Aniblog Stuff – Round 1 – Day 10

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Yes, I’ll get on 8/9 later today, but I wanted to get this one out ASAP. Sorry for the lack of these things; I’ve been busy at work and haven’t had much time to do these. This post is gonna be rushed because I gotta get to work really fucking soon.

Match 37

Site type: Shitty anime articles.

First impression: “Welcome to my blog. Please read 20 articles to see how cool I am.”

Article quality:

“If I could make any anime, I’d like to make one about middle school girls who are secretly pop stars. That would be a great and unique addition to Japan’s current lineup.”

This dude writes about how he told a coworker “Massugu go” when said coworker left the company. Why that phrase? Because he saw it in Manabi Straight.

Overall rating: lol

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

First impression:

However, I’m going to be keeping Twitter as my primary medium for thinking more broadly about all the anime I watch as I finish each episode.

I almost dismissed the blog right there, but I gave it five more seconds of attention.

Article quality:

Nyarlko: 2/10

Overall rating: 0/10. Should’ve dismissed his shitty blog from the get-go.



Match 38

Site type: Shitty manga opinions.

First impression: I might be more inclined to visit your blog if you didn’t have every article displayed in full on the front page. Sometimes I don’t want to scroll for five minutes to get to the bottom of your main page.

Article quality:

I have to commend the folks at JManga for creating and improving their digital service in 2011. I am looking forward to more improvements in 2012.

Wow. I think we may have met the one person who actually bothers to buy shit from Jmanga.

Overall rating: Actually likes Jmanga. Clearly is not competent enough to run a blog.

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

First impression: Surely I can find something worth reading…

Article quality:

I scrolled through the blog for four minutes, trying to find an article I was interested in reading. This is not an article I was interested in reading. I failed. :(

Overall rating: The content sucks.


Match 39

Site type: Refined anime opinions.

First impression: .aspx posts? What?

Article quality:!-Nyaruko-san-Really-hilarious!-Nyaruko-is-love!.aspx

I was expecting some normal romantic comedy, but I was surprised by all the over-the-top comedy that reminded me much about Tantei Opera Milky Holmes in terms of style.

Yeah, good point. This really is a lot like Tantei Opera in that it’s actually good. Good taste, sir.

Misleading title. I thought this would be an article about how Accel World’s main character sucks because he’s fat, but it wasn’t.

Overall rating: Eh, it’s okayish.

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

First impression: Your intro post is too fucking long and you didn’t even link to any articles you want us to read. Fuck that.

Article quality:

My Top 3 of the current season looks like this: 1. Sakamichi no Apollon. 2. Space Bros. 3. Fate/Zero II

Yeah, all right. I’m done with this shitty blog. Moving on…

Overall rating: Nice opinions. Where’d you get them, K-Mart?



Match 40

Site type: Shitty manga opinions.

First impression: Ooh, Canadians.

Article quality:

Oh, one of the blog
‘s authors writes for Otaku USA. …but he’s Canadian?

Overall, the site is basically an industry blog.  “Hey, check out these 10 different manga volumes that were released this week and buy them.”

The writers have all attached their real names to the blog, which means you’re not gonna get anything that rocks the boat. If you like reading press releases, you’ll love this site.

Overall rating: Who the fuck cares about press releases?

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

First impression: Three posts per page? olol

Article quality:

All they do are fucking episodics. No, I’m not going to waste my time on this shit.

Overall rating: ://////




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  1. “Overall rating: Nice opinions. Where’d you get them, K-Mart?”

    Actually they got it from JC Penney; it was on sale.

    • It will take me a while to become an angry 50-year-old who insists that anime died after Evangelion, but I’ll try my best.

  2. As usual, Sage exceeds in the fine arts of incredible perspective-ness. I have no idea what I just said, but giving Haiyore! Nyaruko-san a 2/10? You got to be kidding me… that’s one of the few animes with a crap load of references from different shows, especially Gundam and Kamen Rider… and even Half-Life series? The anime is awesome.

  3. Any chance you can give an estimate on when you’ll stop preening your godawful taste and start doing that one thing you’re actually good at with this blog? I’m getting really tired of seeing more of this tripe every time I check to see if you’ve actually got something useful to say.


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