Anime Boston/Anime Detour Anyone?

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So who else is gonna be at these conventions? Keep in mind that if you plan to go alone you’re gonna have a bad time, so why not hang with me and my pals?

This is one of Anime Detour’s mascots. Yes, really.

Anime Detour crew (March 30-April 1):



(This is like a 150-person 5,000-person con. I’d be fucking surprised if anyone else was going.)

Plans: AMV contests, My Little Pony panels jumping in front of buses, blogging about better things.


Anime Boston’s mascots. Yes, really.

Anime Boston crew (April 6-8):







lygerzero0zero (Maybe. We’ll see if we can convince him.)

Plans: Get super smashed and see how long it takes for Soup’s heckling to get us kicked out.

Don’t get crowd fright. It looks like a big group but we’ll probably be in smaller groups depending on how the day goes. It’ll be like a Tales of game.

I-It’s not like I want you to join my party or anything…

So yeah, I expect to see you there. Oh wait, you have other plans?

You don’t have shit going on. So I expect I’ll see you at one of these cons.


Okay, cool. Confirmations down below.

28 thoughts on “Anime Boston/Anime Detour Anyone?”

      • If you’re any kind of gamer, then PAX is definitely worth a visit, if only for the atmosphere of the place. But I was mostly being facetious. We’re going to spend most of the weekend around town being rowdy rather than at the con, anyway.

        • That’s the best way to roll.

          Yeah, I really only play J-RPGs and with the state of that genre this generation… there’s not much for me.

          • There’s Xenoblade, at least. That’s been enough to last me a fair while.

            Plus, Tales of Graces F just came out! Oh, who am I kidding, it’s not like fansubbing leaves me with any time to play RPGs anyway.

            • Graces F is good. You should make room for it in your schedule.

              Xenoblade… I grabbed the European version to try it out first. I think I got about an hour of gameplay in before I fell asleep while playing the game. Seriously. I looked online and people were just singing praises of the “Amazing Graphics” and “best RPG gameplay ever”. When does it get good?

          • It throws you into the action pretty quickly, but I’d say the main draw of the game is the massive world with tons of things to do. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then it might not be your kind of game.

            I’d say to play at least up to the Bionis’ Leg (first big wilderness area) before you give up on it, though. That’s when I first felt like I was really playing something amazing. You can probably get there in a couple hours if you don’t get too sidetracked by stuff to do in the first town.

  1. “Plans: Get super smashed and see how long it takes for Soup’s heckling to get us kicked out.” It warms my heart to see this Dark_Sage :D

  2. Actually, Detour is a 5,000 person con. The reason why they can’t have any more people is the closest hotel that would let them have a higher attendance cap is in Chicago.

  3. I am going to AnimeBoston. I have no interest in drinking even though I am 23 years old. Might still try to meet up with you guys for a short while though.

  4. Hey, I’m going to be there, along with quite a few others. We were planning a lunch meet up on Saturday. What’s the best way to contact you guys? If you want to get in touch with me you obviously have my email address in this comment, or you can contact me on Twitter at @lvlln (no vowels).

  5. I’ll be at Anime Boston and I’m totally down to chill with you guys and heckle 14 year old girls, unless that’s not on your list of things to do.


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