Fansub Review: [Muteki] Milky Holmes Season 2 (Episode 02)

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I agree with Muteki. This is most definitely the best show this season. But it’s only suitable for Distinguished Gentlemen. If you don’t meet that qualification, you can’t watch this show. Sorry.

Release format: MKV (10-bit, 381 MB), MKV (8-bit, ? MB), LQ MKV (8-bit, ? MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.

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Opening. Name translation courtesy of Muteki.


I liked both. Don’t have much to say about them.



For the uninitiated, yes, those are his nipples.

I know that feel. ;_;

If you don’t realize how awesome this show is yet, you are clearly not a Distinguished Gentleman, and I must ask you to leave this review posthaste. No, really, GTFO.

Shit just got REAL.

You don’t even know how much I love you for this typesetting. Frame-by-framed this shit.

Shit just got REALER. In this episode, the girls learn the consequences of fucking dudes for blow.

Yeah, good job on the typesetting overall.




For those wondering why the fuck *sniff* is being used, it’s similar to “Jii~” or “Stare~”. I guess her schtick is sniffing things (speaking of which, I have this rag which smells really good…). So, yeah, this is acceptable. I’d have preferred “Sniff~” but whatever. This works.

Image included because Fuck yeah, Milky Holmes!

Oh god. WTF is this shit? A typo? In MY Milky Holmes? Muteki, what the fuck is this shit? Bros, I realize you were probably fapping as you subbed this shit, but I demand Milky perfection. MILKY PERFECTION

“Could you prepare 1,000 pieces of first-class sushi using only the freshest fish caught in Yokohama Bay?”

Tense confusion? Come the fuck on! And “respectively”? Why? What fucking purpose does that serve? This whole phrase is stupid too.

“In the era of detectives, there were two factions battling for supremacy — detectives and the Phantom Thieves.”

There. Done. No need for flowery language. “Phantom Thieves” is capitalized because IIRC they’re basically Team Rocket.

Gotta capitalize the name of the park.

“Could you bring it to the You-Can-See-Too-Much-of-the-Harbor Hill Park at once?”

“mes”? I have no fucking clue what this was originally supposed to be, but it’s certainly not right as-is.

First off: What?

Secondly: “Toys. They are flower buds of marvel which grow in the hearts of the chosen ones.”

“I, the genius beauty, will bring peace to Yokohama–”


Watchability: Quite watchable.

Overall grade: B+

The typesetting saved Muteki from a B. I was hoping for a bit more from these guys. I’d still suggest going with K-W, but Muteki isn’t a bad second choice.

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  1. Good job Dark_Sage. I was pondering upon downloading Milky Holmes since last AST and this review finally convinced me to do it. *dls 1st season*

  2. sdgsdfgfgfg
    Dat dialogue font. Obviously wasn’t muxed right.
    Ep1-3 was a rush job, ep4+ will be (close) to perfect.
    I’m now tempted to request a re-review, because Senzuri will kill me when he sees this review.


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