Aniblog Stuff – Round 2 – Day 9

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Hmm, it’s time for articles, but I kinda want to sleep…

Site type: Refined anime opinions.

Article quality:

First off, the articles are nearly impossible to read. They’re arranged worse than an Indian marriage. And no comments section? Ballsy, stupid move.

It’s unfortunate the site is set up so poorly because the author’s not too shabby. You don’t necessarily have to agree with the guy to enjoy his little quips.

Upotte!! is pretty bad, but totally watchable. Hey, sometimes I enjoy following a show just because it’s anime. And Upotte!! is very anime.

Sakamichi no Apollon is one of those “objectively good” shows. I think it’s pretty well done, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll like it. It’s pretty obvious the new wimpy kid and the big tough kid are in love with each other, but I have a feeling the show will pretend to be about jazz and Miss Third Wheel instead all season long.

Tsuritama is also “objectively good,” but I can’t tell if I’ll still be interested in the show after a few more episodes of this stuff. I’ve got books on Byzantine history I’ve been meaning to read.

Overall rating: Snarky.

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

Article quality:

This blog is surprisingly popular for its mediocre writing. I’d warrant this is due to feal’s mastery of replying to every fucking comment on every fucking article. Circle jerk: mastered.!.aspx

I tried to get something out of this article, but I really couldn’t. There were some pretty pictures, a video, and talk of shipping characters together, but there was nothing of “value” that I read. I didn’t think about the show any differently than I did before and I wasn’t encouraged to. It’s just words that lead to a comment section…

Overall rating: Empty is a better site, but Karma has better writing.




Match 34

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

Article quality:

I’m always up for an article calling art fags out for being intellectually barren, simpering sacks of stupidity. He’s an asshole who at least pretends like he knows what he’s talking about, so whatever. He gets a pass.

He’s the kind of dick who’s willing to say what he actually thinks instead of cowering behind a wall of false niceties and even if that doesn’t always lead to great articles (Hi,, at least it leads to interesting ones.

Overall rating: There ought to be at least one asshole in this tourney besides me.

Site type: Shitty manga opinions.

Article quality:

It was all right. Goes to show that even reviews that aren’t actually reviews can be good as the author detailed their reasons why they didn’t actually finish the volume.

Overall rating: The site’s filled with manga opinions from a bunch of Canadians who… write for Otaku USA? What?




Match 35

Site type: Shitty manga opinions.

Article quality:

No pictures on this blog and the pages are outdated.

Other than that, it’s fairly decent. Decent if you like manga reviews by volume, that is.

Overall rating: Well, she can actually write, unlike…

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

Article quality:

I don’t know if the author realizes this, but though she’s setting herself up as an intellectual blogger, her grammatically incorrect ramblings serve to undermine her goal.

I will admit that I was fooled for a bit. This certainly looks like an intellectual blog. There are bolded words to hammer in the point, italics to bring attention to words, and relatively advanced English word use compared to standard blogger fare. But if you ignore the thesaurus abuse and literary mimicry, what you have is fairly childish prose hampered by an obvious lack of English knowledge.

Also: putting quotes from famous people at the start of your posts does not make you “deep”.

Overall rating: If you’re positioning yourself as an intellectual blogger, you better make sure you have a mastery of the English language.





 Match 36

Site type: Shitty anime-related articles.

Article quality:

Nigori talks a lot about anime conventions. I actually have an article coming in later about why conventions are terrible, so I think you can guess my opinion of his blog.

The one thing I’ve learned from all this is that some of the shitty blogs in this tournament actually have panels at these things. Anime Instrumentality was at Anime Expo ( and Reverse Thieves was at Otakon (

I suppose if he were a better writer I’d be more interested in his blog, but his writing’s pretty bad. He gives us ten or so sentences per convention article and calls it good. If that’s the best you can do to summarize three days of your fucking life, you need to re-evaluate your choice to blog about this shit.

When he’s not writing uninspired con recaps, he talks about AMVs (okay, cool) and shares his shitty anime opinions.

