Aniblog Stuff – Round 1 – Day 13

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Day 14 next, then a wrap-up for Round 1. (Maybe Days 8/9 in one post if people reallllly want one.)

Match 49

Site type: Shitty anime/figure/game opinions.


So let me get this straight:

  • Cosplaying women are all slutty
  • Hetalia is a great anime
  • Asobi ni iku yo is “dirty”
  • Anime Boston was amazing

Detective_Sage has inferred that you’re a fugly prude. If you thought Anime Boston was good, your real life must be absolute shit.

Overall rating: Not sure whether to hate or pity her.

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.


What? No. Fall 2011 was great. This season is shit at best. GTFO my fandom.

Okay, you agree that Fam sucked. Perhaps your taste is salvageable after all.

Overall rating: Still a shitty anime opinion site, but at least they hate Fam.


Match 49 verdict: Behind the Nihon, I guess.



Match 50

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

Thoughts: It’s all just “quick looks”, “first impressions”, and a scattered few “reviews”.

Overall rating: If you’re not gonna put any time into your site, don’t expect me to either. 

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

Thoughts: Just as shitty as Silence’s site (maybe even more so), but at least they update regularly.

Overall rating: I fucking hate this blog.


Match 50 verdict: A Strip… unfortunately.



Match 51


Site type: Shitty anime opinions, probably.

Thoughts: Site won’t load.

Overall rating: DOA

Site type: Shitty manga opinions.

Thoughts: Chapter reviews… of manga? What? It’d take longer to read these reviews than the chapters themselves…

Overall rating: Well, at least the site loads.


Match 51 verdict: Shades of Grey.



 Match 52

Site type: Shitty anime articles.


Space Adventure Cobra is his favorite anime of all time? This guy’s opinions belong in a nursing home. Worse yet, his “top 50” list is one of the main links on his site. As in, when you go on his site, the links are “Home, Favorite Series by the Decade, About, Blog Links, Top 50 Anime”. I don’t care if you think your opinions are good, that’s just wankery at its worst. I’m coming to your site for your articles, not your MAL page.

The articles on the site are well written and timely. But it’s like they’re written for an audience well into their thirties who can only reminisce about how great anime was before Evangelion.

Overall rating: Everything on the site is awkwardly — even painfully — dated. Let go of the past, man. Let go.

Site type: Shitty posts about anime-related shit.


You gotta give ’em props for staying in-character. The whole site is played off as a cafe.

…so, they dance for the blog? Well, at least it’s unique.

Overall rating: I have a feeling I’m not nearly female enough for this site.


Match 52 verdict: Daifuuku. I’m not the target audience of either site, but at least they’re up to date on the fandom.

tl;dr: It’s too late for you to make a difference here.

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    • Dark_Sage never said that. He implied that not all cosplaying women are slutty. World of difference.

      But don’t mind me. Keep calling people retards while completely misunderstanding what they say.


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