Fansub Review: [Hadena] Accel World (Episode 08v2)

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So many fuck-ups.

Release format: MKV, (368 MB, 10-bit), MKV (387 MB, 8-bit), MP4 (210 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.

English style: N/A.

Group website:

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8thsin’s translation critique:

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Note: OP/ED were hardsubbed.


Table of Contents

Visual Quality

Script Quality



Visual Quality


Opening. As you can tell from the first screen, the text is impossibly hard to read. Beyond that, the karaoke was pretty good if you like shiny stuff (I do).

Ending. This is pretty decent, but they went overboard on the effects. Moderation is important.





Sponsor screen with credits overlayed.

Script Quality


I never expected to see “malaise”, “ineffable”,  and “incongruous” used correctly by Hadena in their OP/ED. Doesn’t mean the scripts were good, though.

“Only you know” doesn’t make sense as a follow-up line to the previous screen.

Since when was what?

“If only I could wipe away all my tears”

The fuck? How do you “waste wounds”?


Main Script.

“For her, So I can continue to be her partner.” is apparently one complete sentence for them.

What a way to start out the episode.

“Territory, the area that legions control,”

The fuck is “you” doing here? This is a narration, setting up the reason why they’re all battling right now. The narrator isn’t talking to anyone directly, and even if they were, the “you” still wouldn’t work because it doesn’t make any fucking sense.

Fucking terrible English here. This is what I like to call “Stop-and-go phrasing” because it’s terribly disjointed and has no flow. Just as soon as you think a thought is complete, you lurch forward and “continue” the previous thought. It’s the best indication that you’re watching a script that wasn’t edited by a native English speaker.

Please stop doing this, UTW Hadena.

He’s saying you have to crush the foothold of your enemies. It’s almost as easy as crushing the jugular of the retarded editor who didn’t think this line needed a possessive for plurals. IT FUCKING DOES.

“First you have to crush your enemies’ foothold,”

“Even still, getting an illegal patch and…”

Commas are kind of important, you fuckwits.

What a fiesta of retardation.

it’s = it is

its = the possessive form

“pushing your pain tolerance to its limit is crazy.”

Even though people were talking in these scenes, the subs didn’t show up. Terrible timing.

Don’t make your viewers google your subs to understand them. “tiramisu” is fine (and it’s fucking delicious), but only waps or Japs would know what dorayaki means.

I pronounced this like I had a lazy tongue. Stilll can’t get the taste outta my mouth.

As opposed to being in the 5th grade in high school?

“Something came up so I’m heading off to Shanghai on a last-minute business trip.”

See what I did there? It’s called editing.

When capitalized, Mom is a pronoun. You wouldn’t say “You forged that mail from my Jennifer.” so don’t fuck it up here. Put it in lowercase to make it a common noun.

“Y-You forged that message from my mom.”

Laughable language choice. This is the equivalent of saying “I’m talking to you strongly.” in place of using an exclamation mark.

If she’s “warning him strongly” use language that reflects that.

“Pay attention and open up your damn ear holes!” or fucking something like that. You get the point.

The fuck is with the lack of swearing? Her defining character trait is that she’s a foul-mouthed, angry loli. Use language that makes sense to get this across.

“I’m gonna fucking kill you!”

I know this is gonna fucking blow your mind, but there’s no need to censor your subs unless you’re really dying for the support of soccer moms.

Commas aren’t used for non-grammatical pauses. This was probably the dumbest example I could find, but they fuck commas up more often than they get them right in this episode. And they use a lot of commas.

“capture”? What? Did you mean “defeat”? I realize that whoever translated your subs probably doesn’t know the difference between the two, but it’s kind of important.

Also, you should toss a comma after “In games”.

I’ve got an inkling you don’t know how to use “I’ve got” properly.

“Great, I got behind it!”

Affect. AFFECT

I am negatively affected by the effects of bad English.

fort-like… What?

