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    • Their releases are fairly good in general, I would say. Dororon Enma-kun had some of the best subs I’d ever seen.

      I don’t really understand the hate at all, other than people being buttmad at liberal translations and/or Hidan no Aria.

      • it’s not because of aria (that show was a joke, and even it’s fans hate it, that show deserved troll subs) it because of the americanization they do to their subs. their editors can’t handle a show with it’s own jargon. for example their bakuman or jellyfish princess subs. also they have inconstent sub qaulity and are kinda the epitome of a speed sub group that does their own work

      • I don’t really hate them, but they don’t have any staff that are top of their game besides 8th and Sindalf. And really, how much value does speedtiming provide when they don’t QC to fix the obvious timing mistakes? Their whole process falls flat on its face when compared to the quality of the group members and culture. True, QCs aren’t necessary when every group member does their job perfectly. But which group can claim that?

        The only people who join gg are those who are willing to sacrifice their pride to gain a small measure of satisfaction in having a known group’s name behind them. “Thrust your mouth into this circlejerk and suck it up or leave.” It’s the reason they don’t have any good editors — no editor worth their salt is willing to join that kind of an environment. The only people touching their scripts now are ESL. And yes, they know they don’t have any halfway-decent editors, so they try to make up for it by being as over-the-top as possible. That’ll trick those viewers! If their attempt at trolling Hidan didn’t make you realize that, nothing will. Hidan wasn’t funny trolling, but it may have been able to pass for a pastiche of poor-quality subs if anyone in their group knew what “pastiche” meant.

        Another problem is the quality of the “community” they’ve raised around them. Trash begets trash, which was very much shown to me at Ohayocon when Soup and I asked the man who thought Toradora was obscure whose subs he got for Ben-to. “ggkthx” was the oh-so-informed answer.

        BTW, I asked koda why Dororon was so good. It’s because they didn’t sub it like they usually do. They gave the script to an editor and saw results 8 hours later. ~_~ That’s the only time they’ve had an A-tier script, for obvious reasons.

        The main problem with gg is that they’ve never really done well at anything besides shitting out a script quickly. Their members can’t take pride in their work because there’s nothing TO take pride in. That’s great and all when they don’t have any real competition, but as other groups keep improving and gg stays the same, it will be fun to see them really take hold of the Ayako slot — “fast subs, bad subs”.


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