Fansub Review: [Commie] Accel World (Episode 07)

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[Accel World] Commie

Release format: MKV (504 MB, 10-bit)

Japanesiness: No honorifics. Snow Black instead of Kuroyukihime-senpai.

English style: American English.

Group website:

Encoding details:

8thsin’s translation critique:

Ji-hi’s screenshot comparisons: N/A


Table of Contents

Visual Quality

Script Quality



Visual Quality


Opening. The font looks frail, making it harder to pay attention to. Fuck you, that’s an accurate complaint. It’s also boring white, like usual. I found myself paying more attention the wall than the OP, which isn’t exactly the highest of compliments one can pay to a karaoke.

Ending. They occasionally changed up the color here, but it doesn’t always make sense. Why the fuck is “truth” in purple, for example? It had more effort put into it than the OP, but it still wasn’t amazing.



And with this, Commie subbed 100% of the signs in the show. Way to go!



I guess I shouldn’t dock them for using a shitty raw. Ah whatever, we’ll cancel out the shitty raw source with the perfect typesetting and judge them solely on the karaoke. I’m sure they’ll like that.

Script Quality


Good enough (for the OP). ED had some mix-ups.


“I will make it through this twisted world on foot and where my feelings lead me” doesn’t make sense as a line. You have

I will make it

  • through this twisted world on foot
  • where my feelings lead me

as the two parts of this sentence, but the second one obviously doesn’t work right. “I will make it where my feelings lead me”? What? Try “and go where my feelings lead me”


Main Script.

Too short for the time allotted.

This isn’t a problem; I just wanted to draw attention to what they did here. When your entire line is in italics (for whatever reason), if you want to accent a certain word, de-italicize that one word. It will achieve the same effect as italicizing a word in an ordinary line.

Why is there a comma after Akihabara here? Commas aren’t use for non-grammatical pauses.


Whoever fucking managed the ellipses for this release needs to be shot.

He finishes off her sentence here, so make it look like he’s finishing it off. “Is to have fun doing it!” is not a complete sentence by itself (subtitles don’t always need to have complete sentences, but it’s poorly handled here).

“…is to have fun doing it!”

While this isn’t particularly wrong, “Try not to let her catch you.” would be better.

One other what?

“The most important thing is to believe in one another.”

Is this a combat situation that happens to be close or a situation that is close combat?

“but it’ll drag you into a close-combat situation.”

Pick one:

  • Of course,
  • Though,

Can’t have both, I’m afraid.

Too long for the time allotted. Drop the “and grief” part.

Agh, I fucking hate how they handled subtitles throughout this release. This is one sentence rent in two. Ellipses do not necessitate new sentences, editor-kun.


“in the end,”

This, however, works fine as it is. “I decided then, once you believe in someone, never stop.” works far better as two different thoughts (the first one interrupted to make room for the second one, because it doesn’t flow as well in a single sentence).

You have to really analyze the previous sentences to make this one work. His “That’s right, Haru.” would have to be in reference to the line “We’re cool now, right?” that was three sentences before this one. But the timing makes this excuse suspect. I think it would make more sense for him to have a “cool” entrance here (the show sucks, but fuck you it doesn’t have to have shit writing). The last thing Chiyu says is “Or do you want to buy me more ice cream?” so a playful interjection (and a means of inserting himself into the scene) would be

“So you’re buying, Haru?”

It’s a pretty liberal edit, I’m sure, but “sou da ya” (or whatever) is basically a means of agreeing with a previous statement. The translations I’ve checked all have the meaning of “It is so”, “So it is”, or “That’s right”. Of course, those are too literal to make any sense here. Getting to the heart of the matter, he’s agreeing with something as a means of drawing attention to his presence. A flippant, clever statement like the one I suggested fits the personality he’s going for here.


Timing Review

Incoming. When “Timing Critique” is added as a category, you’ll know this part is done.


Watchability: Watchable.

Timing Grade:

Visual grade: B-

Script grade: B-

Overall grade (timing results not factored in): B-

I’d rather watch WhatStory’s release, but Commie is a valid alternative. Gonna have to switch up that recommendation. As Xythar reminded me, in my earlier reviews of this show, I said that because all the previous groups had gibberish OPs I assumed it was the song’s fault and not theirs. But Commie’s OP was perfectly fine. That means the other groups fucked up. So with WhatStory and Commie tied on the overall grade, I’m going to give the nod here to Commie. Ignoring the OP, I think WhatStory did a better job on the main script, but the choice is up to you. Both groups are a good choice for the series.