Overall rating: “Interesting concept, terrible execution” can be applied to pretty much every article of his.

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

Article quality:

So what’s going on here? Basically, this is an idea from Yerocha over at Shades of Grey, and I’m joining in to give it a shot. Basically, the idea is to form a cast of characters…seems simple, but holy crap is it tough to deal with an open-ended prompt. It’s never been my strong suit, but I want to try. I wasn’t sure how to approach something like this. I don’t exactly research tvtropes or anything, so I decided to go with chess pieces for my cast. My original ambitious goal was to create a cast for each color on the board (which was almost successful), but I don’t want to bore people with a tediously long list of characters. So let’s just keep it simple.

>Starts first sentence with “So”
>Starts next two sentences with “Basically”
>Starts two sentences in a row with “I”
>Starts last sentence with “So”

Unintentional repetition is retardation. His whole article is filled with shit writing like this.

Overall rating: Unfortunately, this is his *best* work because every other article on the site is just his terrible episodic opinions. You can guess their quality from this, his magnum opus.



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  1. Whenever I come to read this, I just scroll down to see if there will be anything NOT starting with ”shitty”.

  2. > Also: putting quotes from famous people at the start of your posts do not make you “deep”.

    “does not”. Figures that the snippet where you complain about grammatically incorrect ramblings has a grammar error. ;)

    • This guy claims that he’s teaching in Masters Level but he doesn’t know what subject-verb agreement is. So how can he possibly understand Topology if he cannot he even follow this simple rule.

      Dark_Sage I have nothing against you, but I highly suggest you to learn the basics of the English language first before you make reviews like these. It’s such a cheapshot that you edited your error. I actually have a screen shot of it.

      Also, I never claimed to be an intellect or expert especially English–people like you are the ones putting that kind of label to my blog. My major is actually Mathematics, and in my post I only wish to share what Topology is to my readers and at least use anime to explained it.

      • >It’s such a cheapshot that you edited your error.

        So… when there’s a typographical error, just leave it? I hope you understand that’s what you’re implying.

        >I actually have a screen shot of it.

        Way to go, you got a screenshot of what was probably a typo. Props for the massive amounts of butthurt though.

        >Dark_Sage I have nothing against you

        Could have fooled me.

          • People expect you to be perfect when you’re doing reviews, which is not even possible. Apparently, I can’t even make a mistake in Hyouka anymore, even though I gave my self a C- adjusted to B- grade for accuracy.

            Of course, one careless grammar mistake doesn’t prove anything unless D_S’s post has more errors than things he’s reviewing.

      • Whenever someone points out an error in his reviews, he promptly corrects it and thanks whoever reported it. Wouldn’t you do the same? If you make a mistake while writing something at 2AM will you leave it as it is when you notice it the next day?

        On a different note,

        >use anime to explained it

        No further comment necessary.

      • Since when does D_S teach English at the master’s level? I thought he was a biochem graduate or something.

        Oh wait, you’re one of those people that think that you need a degree in English to write properly.

    • I’ll get to the winners when they’re in the next round. I also intend to have a post for the blogs I didn’t end up reviewing at all.

  3. >Also: putting quotes from famous people at the start of your posts does not make you “deep”.

    Not to mention she got the quote wrong.

  4. Looks like the readers of this blog are very defensive. I apologise if I offended anyone.

    I just find it funny, Dark_Sage, that you’re demanding mastery from me if you can’t even master the language at all. You’re also claiming that your teaching English in a Master’s Level so subject-verb agreement and something that simple shouldn’t be a problem for you–you do it for a living, right?

    And when I said …cheapshot, I meant to say why not before correcting your error, show a bit of humility and acknowledge your mistake.

    But yeah, thanks for taking time reviewing my article. But I’ll appreciate more if you can give tips on how to improve my writing.

