Aniblog Stuff – Round 1 – Day 5

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Day 5 it is.

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

First impression: Great welcome post for people coming in through the Aniblog link.

Article quality:

Not nearly forever alone enough. Needs more jizz on the figurines.

So what the author learned from watching Ore no Imouto is that you don’t need to buy shit to be a hardcore otaku? What a revelation.

Overall rating: Should I be impressed? Cuz I’m not.

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

First impression: More shitty anime opinions? Thanks, aniblogosphere.

Article quality:

tl;dr: OP is a faggot.

Overall rating: OP is a faggot.


Site type: Shitty shounen manga opinions.

First impression: Why?

Article quality:

I thought this would be stupid, but it’s actually… decent for what it is — a chapter review for One Piece.

An attempt to create a tier list of shounen characters. Browsing the list, it’s far from complete and doesn’t really make much sense.

Overall rating: Decent enough.

Other thoughts: The site is good for people who like shounen and are interested in discussing manga chapters with one another. I’m pretty sure the manga reviews are just an excuse to open up this kind of discourse.

Site type: Shitty manga/graphic novel opinions.

First impression: What a design. This guy must have been blogging since 2001.

Article quality:

“Erementar Gerade” is apparently the official title of the manga, according to the site he linked to (emanga) where you can buy digital copies of manga for more than it would cost you to buy the physical copies. Awesome!

Well, forget where he got his review copy from. Are his reviews all right at least? Not really. His most well thought-out point was that the art gets better, volume after volume. Yes, really.

Overall rating: Old, useless, irrelevant.


Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

First impression:  The left side of the screen is populated with content, but the right side of the screen is just… black?

Article quality:

1. If you didn’t like the Tasogare manga, you need to fuck off right into a fire.

2. You took 14 shots while watching this anime? Bullshit, you fat, lying fuck. Unless you’re the most boring drunk ever, which is entirely possible.

Avatar in an anime blog. Wow.

Overall rating: lol, no

Site type: Shitty anime/video game opinions.

First impression: I… No, I can’t put this into words. Just visit the blog. You’ll see what I mean.

Article quality:

Between the Hulk Hogan Youtube video and the Transformers:Fall of Cybertron gameplay video, I realized this blog had nothing that could even be remotely considered “readable”. I left very quickly.

Overall rating: Shit. Shit. Shit.

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

First impression: Way too fucking blue.

Article quality:<

The articles here feature words without a point. That is, I read them and could discern no real reason for them being written. The KMB article is all “Though some people hate this anime, I like it” but there’s no substance. The nostalgia post was interesting but cut off way too soon. It appears even the author realizes he’s not doing anything.

What does all of this reminiscing do for me? Not much

I’m sure the author of the blog has some cool ideas, but if he can’t express them, what’s the point?

Overall rating: Learn to write, then try again.

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

First impression: All their articles are titled with Twitter tags…

Article quality:

#Symphogear ep9: did I change, or did someone change me? #anime

Overall rating: Fuck Twitter.



tl;dr: I don’t really care, but I guess these are the best:


Shonen Beam vs. Sequential Ink

BokutachiNoBlog vs. G-Empire

Maserbeam vs. Check-in

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    • It’s all about the intent. If you jizzed on your Konata figure because you thought it was the closest to sex with her — or anyone — you were ever going to get, I would accept your picture gladly.

      If you jizzed on it to try and make me happy then I’d say it’s closer to a jerk-and-run. Which is totally cool, I guess, but doesn’t carry the same emotion behind it as a true-love jizzblast would.

  1. From Hachimitsu’s twitter account:
    “Lol this guys didn’t even try to insult me. Faggot is not an insult”

  2. > So what the author learned from watching Ore no Imouto is that you don’t need to buy shit to be a hardcore otaku?

    Pretty sure that’s not what the anime industry wants.

        • Okay, I watched both episodes and gathered the necessary screenshots but I was falling asleep while watching one of the releases so I decided to grab some sleep before attempting to write the reviews. I probably would have had more stamina if my boss didn’t shove me into overtime today. :/


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