Hadena is up next, and I can tell you already that they performed the worst of the groups on this show.

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    • Oh yeah, I did mention that the OPs in the other groups were nonsense. Thanks for reminding me. My promise, from Asenshi’s release.

      “if I run into a group that comes out with a sensical translation, I’m gonna come back and knock some scores down.”

      You get your props in with a script downgrade for each of their releases.

      Good memory, Xythar.

  1. >Hadena is up next, and I can tell you already that they performed the worst of the groups on this show.

    I’ll be expecting a good ‘ol F-Tier (or D-Tier at least) review. (:

  2. “While [“Try to not let her catch you”] isn’t particularly wrong…”
    That depends on whether or not one still clings to split infinitives being wrong. I personally don’t, but there still seems to be a large contingent of folks who do.

    “Once you believe in someone, never stop.”
    This feels a little woogy. It’d be a bit better if it was “Once you start believing in someone…”


  3. While Commie has used random, shitty raws before, it’s far more likely they just didn’t bother freezeframing this. I’m glad you’re pointing this out, though. They need to be called out on it more.

  4. Actually my encode had that bad frame of Chiyu too, and it looked a bit worse because it had more bitrate lol. But it was during a pan, so you really can’t fault any group on it tbh. It can be fixed, but you either introduce a dupe into the pan or blur/smooth it out. Basically all options are pretty shitty tbh.

    These things are just part of TV broadcasts though. Truth be told, terrestrial TV broadcasts are pretty damn bad at times, and anybody with digital TV at home should have noticed this when watching a live action show.

    Japan is not some perfect land with perfect HDTV, theirs is as equally shitty as most other countries at least for free-to-air. It’s just that some less action-oriented anime can fare decently on channels that don’t look generally shit all the time, while more action-oriented anime look generally meh on some channels, and ever worse on others.

    And Xythar, for the record I am freeze-framing Accel as I do with every show I encode. In hindsight, my not fixing this frame was probably the worse choice, because it really stands out in motion.

    Accel World suffers from the problem of a lot of 24p animation, so basically when there are problems, a lot of the time you lack any identical or near identical frame that can act as a suitable candidate for replacement. Plus you can never catch every single shitty frame, it would take hours upon hours to find and isolate every single one. If I went through a full tv encode (even one of my own) frame by frame I bet I would find a lot of shitty frames, probably more so in others, but a lot of it gets concealed during playback or reduced in severity when debanding, so it’s not the end of the world if there are occasional shitty frames.

    Just think, it’s probably far worse for the Japanese than it is for fansub downloaders :>

    • I’ll also add, that poorly decimating interlaced broadcast text is a far worse problem than a few bad frames. If the video jerks while there is text scrolling across the screen, then that in itself is a problem that can be and most definitely should be addressed, and a lot of encoders do not do so because it is :effort:

  5. You can use “though” and “of course” together – though, of course, not in the combination that Commie used it. Naturally, “naturally” might have been a better word choice.

  6. > but the choice is up to you. Both groups are a good choice for the series.

    Yet the majority will still stick to their blind dedication for UTW… like myself. How did UTW become such a “go to” sub group?

  7. UTW is also my go-to group for fansubs. In addition to the reasons above, their site is also very easy on the eyes, in my opinion XD

  8. I have a hard time taking commie seriously when I get banned from their channel for asking legitimate questions about their release.

    [17:57] lawlzy, you should watch ours because i, the god of fansubbing, edited ep1 with vale, the savior of anime, as the translator
    [17:57] ep1/2
    [17:57] Yes
    [17:57] and we used viz for ep 3+
    15[18:04] brainchild: why not use the simulcast scripts for ep1 and 2?
    [18:04] Weren’t they late?
    [18:04] By like several days?
    [18:04] that’s what is annoying actually… I like consistency


