Ohayocon 2012 – Day 1

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Time for me to blog about Ohayocon. I split up the posts because it reads like shit with all three days together at once.



Note: Soup and I crashed at a bed and breakfast for this con where we had to share a twin bed. Thursday was uneventful, so I’m not gonna talk about it.

9:00 We woke up and left for the con. In the line for our badges, we encountered the first of many neckbeards. They really came out in force here.

9:45 Figured out the first interesting panel started at 3:00. Despaired. We checked with a staff member and he told us they start everything good only after the k-12 schools let out.

Realizing Soup and I would be surrounded by high school girls, the first of many high-fives were shared. jk, Soup’s a faggot and doesn’t appreciate 16-year-old girls.

All the more for me~

9:52 Back to bed because fuck standing around for hours.

2:00 Went back to the con and hit up the dealers’ room (aka the “overpriced, useless shit room”). Went to artists’ alley, hoping to find something that was worthwhile. Failed miserably. I did grab a few things, but nothing great.

Okay, this was actually a pretty sweet purchase

4:00 “The Best Anime You’ve Never Seen” panel. I knew it would be shit, but Soup thought otherwise. Should’ve listened to me~

Starting us off, the presenter said word-for-word, “I watched FLCL and I got it the first time. I have that kind of mind.” That set the tone for the QUALITY about to come.

Here are the shows he recommended as the most obscure, amazing anime of all time:

Ben-to (Dude mentioned he watched the final episode only when he found a fandub of it. We checked with the presenter later and he said he watched the “ggtkthx” version. Soup and I were like ಠ_ಠ.)
Betterman (Shown on TechTV.)
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (Shown on Cartoon Network.)
Chibi Vampire
Dual (Shown on TechTV.)
Gatekeepers 21 (Shown on TechTV.)
Hen Zemi (Looks like we found the only person who could stomach this shit.)
Lain (Shown on TechTV.)
Maria Holic
Moon Phase
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Scryed (Shown on Adult Swim.)
Witch Hunter Robin (Shown on Adult Swim.)
Working (Was actually shown at the con in one of the rooms for a couple hours.)

Turns out, Soup loves to heckle — and he made it quite clear here. I tried to stop him since people were getting pissed at us and I always hate people who don’t shut up during panels, but you can’t stop the Soup Train when he’s on a roll.

5:00 Boredom hour. Did absolutely nothing.

6:00 Met up with Jakeman95 at the hotel bar. Bro was cosplaying as a pony — Princess Celestia or something like that. Shot the shit about encoding and fansubbing for a half hour. Soup and I left pretty quickly to go get in line for the “Final Fantasy and Philosophy” panel. I can’t believe we Soup thought it would be good.

7:00 Final Fantasy and Philosophy. The person presenting was almost as fat as the Princess Peach cosplayer she pushed in on a wheelchair. Yes, someone actually cosplayed as Princess Peach even though she was so fat she had to move around in a wheelchair.

The panel itself was so bad, we left after five minutes. We hung around the area and watched people stream out of the panel. One of the people who streamed rolled out was the fat chick whom the presenter had pushed in. We lol’d pretty hard at that.

The “panel” solely consisted of the presenter reading from this book. Failtastic.

7:30 AMV Contest. Will have full write-up about this later. Suffice to say, most of them were shit.

9:30 Met up with rintaun.

12:00 Super Hentai Party 6000. We got to watch a guy shove a vacuum cleaner up a girl’s ass and fist her up into the air after she fucked a cardboard box. We failed the ‘hand check’ on this one.

2:30 Went back to the room and got super smashed in preparation for the rave. Rintaun declined to join us because he’s allergic to liquor/too old for this shit.

2:45 Rave. Holy shit. Raving while braindead is… great okay mediocre in retrospect. By the end of the rave, there were only five people. I tried to help Soup hook up with the one girl left, but he wasn’t drunk enough for that, so we headed back.

Wasn’t even close to being this awesome


Onto Day 2

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  1. Holy Crap! Are you serious about the part when the guy shove a vacuum cleaner up a girl’s ass and fist her up into the air after she fucked a cardboard box?

    Btw, just wanna say, I seriously love your fansub reviews. Your comments reminds me of Gordon Ramsay. XD

  2. >We got to watch a guy shove a vacuum cleaner up a girl’s ass and fist her up into the air after she fucked a cardboard box

    Gonna need sauce on that… If not, I’ll have fun finding it on google


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