[SFWhine] Last Exile: ~Fam, the Silver Wing~ Episode 15.5

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Recap time.

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So yeah, this is another recap episode. Most of the content’s recycled from season 1. If you don’t need a refresher, just watch the first few minutes and the last few. But it’s not so bad for a season 1 summary.

Remember when Last Exile was good?

Apologies for the delay. Enjoy the recap episode.

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      • It really doesn’t make sense, though. Like, this is obviously the seventeenth episode to date regardless of what the broadcaster wants to call it, so labelling it 15.5 is kind of confusing.

        I wonder how outlandish the official episode numbers would need to be before people stopped going along with it. Maybe if they counted by twos, or used letters of the alphabet going back from Z, or maybe the Fibonacci sequence? Episode 1, Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 5… it has a nice ring to it.

        • Then you just label the release with the canon episode number AND the actual episode number. That’s how Haruhi season 1 was handled.

          Also, it’s not all that confusing. Recap episodes aren’t exactly full episodes, so considering them “half” episodes is fair (and gives adequate warning to the viewers who don’t want to watch recaps). Such labeling has been going on for a while. This isn’t a new concept.

        • No, it’s stupid calling it episode 17 when it shouldn’t be. I’m glad it’s properly label like it should be, it makes it less confusing actually.

    • Sad but true. Really I think Fam is just ruining it, it’s got the makings of a good show but the main character being so annoying and showing precisely zero character growth so far is dragging it down. It seems like it wants to be a serious show but whoever is in charge of writing Fam’s part didn’t get the memo.

    • now we’re talking. its season 1 all the way..
      now gonna go rewatch S1 for the second time this year just to remind myself of how the last exile series should have been. nice goin’ fam

  1. I’m REALLY forcing myself to watch Fam – That’s how much I love the Last Exile universe. Those last few seconds of this episode really show the potential of what could’ve been. ; ;

    Fuck you, Gonzo.

    • Ever heard of Gundam Seed Destiny and what happened to it? I actually liked the idea that they didn’t give a lot of screen time to the original characters because I’m pretty sure some so called fans would only want to see another adventure with those guys even though the new characters have great potential. I seriously don’t want to see another Gundam Seed Destiny where the the original characters just took the spotlight from the new ones due to fan outcry during the second half.

        • Now that’s the problem. This is the same thing with GSD. Fans are brushing Fam off as a bad character, similar to how Shinn of GSD was hated for being antagonistic. Later on, giving Shinn’s role of main chara to Kira – the Mr. Nice guy who doesn’t kill in order to please fan and in the end pleased the fans but lost all the potential GSD could’ve been.

          “Those last few seconds of this episode really show the potential of what could’ve been.” – Now tell me if I’m interpreting this wrong or not but, it clearly sounds like he’d prefer another season with the original heroes being in the spotlight. Of course seeing the original heroes brings me nostalgia, but I also think the new characters are interesting in their own way too, and also to mention – the feeling of finally seeing Claus and Lavie again truly brings me much joy, a feeling that can only be manifested due to them not having the spotlight this time around or being shown too early in the series.

          If the title was not “Last Exile” I’m sure Fam’s character would be accepted pretty well.

          • Nope, she will still be a bad character. She shown zero character growth and she’s completely oblivious of her surrounding and the situation she’s in.

            I still remember in ep14 when she ask why the Federation attack the sky pirates hideout, saying they just want to fly. Well, maybe because you stole their ships?

            If this show wasn’t Last Exile, I wouldn’t endure Fam for so long.

            Milia should have been the main character, not Fam.

    • Right. Its like they made this show for 10 year olds. If that is the case there is no need to make this logical world (a believable one) and stuff it with an illogical storyline (everything Fam does, and episode 9).

    • Actually, they are putting up decent arguments, what I think is stupid is someone disregard everything just by saying ”Haters gonna hate”.

      • actually i like season 2 more then season one and i quite like Fam, she’s more colourful and doesn’t loose herself like Claus doses . the secound half of season one was a bit boring as it was just various characters going through emotional distress and there was always that sense of ever-looming gray. While Fam’s world is colourful and it makes you care what happens to the people in it.

      • Eventually there is time when saying “haters gonna hate” is befitting of those who hate. I seem to find that every hater of Fam’s Last Exile (pun intended) were fans of the original and wanted/preferred to see the original characters in a new adventure instead of Fam and her companions. In the end, even if Claus and Lavie were the main characters once more there would then be another group of haters anyway. I understand Fam has said Grand Race some ten times too many but I’d rather hear that instead of a possible reminiscence of Gundam Seed Destiny’s “Why do we continue to fight?” some ten times by Claus and Lavie.


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