to decide whether you’ll make a Lipsync AMV or a Picture-matching AMV. Then you can go from there.” I didn’t think I could be more repulsed by a person until the neckbeard in front of us chimed in with “You’ll probably want to use Windows Movie Maker like I do, so you don’t have to use advanced techniques like lipsyncing.”

Guess I'm gonna have to kill a bitch

We left right after that comment to head to…

12:00 The “Robot Girl Fan Panel”. Oh wow.

I don’t think the presenter realized this was an anime convention. It was a terrible, terrible panel made even more hilarious by the low attendance and the fact that he booked the largest room at the con. We were so embarrassed for him that we spent our time there on our phones so we didn’t have to watch him fuck up.

After Soup, Snuggles, and I left, the attendance of his panel was cut in half — literally. There were three people left in an auditorium meant to seat hundreds after we headed out. ~_~

12:10 AMV Awards. Again, information on this will be in my AMV post.

2:30 Gaming Awards panel. The presenters didn’t show up and there were only 10 people in the room. The neckbeards decided to make the panel their own and by popular opinion decided Modern Warfare 3 was the best shooter ever made. Snuggles kept talking about how great Half-Life is. Suicide seemed like a very viable action at that point.

4:00 Caught the tail-end of a Pillowcases concert (Pillows cover band).

I thought it was a great end to a lame day. We said goodbye and split up — back to the boredom of everyday life.


When I think about it, I hated most everything at the con. The panels sucked, the attendees sucked, and the weather sucked… but the people I hung out with made the con enjoyable. I would never recommend going to one of these things alone. But with friends? It was definitely worth it.

Guess I’ll be heading to Otakon/Anime Detour next…? We’ll see.

And yes, yes, I’ll get on those reviews soon.

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      • Yeah, the con was a bust… so many panels were canceled and I think I walked out of each panel I went to (cept the one I ran and the other Madoka one). TBH I’m surprised that it gets such a large attendance; however, from what I’ve heard about it, it is geared more towards “having a good time” than anything else.

  1. Dont anyone let Dark_Sage convince you otherwise. I’m a heckling monster, so muh so that even the dude in front of us at the 201- year in the review panel’s girlfriend was all up on my dick.

  2. Personally, I agreed with like one or two of the series for “best” that the presenter listed in the 2011 Anime in Review panel. I was surprised to see Wandering Son up there, as I enjoyed that personally. But that’s me (since it didn’t seem all that popular or “good” to the public).

    Anyhow, if I stop being cheap within the next few months and get a hold of some money, I’ll give Otakon some thought myself. Reading this review made me want to go to a con again. A good portion of my enjoyment from this came from your captions, Soup in general, and well, I just enjoyed reading this!

    • Haha thanks man, though to be fair Dark_Safe did make me sound mildly more entertaining than I really am.

      Though I love that he named my friend snuggles!

      • >I’m a heckling monster, so muh so that even the dude in front of us at the 201- year in the review panel’s girlfriend was all up on my dick.

        This is what got me even more. Though, judging by the comments, sounds like Lyger would generate plenty of lols as well.
        Either or, it was a very enjoyable read!

  3. Lyger should have gone, he’s good at heckling. He completely raped the Crunchy Roll guy and gave him all of the responsibility for random sketchy translations at NYAF. LOL

  4. “The neckbeards decided to make the panel their own and by popular opinion decided Modern Warfare 3 was the best shooter ever made.”

    oh my god

  5. Yeah I would like to go to one of these for the laughs, but like others have said you definitely need to go with friends to have a good time.

  6. Same feeling when I went to Otakuthon 2011. It was my first con but still boring. If it wasn’t for the people I knew there (normal attendees and panelist, some even were on the staff list), I would have never thought of going to a con ever again.

  7. If any of my RL friends were into anime at all this write up might actually convince me to go to a con one of these days. It sounds like it was quite entertaining in many ways, none of which the con organizers intended.

  8. Did you head down to gaming? And I read everything…man you guys sound like me. I’m staffing so if you go next year hit me up. I wanna rip apart the “Anime you’ve never seen” “Gaming Awards” and almost everything else you’ve listed. Man I’m kinda glad I just walked around -_-


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