Why do I fansub?

This post was written by Dark_Sage. He is Dark_Sage.


Some guy asked me “Why do you fansub?” This is my response.

The response is better when you see the responses other groups made, so I suggest checking out his site if you’re bored.


~Year 20XX. A brave young ‘mon looks across the desolate wasteland of fansubbing and decides something must be done. This is the tale of Dark_Sage and his band of Whiners.~



Yes, this is the night of shitty articles on whiners.pro. Deal with it.

Ignore that. Drunk_Sage has low self-esteem. I will concede that this was a great post.

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    • It’s good, but could have been more. Him playing the accordian during it would have boosted the score, for example. Or at least the ukulele.


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