Rhyhorns in Anime: An Analysis

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As most people know by now, Papa no Kiki wo Ikuto is an anime based off the mythical Rhyhorn from Pokemon. This is a post for the uninformed.

Fact 1:

Rhyhorns have horns and Papa no Ikito makes me horny. This cannot be debated. Refer to images A and B for proof.

Image A, wherein we determine that rhyhorn does indeed have horns


Image B, wherein we determine this is an image Dark_Sage has fapped to


Fact 2:

Papa no Ikuto has Rhyhorns in it!

This is an image of a Rhyhorn in the wild. Note the elongated horn, extending from the nose. the mouth opens beneath said horn giving an appearance of posterity
This is an image of two Rhyhorns in the wild. Note the elongated horns, extending from the nose. the mouths open beneath said horns giving an appearance of posterity or something


Fact 3:

Both Rhyhorn and Papa show speak foreign languages.

An excerpt from Rhyhorn's pokedex showing it speaks foreign, not English


Also not in English


All these facts point to the simple truth that Papato is an anime about Rhyhorns, which explains why it’s so good. You’re welcome for the knowledge.

30 thoughts on “Rhyhorns in Anime: An Analysis”

  1. Thank you for the deep insight, Master Sage.

    This successfully fulfills my thirst of knowledge on why this show made me fap so much. Your truly magnificent intellect blesses us mortal simpletons!

  2. “based off”

    Sir, you’re making me reconsider my faith in your basic English skills. What does one do with a base? One puts things on it. One bases things on it. One bases things on it. Repeat after me: spin off. Base on. Spin off. Base on. See what I (along with hundreds of years of English writers) am getting at, here?

    And what the hell is an “appearance of posterity”?

    Having said that, I have to concur with Fact 1.

    But what the hell is it with Japanese preschoolers with hair down to their knees? Are they born with waist-length hair or something? It must really be horrific to work in a Japanese maternity ward; every delivery would be like that scene out of The Ring, with added amniotic fluids. (I mean the original one, not the Merkin remake, which I’ve never seen.)

    Oh, and hi! I’m still alive!

  3. Isn’t it “Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!” not “Papa no Kiki wo Ikuto”? Unless you meant to say “Papa no Kiki wo Ikuto” purposely because it means something else (something I can’t understand since I’ve never heard “kiki” and “ikuto” before except in “Kiki’s Delivery Service”).

  4. This is great! xD Also a good reminder why you nev– I mean, ALWAYS give someone with alcohol issues the admin keys.

    Takes me back to when a drunk admin decided it would be funny to wipe the groups IRC channel (+300 people in it at the time) to see how much the servers could take… fun times.

  5. The caption reading “An excerpt from Rhyhorn’s pokedex showing it speaks foreign, not English” is poorly written. A better way to word it would have been “An excerpt from Rhyhorn’s pokedex entry.”

    Also missed was the fact that Pokémon is spelled with “é,” not “e.” This error was repeated for the entire article.

    Readability: Unreadable
    Rating: A+

  6. Finally, a grand unifying field theory between Loli and Rhyhorns.
    Einstein must be dancing in his grave.

    I say a Nobel prize is in order.


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