Aniblog Stuff – Round 1 – Day 6

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Everyone’s counting on me to cheer them up and give them lots of energy!

This is actually somewhat related. More on that later.


Match 21

Site type: Anime opinions.

First impression: Om nom

Article quality:

I did not know the French made anime. Thanks for the enlightenment. (Too subtle?)

Another: at least it wasn’t as bad as Ookamikakushi.

So someone else knows the pain of ookamikakushi. Man, fuck that show.

This sealed the deal. Another Exit Trance fan? Fuck yeah.

Overall rating: Breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.

Site type: Shitty shoujo manga opinions.

First impression:  Another shoujo manga site? Maaan~

Article quality:

The writer gives away a lot of manga. I’m impressed by her generosity.

I can’t blame her for this, but I’m not really interested in the content. Again, this isn’t the fault of the blogger — I’m just not big on shoujo.

Overall rating: It’s a shoujo manga site.



Match 22

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

First impression:  “I would love to last at least one round in the tournament so to all my readers who read and like my thoughts, please vote for me. I would be humbled and honoured by your support. I do the best I can for this blog and I hope to take it further in the future with everyone’s support.”

Damn. Guilt trip, why don’t ya?

Article quality:

Well, the authors’ favorite animes are Bleach, Dragon Ball Z, and Yu-Gi-Oh. I think we can assume their tastes are shit.

What a shitty, shitty article. All they did was recap the episode. Boring.

Overall rating: Shit.

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

First impression: More editorials than reviews? Cool.

Article quality:

I expected an article about how all the signs in Nise made it deep, but what I got was actually… interesting. Typography as texture? Interesting. This pretty much sealed the deal for my vote until…

If you ask me how I feel about being an otaku, the emotion that comes to mind first is shame. I have never been proud of my status as an otaku. I view it as a vice, a guilty pleasure that I indulge in when no one else is around. An otaku is an abnormality. One can’t be “otaku” and “normal” at the same time. Being an otaku is the exact opposite of being normal.

Then he goes on and on to talk about how otaku are creepy and how he hates himself and all anime fans. Dude, are you sure you aren’t just clinically depressed to the tenth degree? It’s not anime fans that aren’t normal; it’s you. It’s cool that you’re willing to discuss your emotions with others, but you need help more than you need my vote.

Overall rating: _____



Match 24

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

First impression:  Well, this is… cluttered.

Article quality:

I expected an article, but what I got was:

If I have to struggle to read your thoughts, I’m not going to fucking read them. That font color with that background? Fucking stupid.

Overall rating: Eye cancer.

Site type: Anime editorials.

First impression:  “Even if you believe you will not win, you should still do your best! Fight for it! ”

I agree wholeheartedly with this statement.

Article quality:

A four-part series about why fansubbers fansub? How is that NOT relevant to this site?

A post about… nothing really. It appears the gist of the argument is “Game -> anime adaptations sometimes suck. I want to watch Tales of the Abyss but it might suck. Article over.” Come on. At least watch the show and then report back to whether you were right or not. Otherwise we just get… fluff.

Overall rating: Fluffy.

Note: Remember my “Why I Fansub” song? Of course you don’t; don’t lie to me. Anyway, I made it for this AnimeViking guy (Marow) to put on his site for that fansubber series. Youtube recommended that I should watch the Pomf song after that. So I watched that shit, orgasmed, and figured you would like it too. Well, was I right? Don’t even answer that. I was totally right.




Match 23

vs. vs.


Oh shit. Internet drama time.

So, the thing is, CSW got disqualified for apparently rigging the vote and getting 243 votes in a half hour.

Now, they claim to be a big blog with 10,000 daily views on average. To put this in perspective, we get around 2,000 less than that per day. If this is true, and they did organize some kind of chat channel where they all hung out and were all “Hey, let’s all throw our votes in immediately for big impact! It’ll be kawaii no fun desu!” then the result would make sense.

However, if they really are that big, why don’t they get any comments? Of the five posts on their main page, three have no comments, one has one comment, and another has seven comments, which is their “Vote for us!” Aniblog one.

Does Whiners have an insanely active community for its traffic count or did they mistake their weekly views for their daily views? Either way, the tourney organizers felt something was up and shut down the poll immediately. If it ended there and CSW explained their case nice and sane-like, then I’m sure everything would have smoothed over by now. Unfortunately, CSW is run by anime fans.

