HMux is a GUI for mkvmerge that allows the user to be super lazy. It’s designed specifically for my needs as part of Hiryuu, but some features should be fairly useful to other people too.

Separate fields for each input, as to help the forgetful.
Drag & drop ready.
Automatically names tracks and gives them a language (editable in options.)
Automatically add a CRC32.
Automatically create a patch file (useful if releasing on a different machine.)
Collect fonts from the .ass script(s).
Name the file automatically using a predefined naming mask in the options.
Chapter parser.
Aegisub add-on.

Windows based, and requires MKVToolNix installed (it’s only a GUI after all.)
I’ve only tested it in Windows 7, but it should work with XP + I believe.

Error handling isn’t very good atm, so you might very well crash it if you try to do something illegal.


Check the HMux page for more info.

Find any bugs, or have any suggestions, let me know.

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  1. Source code where? If you’re going to release it as freeware you might as well put it up on github, simplifies everything; version control, downloads (no need for file sharing sites), forking, porting, backups…

        • That’s actually longer (or rather, less convenient) than my normal method of adding checksums. I use HashTab since it displays hashes on a file’s properties page. Copy/pasting the CRC from the properties page is more convenient than opening the file up in a program to do it. I do, however, use Rapid CRC for checking the CRCs’ of batches I’ve downloaded just to make sure everything is good.

          Pointless debates aside, appending the CRC32 to a file after it is muxed is a nice convenience that saves a couple clicks. It’s more or less of a useless feature, but a welcomed one.

    • mkvmergeGUI is quite simple yes. But it’s not aimed at the lazy, nor forgetful. I made this originally because I’d keep forgetting to set the language of the tracks. Then it just sorta evolved into being this app for the lazy – like myself.

  2. How do you add audio; The box is not editable. If it says how to in the README, then call me ignorant.

    Everything but patching works on XP it seems. The error I get is “can’t find xdelta3.exe” even though it’s in the directory.

    Nice GUI nonetheless.


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