Fansub Review: [WhatStory] Accel World (Episode 03)

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Okay, back into the groove. Sucks when you get in the reviewing mood and it’s fucking midnight, but it can’t be helped.

Release format: MKV (348 MB, 10-bit)

Japanesiness: No honorifics. Kuroyukihime used instead of something like “Black Snow Princess” or “Princess Snow Black”.

English style: American English.

Group website:

Encoding details:

8thsin’s translation critique:

Ji-hi’s screenshot comparisons: N/A


Table of Contents

Visual Quality

Script Quality



Visual Quality


Opening. Not all that amazing, but it’s not exactly bad.

Ending. For some reason, they decided to skip the Japanese on this one.



What title translation?



Very readable. Thanks.

Script Quality


The grammar/spelling were fine, but I was a bit confused by the OP/ED translation. How can you “know” an eye? I’d have to see what the other groups did, but for now I’m gonna chalk it up to the Japanese song being weird.

06/01/12 Edit: Well, looks like Commie managed to make the OP not suck. You know what that means. Script downgrade fiesta. ^_^


Main Script.

What punctuation? Truly a joint as great as this has no need for the periods that mere mortals use.

What misuse of present-perfect tense?

“I just asked him to be my boyfriend.”

What needless repetition?

“I’m glad you understand now.” <- Best to get rid of the “realize, realized” phrasing. It’s lazy and doesn’t look good.

What poor line cutting and run-on sentence?

“Blue, red, yellow, green, purple, and white:”

“these are the ‘Six Kings of Pure Color.'”

What typo?

“There has to be more…”

What inconsistent capitalization with the rest of the episode?

“You’re already more of a Burst Linker than me!”

What unnecessary comma?

Fat kid: You’re royalty?

Hot chick: No, silly.

Fat kid: Oh, the school’s local net.

Fat kid: That’s not safe?

Hot chick: Seems not.

WhatStory actually managed to pull off a decent string of English here, mostly because it flows quite naturally. Sage like.

I’m also gonna praise them for this line. “Dork” is the perfect word to use here. She’s not mad at him, so it wouldn’t be a strong word, and she’s not really saying he’s stupid, so it wouldn’t be something like “idiot”. “jerk” may be acceptable, but “dork” is better because it has less of an accusatory tone.


Timing Review

Incoming. When “Timing Critique” is added as a category, you’ll know this part is done.


Watchability: Watchable.

Timing Grade:

Visual grade: C+

Script grade: B

Overall grade (timing results not factored in): B

I would like to note that someone on staff for this show is fucking obsessed with the word “and”. He/She manages to throw that shit into every sentence at least twice.

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    • Snow Black is still by far the best-sounding option in my opinion, but I don’t expect everyone to agree with that because not translating names (even when they’re pseudonyms with clearly defined meanings that are intended as specific references) remains by and large one of the sacred cows of fansubbing.


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