    [18:09] the subs we put out were checked with the simulcast subs
    [18:09] Might as well do it in a timely fashion
    [18:09] that the first 2 episodes were aired about a month early
    [18:09] so we had a translator translate it
    [18:09] so it was less work when they aired normally
    [18:09] we weren’t about to just throw out the scripts we already had
    [18:10] so wait… the episodes out there now have been checked against the simulcast subs? or they will be in the batch?
    [18:10] the former
    15[18:10] then why not use them from the beginning?
    15[18:10] totally confused…
    [18:10] we did?
    [18:10] what
    [18:11] ( ´_ゝ`)
    [18:11] jesus christ guy
    [18:11] are you like
    [18:11] unable to read what we type?
    [18:11] We translated the first 2
    [18:11] 8 years later
    [18:11] Then ripped the rest
    [18:11] simple
    15[18:11] yeah I got that
    15[18:11] but then someone said soemthing else
    [18:11] i don’t think anyone said anything else
    15[18:12] which contradicted what you just said
    [18:12] [18:09] the subs we put out were checked with the simulcast subs
    15[18:12] [18:10] so wait… the episodes out there now have been checked against the simulcast subs? or they will be in the batch?
    15[18:12] [18:10] the former
    [18:12] that’s exactly what i said as well
    [18:12] yes
    [18:12] me and jdp
    [18:12] said exactly the same thing
    15[18:12] but if the simulcasts were late
    15[18:12] and didn’t exist yet
    15[18:12] then how did you?
    [18:12] ( ´_ゝ`)
    [18:12] …
    [18:12] .kb lawlzy go away
    03[18:12] * Athena sets mode: +b *!*@Aria.Company

    I don’t get it… If they had an in-house translator translate the first two eps because the simulcast subs were late compared to the original airing, then how were they able to use the simulcast subs to check their in-house tls? Unless they waited until the simulcast subs were out before releasing, in which case why did they not just wait for the simulcast subs to begin with?

    And then I get banned, because I’m confused about this? Yeah, don’t think I’ll ever be taking Commie seriously again.

        • Oh well, just gives me another reason to watch Whatstory’s instead, and from now on I’ll make sure to automatically downvote all of Commie’s releases on MAL etc.

      • Uhm, they explained it pretty well. I’ll break it down for you in hope of making you understand things:

        1. The first two episodes had a pre-air screening months earlier. Therefore there were videos available (at very low quality) of which the group could translate.
        Standard practice if you want to do a show but not deal with the 9001 people complaining about the bad video quality/half the screen having huge pre-air symbols.

        2. Viz announced they’d be picking this show up.

        3. Show airs, good quality videos are available and so is the translation from Viz.

        4. Since Commie already had a perfectly fine script, they just compared their version against Viz to find translation discrepancies and then check who got it right. Makes sense because it’s far less work than editing/TLC’ing Viz’s translation from scratch.

        5. Commie releases the episodes.

        6. Some undefined time later you get banned from their channel and then begin your quest to downvote them on every release because people really care for MAL votes.

        • Yeah I had already pretty much figured it out if you couldn’t tell from the comment two below, made an hour before yours. Thanks though, it clarified things more.

          The main thing I was confused about was I was under the impression that they did the in-house TL originally because they were racing the simulcast, but it turns out it was more complex than that.

      • I guess the pre-airs were of shitty video quality maybe? which is why they never bothered to release? But went ahead and got a head start on the translation, then decided to just use the simulcast subs later on?

        If so, seems it should have been easy enough to explain without raging so hard. Seems there’s a lot of butthurt going around in #commie-subs. Anyway, turned me off enough I’ll be watching Whatstory’s instead. Admittedly, I do think commie does a better job on OP/ED translations, but rarely do I really like an OP/ED enough to care about something like that. (With a few exceptions)

        • What confused me was, if they were so concerned about speed, then why even wait to check the simulcasts before releasing? On the other hand, if they were worried about quality and doing “less work” at the same time, then why not just wait until the simulcast subs were out to begin with?

          I can’t help but feel like they are full of shit if I’m going to get +b’d over questioning them about it.

          • “What confused me was, if they were so concerned about speed, then why even wait to check the simulcasts before releasing?”

            Does the answer to this question really make a difference in your life, or do you just want a PhD in Commie’s inner dynamics for the hell of it?

          • You are precisely eight comments’ worth of butthurt. That is impressive, I don’t think I could top it myself.

            Thanks for the laugh. Let us know when you recover from your crippling autism.

        • We did explain it to you calmly for about 10 minutes but you didn’t understand. I don’t have time to explain really simple stuff to autists like you.

        • Right, it’s our fault you can’t understand when we tell you something in plain English multiple times.

          Yep, totally our fault.

    • Ah, you see, your problem is your starting premise that anything Commie does actually makes a jot of sense. This is an erroneous viewpoint.

      • No, it makes perfect sense.

        Accel World had a pre-airing a few weeks early with some shit quality stream raw. We asked one of our translators to translate it before the show aired because there was plenty of time and we wanted to do the show anyway. When the episodes actually aired all we had to do was shift the episodes to the TV raw and check the script against the simulcast real quick. For episode 3+ we just edited the simulcast because it was a lot faster than having someone translate and also much easier.

