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I really like stats. So let’s see how my scores stack up against other sites.

The participants:





Random Number Generator



The greatest site in the world.



Asian guy doing Asian things.



Choice quotes:

1st episode is lokin’ good!

Rating 10 because I always rate gg 10.

Fuck, you know its bad when you have to rely on Hadena because they’re the only ones that bother using honorifics.

With only five groups managing enough votes (10) to have a score on this site, it’s clear that anidb is a shell of its former self (back in 1992 this was the place to be). I have no clue why anybody would bother with this piece of shit site for anything other than marveling at how they’re still around. I only included this because I constantly see people saying that they refer to anidb for which fansub to get, in which case they must be fucking retarded.

I wanted to include them in my analysis, but with such a small sample size, they don’t even qualify for my disdain.



Jesus Christ, this must be the most retarded anime community on the web. I knew it was bad years ago when I kept hearing fansubbers talking about how they’d go on MAL to vote up their own groups and vote down the competition, but holy fuck has it gotten worse than sockpuppets. People are now actively retarded.

I don’t even have any choice quotes. Just go to the site and find some reviews. It’s basically gaia meets /a/.



This is just a fucking random number generator.  =RANDBETWEEN(1;5) with 1 corresponding to F and 5 corresponding to A. Grades were converted to numbers afterward.



The Numbers


For 8th’s site and mine, I had to convert our grades into something we could use to compare with other groups. This is what I came up with. All conversions were done in the “Background Math!” tab.

I brought everything back to a C average by taking the difference between the average review score and 75 (C), and then applied that difference to every review that a site did. For example, my average review score was 78.89. So for every review, I took 3.89% from the score, effectively dropping everything by a grade (from a B to a B-, B- to C+, etc.). This was to ensure that the reviews would all be on equal footing when it came time to compare them. After all, there’s no value in comparing a site which operates on a C average to one that operates on an A average.

This was the final result of the exercise – a comparison between the sites to see how their scores match up.



If I were to grade a release a “C”, you could reasonably expect 8th to grade it between B- and D+. A random number generator would grade it somewhere between B+ and D-. MyAnimeList would grade it somewhere between A- and F. When you average 8th’s scores and mine, you get approximately the same result when the combined score is compared to an RNG and MAL. Yes, you’d be better off guessing than using MAL.


Assuming that I know something about editing and assuming that 8th knows something about translating, there is a 100% probability that MAL reviewers don’t know shit.


Unrelated, but definitely required after this post.

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  1. MAL downvotes, a summary:
    >Why bother when X is doing it?
    >CR Rip
    >no honorifics

    Woo anime community!

      • Also, the obligatory:


        Not to mention a few others I found on the Sankarea page directed at Commie:

        >Worse than Hitler. Absolutely NO REASON to watch this shit when both Hatsuyuki and Eveyuu are doing it.
        >Commie! What else can be better? EVERYTHING!!! Even Doki!

        Honestly, both Commie’s and Hadena’s Sankareas are just fine. MAL definitely gives me the accurate, unbiased fansub reviews that I’m looking for.

        • Yeah it was kind of hilarious to see Doki-AFFTW rated so much higher than Hadena after the first episode of Kore wa Zombie when Doki-AFFTW literally just ripped Hadena’s script and added a bunch of errors and unnecessary TL notes to it.

        • Can’t forget this gem:
          >”Doki, Eveyuu, and Hatsuyuki staff could record themselves on video taking a dump in a box and then eating it then barfing it back up and drinking the vomit while Daiz draws period-blood swastikas all over the walls, and it would still be better than this “

  2. Unfortunately, I wonder how many people will understand Statistics well enough to understand the significance of your results mathematically.

    Good shit though, assuming you didn’t deliberately fudge your data or your calculations, which would make you a total loser if you did.

  3. IMWO,
    aniDB is very useful to see who has released what.
    aniDB is fairly useless to see which group to decide upon.

    MAL is… Hmmm… MAL is useful for getting a variety of personal (usually biased) opinions/reviews.
    MAL is fairly (utterly) useless to use for their ratings (their +/- vote thing).

    • MAL as far as I can see is only useful for the social networking aspect, the forums (perhaps) and to see what leechers are butthurt about this week.

      • I only use MAL for MAL updater (since I like keeping track of what I’ve watched, and it automates it for me) and which groups are doing subs for a show (ignoring the comments and rankings since everyone just votes on a name basis).

    • It’s useful if you’re bored out of your skull and want something to watch but can’t think of anything. Just cycle through random series until something looks decent. Then when you find one ignore all ratings/group info there and go elsewhere to research it.

      Then again I haven’t done that for well over a year, so there’s probably a better site to series-search.

    • Haha, but I have to admit that I love grabbing some series images from MAL… wait, MAL have a series rating? A +/- one?

      Tried looking on some series and what can I say: Democracy is only as great as the people it’s made by.

  4. Any particular reason why you discretized the RNG results by only having it choose between 5 possibilities?

    Any reason to avoid any type of regression analysis or look at anything other than average distance?

