Ohayocon 2012 – Day 2

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By far the busiest day, but the panels still weren’t all that great.

I Have Opinions: The Panel



12:00 Woke up and left to go eat at the Chipotle before heading off to the con. Met up with Soup’s friend (whom I’ll call Snuggles from now on since I can’t remember his name.)

When we got there, we saw a bunch of policemen. Turns out the store was burgled Friday night so they had to shut the entire thing down. Lucky us. :/

12:30 Walking back, I got an interesting call from the bed and breakfast. It went along the lines of

We got quite a few complaints about you coming in drunk at 5:30 and being very loud and obnoxious — this has never happened in the 20 years I’ve been running this place. If you do it again, we’re going to call the cops on you. You can’t have fun here; you can only sleep. Also, how dare you bring in a third person to your room? You should have let us know you’d do that. Once again, either behave yourselves or we’re going to kick you onto the street.

So yeah, we’ll be in a hotel next year.

1:00 Funimation panel. The q&a part was so hilarious. The questions ranged from “When will you release ____ anime?” to “When will you release ____ anime?”. My absolute favorite was “The Soul Eater manga is still going in Japan, so will you be making a new anime for this series?” We all broke down laughing.

Funi makes the best anime

3:00 “Cosplay Chess” panel. It sounded like a rollicking good time from the description, but the presenters didn’t show up. ._.

4:00 Durarara panel. Hilariously disorganized so we left. Rintaun was super depressed because he was hoping for some pretentious discussion here.

4:30 Anime in America panel. This was… actually quite good. Some guy went through a quick rundown of the history of anime in the US. He knew his shit and we all enjoyed hearing about it.

8:30 “2011 Anime in Review”. Oh my. I think I’m just gonna list off the Top 3/Worst 3 the presenters picked for each season and let you draw your own conclusions about their opinions.

Winter 2011:

Best: Wandering Son. Kore wa Zombie. Madoka (one presenter said it was basically made by Tim Burton).
Worst: Infinite Stratos. Dragon Crisis. Freezing.

Spring 2011:

Best: Steins;gate. Nichijou. Ano Hana.
Worst: Dororon Enma. Dog Days. Oretachi (in describing the show, they spoiled the ending for us).

Summer 2011:

Best: Usagi Drop. Ikoku Meiro no Croisee. No. 6.
Worst: R-15. Ryo-kyu-bu. Itsuka Tenma.

Fall 2011:

Best: Gundam Age. Mirai Nikki. Fate/Zero.
Worst: Majikoi. Horizon. Maken-ki.

When the presenters asked if anybody in the audience had seen these shows, Soup and I raised our hands every single time.

Soup heckled the fuck out of her opinions on the best/worst shows, which made the fat dude to our left really pissed, but everyone sitting around us was literally jumping on our dicks for how much anime we’d seen.

This shit'll get you laid

11:00 Parted with rintaun, who left to go back home. Ended up watching Hetalia in one of the rooms. Soup thought the show was hilarious. Soup was also drunk, so I’ll forgive him for such shitty judgment.

12:30 Otaku Night Court. This was basically a panel where they set up a mock court and had trials ‘n shit based on such hilarious concepts as “Tentacle Monsters vs. the State for Discrimination!” Yeah, it sucked. After it ended, we were gonna go to the rave, but there was still a huge line to get in at 2:30 AM. So we just left.


Special observation: I saw so many Homestuck cosplayers at the con, it made me sick. I thought they were candy corn monsters, but Snuggles corrected me and said they were from some webcomic called Homestuck.

This is what they all looked like. No joke.

I read the comic while we were waiting in lines for panels… It was honestly the shittiest thing I’ve ever read — and I’ve read The Hobbit. No wonder its fanbase at the con was made entirely of middle schoolers.


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  1. Dude, there were some many fucking Homestuck cosplayers at AWA this year as well. Fucking ridiculous. I can’t wait for Momo-con’s “2011 Anime” panel. I’m going to fucking wreck worlds.

  2. Hey now, Homestuck may not be your cup of tea but its fanbase isn’t that bad! (Although those particular cosplayers clearly didn’t try too hard…)

    • Its fanbase isn’t bad, it’s terrible. If you wanna cosplay as candy-corn faggots do it at your own shitty convention, don’t take over anime fans’.


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