        If you don’t understand this I seriously question if you are autistic or not.

        • Your blur lacks comment, herkz.

          Is autistic the new, more politically correct way of saying “retard”? Because looking at the army of Commie clones descending on this topic, I can tell who the “autists” are.

          If that’s all it is, why didn’t you just say that instead of kickbanning? I think he was only looking for an explanation, not asshattery. I’m all for randomly kicking leechers but y’know, they have to at least do *something* to deserve it~

            • After reading the log, this is what I think:

              The time gap between lawlzy’s question (why not use the simulcast scripts for ep1 and 2?) and jdp’s response, combined with jdp’s wording (the subs we put out were checked with the simulcast subs) ended up causing confusion, since lawlzy ended up interpreting jdp’s response as referring to the entire series, not just the two first episodes.
              In addition, when lawlzy asked another question referring to the entire series (so wait… the episodes out there now have been checked against the simulcast subs? or they will be in the batch?) herkz, who was still talking about the first two episodes, ended up responding as if lawlzy was referring to the first two episodes.

              In other words, the four minute time gap (indicated by the *snip* in the log) is to blame, since it caused everyone to be confused about what everyone was talking about.

                • I just noticed this

                  <lawlzy&ht; just seems like a waste to have someone translate it when you’re just going to use the simulcast subs later and then have a show that’s translated by two different people

                  This is hardly an uncommon or problematic practice. Our Kore wa Zombie was translated by 3 different people across the series. Tsumiki’s Acchi Kocchi has something like 4 or 5 translators across the series, I believe. Mazui’s Hyouka has three translators on each episode, or so I’m told.

                  The idea is obviously to have editors ensure that the terminology and style is consistent throughout.

                  • I personally think it’s bad practice to do that. Different people have different writing and translation styles. Even with heavy editing it seems like the way each translator handled certain nuances not tied to terminology could be missed and remain different. I just find it hard to believe excellent consistency can be kept like this.

                    Although from what I understand sometimes CR does this as well.

                    If it is something that is hundreds of EPs long, I wouldn’t knock the practice especially if the translators only switched between arcs or even better seasons. However for a 12-26 EP long series, Meh…

                    Maybe it matters less than I think though… assuming all of the translators were just as competent the others.

                  • Seriously though,

                    To be more specific, having a team work on a particularly hard show to translate is one thing. However, switching the main translator out throughout a short series sort of bugs me. But, maybe I’m just being silly about this.

          • They’re different things, though it’s quite possible (easy, even) to be both.

            I’m sure you have better things to do with your time than white-knight some stranger over an IRC kickban that you weren’t even around for.

            • I wouldn’t call it white-knighting, just pointing out some inherent flaws in communication because it’s fun to do the whole schadenfreude shtick.

              You may think you said it, jdp, but you didn’t really address his question. It read as if both parties were reading at cross purposes and no-one in the Commie chan was articulate enough to explain it. Or you’re all autists, one or the other.

              I’m not overly bothered by it. You can treat your leechers whatever way you wish, though I do wonder what it says about your editing if you can’t even explain a simple concept in plain text…

          • Yes, I could’ve typed up and excessively explicit response but I figured the guy would be smart enough to figure out what I meant from what I said.

            Maybe I should stop assuming people are smart enough to infer what I mean when I type.

            • Maybe you should stop assuming that you’re smart enough for people to be able to infer *anything* from what you type. It’d be a better place to start.

                • uSalt2:

                  It was simply that I didn’t know they had held onto the pre-air scripts for so long and that the pre-air was of such poor quality.

                  I was under the impression they had done the in-house TL because someone else in the channel was talking about the simulcast being late (or so that’s how I interpreted it). So I assumed the first two episodes had been done in-house because they didn’t want to wait for the simulcast subs, when actually it was more complex than that. This was what had me confused.

        • Honestly, I see now it was somewhat well explained in the log, just was a bit confusing with the other chatter going on in there and I was only half ass paying attention. Still though, your explanation on IRC lacked much detail. Also, I’m kinda confused how you spent “10 minutes” explaining it to me when I was only in front of the computer about 1 minute during the time I was in the channel. I got up to refill my glass of wine and piss, etc two or three times while I was there.

          Had you simply said it like you just said it above I would had understood no problem, but I was missing a few key bits of information which. The fact you felt the need to even restate it to Falsedawn only proves my point.

          I don’t have the time to go through and read all the comments on your blog to find out the story re: the pre-air and whatnot. I do however have the time to troll you when I’m drunk.

