Aniblog Stuff – Round 1 – Day 12

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Day 12. I posted this before Day 11 because that’s how I roll.

Match 45

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

Thoughts: Shitty anime opinions, but with a link to Danny Choo, a post saying that Avatar is anime, and a message at the beginning saying “Sorry for the Japanese here. Most of my readers are Japanese. As Japanese people, they speak Japanese. Did I mention that Japanese people visit here? Because they do.”

Overall rating: Maybe if your entire blog was in Japanese I wouldn’t have had to read your shitty fucking opinions.

Site type: Shitty anime/manga opinions.

Thoughts: This blog doesn’t even have a niche. It’s just a whole bunch of shitty anime/manga reviews.

Overall rating: I fucking hate this tourney.


Match 45 Verdict: “A Product of Wasted Time” wins… I guess.



Match 46

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

Thoughts: Meme-face reactions for every article. Why not just post your stupid opinions on reddit like every other elementary schooler with access to the internet?

Overall rating: Guess how long I spent on this terrible site.

Site type: Shitty anime articles.


Commentary on this down below in the comments. Link.

My father first pressed a fishing rod into my hands in the summer before I started first grade.

It wasn’t out of romance or passing on something to his daughter; in spite of being a nature-lover he hadn’t fished much in his life. No, I had begged for this fishing rod and reaching the age of six meant that my parents had considered the hazards of an accidental hook-through-body-part injury and had weighed in favor of my increasing common sense.

Ugh. This reads like a terrible editorial in some shitty newspaper (by that, I mean every newspaper). It’s probably made up too, considering how easy these kinds of articles are to write.

Overall rating: Unimpressive.


Match 46 Verdict: Altair and Vega. At least the Altair people are literate.


Match 47

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.


“Now and Then, Here and There is a classic anime because it touches on such issues as The Patriot Act and Kony 2012.”

Overall rating:

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

Thoughts: All he does is talk about light novels and VAs. I guess that’s better than what we usually see in this tournament, though.

Overall rating: Mediocre. Which I guess in this tournament is a compliment.


Match 47 Verdict: Neighbors Club. I think we all know why.



Match 48

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

Thoughts: More episodic posts that I’m not going to bother reading.

Overall rating: I have no interest in episodic reviews, so I’m not going to read them anymore. Every episodic review blog sucks.

Site type: Lots of stuff. (Self-made 4-koma, anime reviews, character reviews, game reviews, manga impressions, news, figmas, nendoroids, etc.)


Overall rating: If Mon0r doesn’t win this round, I’m going to kill someone.


Match 48 Verdict: Mon0r cuz of twin peaks.




A Product of Wasted Time vs. Spark Blog

The Untold Story of Altair & Vega vs. One Minute of Dusk

The Neighbors Club vs. The Otaku HQ

Abandoned Factory Anime Review vs. Mon0r

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  1. “My father first pressed a fishing rod into my hands in the summer before I started first grade. It wasn’t out of romance…”

    Am I missing the reason this needed to be clarified?

  2. Ahaha. The story is true. I actually fished from a time when I was very young until recently, occasionally competitively.

    Thank you for all of the feedback in regards to both articles, especially the Zaregoto one. I’m always trying to become a better writer, and I’ll definitely take your opinion to heart in the way I attempt to explain things and make my case for something.

    Odd how you randomly picked two of *my* articles out of a team of eight.

    Anyway, thank you.

    • Oh fuck, I forgot to edit my stream-of-consciousness for that. Hard for me to say lrn2/write/ when that commentary was absolute shit.

      Here’s the thing with the article: You automatically assume the reader has read Zaregoto. You don’t give a reader unfamiliar with the story a stepping point to get into what you’re saying. The first instance you talk about the plot, you say
      “He becomes our viewpoint into a closed circle of geniuses where the murder mystery is taking place.”
      with the phrasing “the murder mystery” implying the reader should already know the details.

      This isn’t particularly problematic, but consider how fucking niche Zaregoto is. At least give people a place to enter the conversation, even if it’s just to ask how good the books are.

      Your entire article is based around the concept of an untrustworthy narrator. That’s fine, but your writing obviously suffers from having read only 2/9ths of the story. In the end, you settle on “Wow, I wonder where the story will go” while “I” settle on “Wow, what was the point of that article?” I feel you could make your point stronger if you brought in examples of other untrustworthy narrators in anime fiction and compared the main character to them. That, combined with a quick story introduction, would make for an interesting read.

  3. What the hell, mon0r even has app reviews/news? That’s actually kind of cool, can’t remember ever seeing that before. Not only is there a boatload of different content there but it’s all pretty decently laid out (although I dislike fixed top/bottom nav bars) and professional looking. After a series of crap entries sending expectations plummeting through the floor, the foundation, and then well into the asthenosphere, surprise decent end!

    And yet they are losing. God damn it.

  4. Excuse me but why the fuck does spark blog use japanese on just that entry? NOTHING else is in japanese? Is he seriously thinking “If I throw in some japanese they will think its a super awesome aniblog read by even the japoneeze”?

    • The Japanese just reads “please vote for me and tell people to vote for me”. The dude either seriously believes a lot of Japanese people who can’t read English visit his all-English blog to get his all-English opinions on some episode of some random series, in which case he’s delirious, or he believes that his typical audience is so retarded they’ll think he’s some super-relevant motherfucker whose opinion is worshipped by the Japanese themselves if he tosses some random Japanese in there… in which case he’s probably right.


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