And with that, I’m pretty sure they’re gonna remain disqualified. Way to go. (You can see in the comment link all the other CSW bloggers just facepalming that Spiral could be so stupid.)



tl;dr: Sites, choices, bold, Christmas wishes, etc.:

Loli Salad vs. Manga Report

LuRa’s Anime Blog vs. Moe Fundamentalism

CSW Anime Blog vs. Sekijitsu

Clanrain vs. Anime Viking

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    • I’m using it in the context of a loanword. That is, it’s entered our language so we can apply our language’s rules to it. You don’t say “There are many tsunami” or “Look at all those tycoon”, do you?

      • I do, however, say “There are many sheep over there.” Don’t even try to pretend English isn’t full of bullshit when it comes to pluralization.
        >English in charge of language consistency

          • You want to go there? With English, the language that loves to pull in words from all over the place and started as a bastard hybrid fusion of German, Latin and later had some Norse and then French mixed in? OK, how about rendezvous, buffalo, corps, kudos, or moose? It’s true most stuff follows the rules, but English is fun in part because there’s exceptions for absolutely everything. We have words that don’t even have a “singular”, words where the singular and plural are spelled entirely differently, etc. Lots of the exceptions are specifically loaner words that retained their foreign rules (seraph/seraphim, die/dice, schema/schemata, etc etc).

            Also, to take the simple path here, “anime” is in fact now found in a number of different dictionaries. None of them use “animes” as the plural (and never seen anyone else either).

  1. “Eye cancer.”
    I simply cannot understand how people justify such terrible background/foreground combos. Websites designed like this: I instantly close the tab and never come back.

    “Go check with PollDaddy administrators and you will fucking see 300 different IP addresses across the world.”
    Yeah dude, Tor is not hard to figure out. I’ve been waiting for some real drama would unfold. All for e-peen, huh?

  2. That Exit Trance post reminded me to get 15, since I didn’t know when it came out. Sadly nobody has a torrent or download link for the past two weeks. Dammit I want my Exit Trance.

  3. These posts are putting me off wanting to start an anime review site D:.

    Also, D_S, this is a random question, but do you listen to Manga Pulse? They do manga reviews (sort of), and are pretty funny. They seem like they’d be up your alley. They make fun of all the clichès found in manga and their humour sort of reminds me of yours.

    ………Stay away from Anime Pulse, though. That shit’s boring as fuck.

    • I think the takeaway from these sites is that if you ONLY do anime reviews, your site’s gonna be pretty boring. However, they do help your site keep current because they’re easy to write (relatively). If you also do editorials, then you give yourself a chance to build up a quality audience. And if you have some kind of “catch” that makes you unique (think about what else you’re passionate about and see if you can incorporate that somehow into your site), you can also get an audience by filling in a niche. Overall, if you think you can do a good job, then just do it and see what happens.

      As for Manga Pulse, I’m not really a big fan of podcasts. However, I’ll put it on in the background as I’m working today (I hate it when my job spills over into the weekend).

  4. 10000 views daily without getting a whole lot of comments I can buy – the amount of comments you get depends a lot more on what kind of an audience you attract, and how much your articles open for comments, rather than how many visitors there are (and blogs that get a steady stream of comments usually have the same handful of people commenting a lot, which you can also see here)

    243 votes in 36 minutes, though? With 10000 daily views, that’s roughly 400 views an hour… so that would mean more or less every single visitor to their blog in the time period the voting was open ran off and voted for it straight away. That’s… kinda hard to believe.

    • Good point. That is a bit off. I guess we’ll never know what exactly happened because CSW just went full retard again with another one of their members raging,

      “So yeah, whoever wrote that note above the CSW/Sekijitsu poll is a fucking retard, and should go fuck himself/herself, and should never be allowed to run another tourney in their life.”


    • Careful with the difference between views and viewers here – ten-thousand views can be gotten quite easily if people refresh their browser often enough.
      Ten-thousand unique viewers are much harder to get.

      Either way, a vote influx like that is highly unlikely if you didn’t start a week in advance to post every three hours about it so people will actually show up when it happens.

    • A cursory google search didn’t really reveal anything. What exactly is M3? I’m afraid that I don’t really keep up with the music scene.

  5. I don’t get why the people from CSW go crazy. Just take it easy and stay classy. :/

    Also, am I imagining things, or are you getting nicer with each post? :3

    • I’m making an effort to bring it down a bit, yes. I go full bore on my fellow fansubbers because I know they can handle it and are able to understand I don’t really mean it when I say “Because you forgot a period here, I want you cut open your belly and shove your entrails into a blender.” No harm done besides sore feelings.

      These anibloggers? There are too many of them to get a good read on and it seems like a number of them have extremely low opinions of themselves. I was writing these posts entirely for the Whiners audience at first, but when I realized that these anibloggers (god I hate that word) were also reading my opinions of them and that they may not understand my style of writing (or even take it 100% seriously), I decided to tone down the personal attacks.


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