          Great success!

          • >posts retarded wall of autistic butthurt after being banned from irc
            >gets laughed at
            >”lol i troll u”

            Good job there guy, keep it up.

            • Your avatar makes me want to spoke all over your face. I don’t know why, but it’s freaky in a way that gives me an erection.

              What do you look like in a wig and a skirt btw?

          • Crawl back under your bridge now, there’s a good chap. Don’t need any more trolls in here than there already are. It’s getting a little cramped.

            • Obviously, I was really confused by their inadequate explanation originally. However, I wouldn’t have commented here or down voted them on MAL if I wasn’t hoping they’d respond in turn. Although, I wasn’t quite expecting it to be THIS good.

          • You failed to understand a simple explanation. The Commie staff figured you were having a cerebral aneurysm and proceeded to eject you from their channel. This, in turn, made you all the more confused. You turned to, plotting some way to get back at the despicable Commie staff. It backfired and you were exposed as nothing more than a butthurt faggot, forcing you to pull the “better say I was trolling/drunk/all of the above” card. Which leads me to the million dollar question:

            How do you even manage to breathe?

            • Hi Xythar,

              I’m still lookin’ to “hook up”, please put on your best wig & skirt for me. You being the sexy little teenager you are I’m sure I’ll have no problem getting rock hard for you.

              And to answer your question, it takes a lot of concentration. You shouldn’t make fun. ;_;

                • There was an actual debate going on? I thought it was just a bunch of kids calling each other names and accusing the other side of being more butthurt and autistic than the other.

                  • Funny, I seem to remember it as one guy getting so butthurt about being banned on IRC that he showed up and made a fool of himself by flooding a three-week-old article with retarded bullshit.

                    My memory’s totally not what it used to be, though.

                    • Xythar is right. I was horribly distraught at being banned from my favorite fansub… err I mean CR rip group’s IRC channel. So I came on here looking for attention from the sexy children that reside in #commie-subs, and I got it. I’ve now covered myself and Xythar’s image in my semen. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

                    • Is there a way to ban people from this website? Or at least, set ignore on their comments? >.>

                    • Unfortunately, I can’t give any real functionality to the different member types on WordPress. I already looked into giving everyone who registered the edit functionality, but that was a dead end, so I’m not seeing how an ignore option could work either.

                      I am extremely loathe to ban people, but I will if it becomes necessary. So far, this has been pretty similar to the train wreck effect you get when people come in to defend their shitty groups against mean ol’ Sage. But it has indeed gotten a bit stale.

                      Yeller, you’ve said your piece. I appreciate you bringing your fansub-related drama here, but it’s time to move on. Aight? Aight.

                    • You’ll have to make do with ignoring his
                      comments manually like, you know, we
                      all should have in the beginning.

                    • I honestly apologize if I took things too far. I actually never intended things to go like this, I’m highly surprised they did. It honestly just bugs me how short tempered many people are on the internet in general. I just wish everyone could be nice to each other and it bugs me when they aren’t. Although, I’m guilty of being just as short tempered at times. I almost never ban people from channels I’m opped in, with the exception of one or two people who really rubbed me the wrong way, and then I always feel guilty and remove their bans afterwards. I also loathe it, for example when HaKo bans someone, I always want to unban them, but then he gets mad at me when I do and goes on strike or something. Then he accuses me of being a “passive-aggressive” bitch. ;_;

                    • Now you’re advertising your own IRC channel and pointing out how you have internet authority? Is this some sort of special needs channel where you, FalseDawn and uSalt2 hang out and talk about how mean the world is?

                    • I think you’re getting me wrong, dude. If I wanted to advertise a channel I would have just said what it was… but I didn’t did, I? I also, don’t really care much if any about authority. It doesn’t particularly make me feel any better or worse about myself to be opped in an IRC channel or not. I was just trying to explain where I was coming from, and how I feel about handing out bans on anything. I was simply trying to apologize and play nice after my various outbursts last night. You however are trying to extend the drama though.

                    • Why am I being dragged into this?
                      Also, now that I could see what was in the time gap, I have dropped my previous stance, since they were talking about Accel World the entire time.

                    • Really, the only thing that “got out of hand” here is how retarded people are acting. yeller’s a stupid fucking textbook troll and is baiting reactions out of self-aggrandizing Commies, who should really know better than to try and argue this shit. Toss ina bunch of randoms on both sides and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a dumb fucking internet fight.

                    • Nevreen, I honestly do not normally act like this… I don’t know what came over me. I am so ashamed.

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