    • We’re not defensive, we’re just offensive.
      1) Making one typo == making many
      2) he doesn’t do it for a living. He’s a freaking salaryman (or its equivalent).
      3) You took a screenshot of D_S’s typo…BAHAHAHAHAHA

      • 1) Then would you agree 1 article =/= to the quality of the entire blog
        2) From the about section.. ‘..he has been fansubbing whenever he can find time in his schedule of teaching English at a master’s level’
        3) Yes, I did.

        • “Nah, she read my About page and took it seriously.” <—Dark_Sage is never serious. First rule of the whiners club, never trust Dark_Sage. :P

        • Next you’ll be telling me he hasn’t really been fansubbing for the last 26 years straight while volunteering at soup kitchens and Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments.

    • >I just find it funny, Dark_Sage, that you’re demanding mastery from me if you can’t even master the language at all.

      You do realize the only thing you found was a typo, right? And you’re using that to take your stance against his English skills, when there are plenty more cases of correct subject-verb agreement than that one incorrect example you’re clinging onto because it’s your only lifeline.

      >You’re also claiming that your teaching English in a Master’s Level so subject-verb agreement and something that simple shouldn’t be a problem for you–you do it for a living, right?

      No, no he doesn’t. Your reading comprehension sucks.

      >And when I said …cheapshot, I meant to say why not before correcting your error, show a bit of humility and acknowledge your mistake.

      Your reading comprehension sucks: The Sequel.

    • “your teaching English in a Master’s Level”
      your -> you’re
      in a -> at a
      Level -> level

      Sage’s error was a single very minor typo. Your level of language mutilation is in a different league. I went and checked out a couple of your articles too, and the writing really is appalling. Put down the thesaurus and back away slowly.

    • Your writing has too many non-sequiturs. You don’t complete your sentences. There probably wasn’t a single instance of an active voice in the entire article.

      Things get going with the opening sentence when you write, ‘so full’ and then leave it hanging. — So full that what — If there isn’t a ‘that what’, then lose the ‘so’.

      Your writing is pompous. Curiousity doesn’t hang in anticipation. There is no ‘creation of the enigma’ per se. There is no ‘per se’, per se.

      Forgetting for a moment the clumsy beginnings of the second and third sentences (‘Because of this’, ‘But most importantly’), you are answering questions that you haven’t asked. This is made worse because each of your sentences is utterly dependant upon the preceding one. This is made intolerable because the sentences aren’t connected logically.

      Never use ‘constructing’ in a sentence unless you are talking about LEGO or something similar. This genre isn’t being constructed. I don’t know if you claim to be intellectual, I saw the reference on this page somewhere but I don’t think you wrote it, but either way, this isn’t intellectual. It could be considered pseudo-intellectual though. I’m unsure as to whether that’s your objective or not.

      Your third sentence, in case I didn’t mention it previously, isn’t a sentence. It’s a phrase. It’s also fairly incoherent, as is the entire paragraph. If I want to get a better understanding of your point from this paragraph, meaning better than — “What’s cool about this type of show is that viewers can try to solve the mysteries.” — I need to re-read it many times.

      And don’t get me started on the fourth sentence.

  5. Karmaburn is probably to blame for me watching some of my favourite anime. Haruhi, Bakemonogatari both came after reading about them here (although he didn’t seem to finish Bakemonogatari, and hashihime also influenced me), Nodame’s similarities with True Tears.

    And the review that got me started reading the site was probably Kannaduki no Miko . It was the first time that I laughed while reading an anime review.

  6. The best quote from Karmaburn:

    Part of me sincerely wishes Vita had killed Nanoha in episode one of A’s, with Fate arriving too late to save her but still in time to clutch her still-warm corpse. And then A’s could have been about FEITO losing her mind, hunting down and brutally butchering the Velka knights while useless TSAB pinheads desperately try to get her under control and end her reign of terror with impotent lines such as, “Killing more people won’t bring Nanoha back, Fate!”

  7. I’m surprised Miss Intellectual hasn’t whipped up a “Why Dark Sage is Mean: A Study in Blog Review Ethics” article at her blog yet.


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