Fansub Review: [Chihiro] Ano Natsu de Matteru (Episode 05)

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Fine, Kristen. Here’s a review.

Release format: MKV (318 MB, 10-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Japanese name order. Nowanaki/owaki used (they’re Japanese foods or someshit).

Group website:

8thsin’s translation critique:

Ji-hi’s screenshot comparisons:



Opening. The gray fits just fine in the beginning where the colors are intentionally muted, but halfway through, the opening gains a lot of color. I would’ve liked to see the karaoke reflect that.


Ending. There’s a sequence in the ending where the characters appear, all in different colors (blue, orange, yellow, etc.). I would expect a competent karaoke to somehow go along with this change or at least have some valid reason to keep with the same style, but Chihiro didn’t meet my expectations. And no, the giant teal text doesn’t really do much for me.



Why is overlap text such a rare occurrence these days? Come the fuck on.

This here was really well done.

When they bothered to typeset, I liked it. Unfortunately, they rarely bothered to typeset.




lol, someone should have checked to make sure the typesetting wasn’t Engrish. Perhaps matching the script would have been a smart move.

Attack of the random ellipsis!

Seriously, there’s no need for an ellipsis here.

This just doesn’t seem right. “edge of civilization” implies that Earth is physically just outside the boundaries of “civilization”. What I’m pretty sure she’s trying to say is “Earth has not yet become fully civilized.” If I’m wrong on this, smack me down.

“A planet in the F stage of development, on the cusp of civilization.”


Watchability: Quite watchable.

Overall grade: B+

I think Hayaku edges out Chihiro’s release. Chihiro did a fine job, though.

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  1. Quick note. 8th changed the link to the fansub translation comparison from “/winter-2011-anime-subtitle-comparison/” to “/winter-2012-anime-subtitle-comparison/”. Might want to reflect that.

  2. Also, “edge of civilization” makes no sense because Chihiro is doing that “modify other group’s script without understanding what they mean” thing again.

    It was literal: “development level F remote planet”, which I/Coalguys changed to “A remote planet with Class-F civilization”, a modified version of

    Now, “civilization” can theoretically replace both “planet” or “development level”, but there’s no way you’d add it over both if you understood the original line.

    inb4 butthurt Chihiro group members making excuses again.

    • Daiz using every opportunity to waste his time on blogs that mention groups he doesn’t like? Somehow I am not surprised.

      Anyways, Dark_Sage, what you’re talking about in terms of typesetting is the Chihiro philosophy, essentially. First, we never do show titles, as you know what you’re downloading (FYI, Memo-chou was just so that we could write that bakabt snippit :p). Second, we believe that only signs relevant to the plot, or which are focused on, should be typeset. Why?
      1. The signs that pass by quickly, are in the distant background, or which are highly obscured were not meant to be read in Japanese. So why have Americans take focus on them? (Note – this is the same reason why nothing is typeset that came from other languages. Japan can’t read it, so neither should America).
      2. Typesetting, no matter how well done, is distracting if it is overdone. The mind knows that English doesn’t belong there, so that’s where your focus wanders.
      3. Overdone typesetting often lags computers.

      Now, I’d appreciate having a discussion with you on this, but like most times I talk about Chihiro’s theory, I’m expecting that Daiz is going to be bitching all over the place making it hard to talk. If you’re interested, please PM me on IRC and I’ll discuss it there. ^^

      • The problem is the signs you didn’t do are very easy to do well and there are very few of them. It took me maybe 30 minutes to do all the signs for this episode. And there’s no way for any of them to lag because only one of them even move.

  3. It was a bitch trying to get this thing re-timed. No complaints about the end product. I’ll consider that a success on my part.

  4. Some of the reasons I stopped looking at Chihiro after the ef series. That and Kristen’s front page posts were confusing as hell for awhile since she didn’t make any sense. Making up joke titles was annoying as hell for awhile.


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