Fansub Review: [Hadena] Sankarea (Episode 04)

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Let’s see how far they’ve come.

Release format: MKV (246 MB, 10-bit), MKV (338 MB, 8-bit), AVI (192 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. “Nii” used. Japanese name order.

English style: American English.

Group website:

Encoding details:

8thsin’s translation critique:

Ji-hi’s screenshot comparisons:

Note: The karaoke is hardsubbed.


Table of Contents

Visual Quality

Script Quality



Visual Quality


Opening. I liked how they used leaves for the effect, considering the importance of hydrangea leaves to the story.

Ending. What the fuck? Why did you add in those fucking rainbow lines? Who’s responsible for this shit? Oh, Dragon Numbers and KatsuraMN are. Thanks for giving me the staff list, guys.

If you split up the work, whoever did the OP can keep doing their shit. But whoever did the ED? Holy shit. Please stop subbing. You’re not qualified for anything but scrubbing the floors of a bathroom… with your tongue. You fucking ruined the ED with your stupid hardsubbed shit that covers up not only your fucking translation but the ED’s video as well. Fuck you.



So we know whom to blame.


They missed a number of signs, and when they did typeset, it was either mediocre or shit. Not impressive.

Script Quality


“I forgot about it while I obtained love as it is”

Other than this screw-up, the OP/ED were fine.


Main Script.

“Just some guy things.” -> “A man has his reasons.”

I’m sure there’s a slightly better way to phrase this, but whatever. Point is, the current line didn’t flow correctly for the conversation.

Way too long for the time allotted.

“Hell, I can’t even approach a girl!”

“Is that you, Sada?”

I think you a word.

“Doesn’t he have better things to do with his energy?”

There’s no need for a fucking comma here. Commas do not indicate pauses outside of the intended grammatical function.

8 seconds of the preview went untranslated. The script would have been a B+ if you didn’t fuck up here.


And now for the good…

Love this phrasing.

“Hai” -> “Pardon?”

Throughout the entire episode, Hadena took intelligent liberties with the Japanese script, transforming it into some pretty goddamn clever English.

“Kisama” -> “You lucky bastard!”

Perfect translation.

“Sasuga Furuya-kun” -> “I’m impressed, Furuya-kun.”

Just tell me that’s not a good translation.


Timing Review

Incoming. When “Timing Critique” is added as a category, you’ll know this part is done.


Watchability: Watchable.

Timing Grade:

Visual grade: C

Script grade: B

Overall grade (timing results not factored in): B

It’s sad to see some stupid mistakes rob Hadena of a better grade, but that’s how these things go.

Looks like Hadena can be a decent group when Arashi’s not fucking up their scripts.

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  1. Yeah, Hadena have actually improved a fair bit this season, though their quality tends to vary pretty wildly between shows and even between different episodes of the same show (just try comparing their ep1 and ep3 for Kore wa Zombie, for instance). They’re already pretty fast, so they’d have a decent shot at it if they were able to establish a bit more consistency and if they dropped the stupid hardsubbed karaoke already.

    • Looks like Hadena can be a decent group when Arashi’s not fucking up their scripts.

      ^ This. Everything Arashi is shit. I pity their tlcs and editors… They worth some praise for dealing with the hardest scripts.

  2. I was waiting for this. I’ve enjoyed Hadena’s Sankarea, Accel World, Acchi Kocchi, and Tasogare so far. I went into it expecting absolute shit, but their Sankarea imo is way better than Commie’s, at least the most recent one. The rainbow lines made me want to kill myself though.

  3. So wait, they got a B- despite leaving 8 mins of the episode untranslated? Sure, no one gives a fuck about the episode previews, but is that a precedent you wanna be setting? >.>

  4. IIRC they got an A in their Brave 10 *is that how the show is called?* release Y_Y

    that ending rainbow was awful though lol


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