Okay, so polls.

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Shoulda done this shit a long time ago.

I added a poll to the right side of the fucking site, so you can now vote on what shows you want reviewed next. This is completely non-binding, so expect me to disregard the majority opinion… often.

Image unrelated?

But with this you can feel part of the democratic process that is my opinion. You’ll look back on this day and say “Children, I remember the day that Dark_Sage put a poll up and allowed me to vote. I don’t think he ever actually looked at the results, but I feel like I made a difference.” And then your children will respond, “Please, let us go. You’re not our real parent. Let us go back to our mommy.”


I’m gonna erase the poll every now and then. Maybe when I finish a series or something. Point is, I don’t know. It’s a fucking mystery. And I know how much y’all like mysteries.

(Greatest anime of the ever, right guys? I mean, you fucking told me it was. Don’t go back on your claims now.)


tl;dr: Polls. Check back every now and then or something cuz I might reset the fucking things.

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  1. You might wanna limit the amount of options you can select, because it looks like some people have been selecting everything.

  2. You need to get some Photoshop magic going here. I mean, what the hell do you call those white rectangles, Sage?


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