True Fansub Review: [Chihiro vs UTW] Amagami SS Plus (Episode 01)

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Based on the quality of the show, I decided to do things a little bit differently.

Amagami SS Plus is possibly the worst show I’ve seen this season. Don’t take this lightly — I’ve seen Kill Me Baby, Zero no Tsukaima, and Ano Natsu. I was reciting the characters’ dialogue before they said it… for the entire episode. That’s how generic it is.

The only part I could stomach watching was the part in the opening where they go “Check My Soul”. That’s some kawaii shit right there. Therefore, that’s all I’m going to review.


Which group did the “Check My Soul” part the best?



Capitalization is a sign of respect in the American language of English. It’s good to see proper respect being paid to this line. Color differentiation here would have been nice though as the entire OP is in the same color. Lazy, lazy. You gotta pay attention where attention is due.



Chihiro’s clearly of the same mindset as I am. They made the “Check my soul” shit interfere with the next line, lingering there until the next line had fully appeared. Fuck the rest, check my soul’s the best.

Why are there sparklies around this shit? Who cares. More shiny, more better.


I know each group was only rolling with what they had to go off of, but I couldn’t help but feel more could have been done to check my soul. Fandubs are more popular than fansubs for a reason, guys. Maybe you should take one from their book and fix the fucking OP?

In the end, it was close, but I’m going to have to recommend Chihiro’s release over UTW’s. They did the best where it matters.

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  1. Nice! By the way, you made a grammatical mistake in your first sentence.

    “Based on the quality of the show, I decided to do things a little bit different.”

    The last word should be “differently,” since it is supposed to be an adverb.

  2. > “in the opening where they go “Check My Soul” in the opening.”

    In the review when you said “in the opening” in the review.

      • Sheesh, we can tell. I mean, ‘”Check My Soul”.’ with the period outside the quotes. Good god, man, have some standards. Now if you excuse me, I have to go throw up then schedule therapy.

        This thread is fun :)

        • Psh, retarded American punctuation rules are retarded.
          I can get behind using double quotation marks as the the standard (British uses single quotation marks for some reason), but the punctuation should be placed based on logic. If it’s not part of the quote (which it isn’t in this case), it doesn’t fucking go inside the quotation marks!


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