    Well honestly, the data sets are so small, I guess doing anything is a waste of time.

  5. I use MAL, but only to keep track of the stuff I’ve watched/read. I avoid the forums like the plague.

    Dammit, why are so many anime fans retarded?

  6. Excuse me, sir, am I to understand that you do NOT like sock puppets? Am I to understand that you do not believe Sifl & Olly to be one of the greatest shows ever produced for American television? Because if this is what you are saying then I am afraid we are at an impasse and must go our separate ways!

  7. Sadly AniDB was only useful to find older or specific hentai titles for me, or to check the Japanese title, but it’s getting more useless more and more.

        • You’re really gonna make me explain my comment? Fuck, I hate doing this.

          Okay, AppleJack (the commenter) based his name on Applejack (the pony from My Little Pony). His comment expressed amazement at how anyone could like Cirno, which I thought was slightly ironic considering the MLP and Touhou fanbases are similar in that they exist because of an original work, but also in spite of the original work. Figuring that two fanbase-defined characters would likely have some personality aspects in common, I went on over to old friend Google (having seen only two episodes of MLP back in college, I didn’t have enough knowledge of the character to talk about her personality traits offhand). The fourth result for “Applejack” was the My Little Pony wikia. So I scrolled down to the personality section, realized the first sentence had what I needed, then copied it. Here comes the crazy part. I took the copied sentence and pasted it into the comment field here, on Whiners.pro. Then – get this – I did a strike-through on Applejack and typed in Cirno after it. This was to highlight that the sentence applies to Cirno as much as it did to Applejack. I didn’t expect people to pick up on the fact that I took the line verbatim from the wikia (that’s what I like to call plagiarism an Easter egg), but I figured that either people would realize what I was doing or gloss over the comment quickly if they didn’t get it.

          You, of course, decided to call me a furfag instead. Though your sentence was not an appeal to ignorance, it was most definitely an appeal for ignorance. “If you have knowledge of something I dislike, you must like that thing, and therefore I dislike you.” This can easily be debunked by the following example: Argument: “You have knowledge of Christianity and Islam. Therefore, you must be both Christian and Muslim.” Problem: An atheist could have knowledge of Christianity or Islam (actually, there are about a thousands things wrong with that statement, but we’ll just go with this counterexample). Therefore, you have no basis for calling me a “furfag”.

          But yes, I’d fuck Rainbow Dash. Hard.

  8. Liking the games is fine and all, but the porn is utterly pathetic (Cirno was, what, 10×20 pixels?). Have to give them credit for making LNs out a series that must have <100 lines of dialogue, though.

  9. good
    you finally gave us some good sites to switch over

    i’ve started to get sick of your site ;D

    mainly because you add “Shit, Fuck, etc” to any phrase you write, and because you don’t review each new show and just review your bad taste shows till the users forces you to review the good onces.

    was nice, Ta ta…. ;DDDDDDD

  10. The only thing I use MAL for is keeping track of what chinese cartoons I’ve watched and looking for other chinese cartoons which are related to chinese cartoons I’m interested in watching (i.e. other gundam series I might not have heard of or summink. w/e).

    That, and it’s kind of useful for quick summaries.

    But mostly it’s just useful for figuring out how much time I’ve wasted watching chinese cartoons. If I want to talk with people or social network or whatever I’ll just use FB and G+. Or you know, a cell phone. Or better yet, actually find the person irl and make their ears bleed with my yapping while we drink coffee.

  11. nice post again.
    on a sidenote (side note? side-note? correct spelling is?)… vodka is awesome, but dem typesetting hurts my eyes

    • It is. I saw I was getting a few hits from reddit, went into the linked thread and said a few things, then I went to another thread where they were jerking it to old Dattebayo subs. I called them out on it, they got mad, then I told them to enjoy their cesspool of a site and deleted my account.

      Man, I fucking hate that shitty community.

    • Just skimmed over that shitty eyesore. Is xRichard a god? Yeah, he might not care about whatever that Dark_Sage’s opinions/criticism, but so are others on him? Who cares if he believes about salvation and apocalypse or random truth behind the scriptures on 8th’s than whiners.

      Not that I hate 8th, just don’t like the impression xRichard makes which sounds like “I say 8thsin’s opinions regarding TL is superior IMO, so others should not disagree with me.” AKA faggotry.

  12. I went and read the comments on MAL recently and it made my head hurt.

    Some of the negatives I commonly saw were: “Illegal”, “Daiz”, “Commie”, “(insert subgroup with poor rep)”, “No honorifics” etc.

    I don’t get the fucking illegal/legal thing, nor do I understand why people care about honorifics or instantly dismiss a group because someone told them they were bad or because Daiz worked on it.

    • “Legal/illegal” is just meant to troll. People care about honorifics because autism. And the reason you see “daiz” or “hadnea” or whatever is because anime fandom is an insular echo chamber full of the worst sort of people.


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