“Even if your avatar is like a fortress, you couldn’t withstand–”

No period here? Congrats, Hadena, you’re pregnant with fail.

What a terrible sentence. How’s that extra 21st chromosome treating you guys?

“You’re here early again.”

Realized what? The suspense caused by your poor subs is killing me almost as much as I want to kill you.


Timing Review

Incoming. When “Timing Critique” is added as a category, you’ll know this part is done.


Watchability: It’s watchable if you’re retarded.

Timing Grade:

Visual grade: B

Script grade: F

Overall grade (timing results not factored in): F

Dragon Numbers asked me to hold off on reviewing earlier episodes because he put their best editor on this project. If this is the best they can do, I’m afraid to see what the previous episodes were like.

42 thoughts on “Fansub Review: [Hadena] Accel World (Episode 08v2)”

  1. If Viewer.Class = Retard Then Return Watchable.

    You need one more ‘=’ here. Your programming skills are also pregnant with fail.

    • Technically, the single equal sign is a valid comparator in Visual Basic. And VB is one of the few languages that capitalizes its keywords and methods like D_S did.

    • ‘If Viewer.Class = Retard Then Return Watchable.’
      this can be compiled successfully and always holds true for u letting Viewer.Class equal to Retard

    • Uh…I don’t know what language you program with but with c++ there is no additional “=” needed.

      if (Viewer.Class = Retard)
      return Watchable;

      So…yea, next time you want to insult someone, at least do it correctly.

        • I actually stealth edit out people’s errors if they ask in the comments and then I go ahead and delete that comment, but I wanted to reply instead with an “I know that feel.” or a “Ganbarre!”

          So, fixed. And, mm… Ganbarre!

      • …what. Just so you know, in C++, your snippet of code assigns the value Retard to Viewer.Class, the conditional will return true regardless of the previous value, and as a result, it will always return Watchable.

        if(Viewer.Class = Retard)
        return Watchable;

        In pseudocode:
        Set Viewer.Class to Retard
        return Watchable

        In correct code:
        if(viewer.Class == Retard){
        return Watchable;

        If viewer.Class is equal to Retard
        Then return Watchable

        If you’re wondering why your code never works, now you know. Please get into the habit of reading “a = b” as “make a equal to b”, and “a == b” as “a is equal to b”, or you’re going to have a bad time.

  2. Ah, this episode. Yeah, I completely forgot that I spent a good 10 minutes editing the sub file after I watched this trying to fix it for my archive. I do think some of the lines aren’t that bad, but this definitely deserves an F, no doubt about it. Also, with the territory line, in my opinion, it should be changed to “Territories, the areas that legions control,” making the whole sentence (after you change ‘is’ to ‘are’ in the next line) “Territories, the areas that legions control, are decided every Saturday evening by territory battles.” Maybe it’s just me, but I believe he is referring to several areas, which would make ‘territories’ the correct term.

    • Oh, and I forgot. The ‘warning’ line would be much better if it were “This is your last warning, so listen up!” I think that gets the message across well.

    • I missed that, but then loled so hard when I saw your comment.

      For me, the sole purpose of Hadena is to entertain and amaze. To entertain by: providing D_S with F-grade materila, to amaze: by releasing something that is not F-grade.

      Kudos to dragon[numbers] for putting Hadena back on track. His QC skills have managed to catch all instances of correct English before they were released to the general public.

  3. Nice review, but you forgot to mention that this is the “OFFICIAL TRANSLATION” from Viz media… so I will be sure to send them email with your complains about their sub, and I agree we need more quality check for that. You should have reviewed episode 1, 2 and 3 which we used an original translation for it. Anyway thanks for the review, I will correct the typos and the other grammar issues.

    • 1. You asked me to review episodes 7 or above.

      [dragon132004] just a note… if you are gonna review one of our Accel Releases… I mentioned this before but the first episodes were done as joint… so if you pick 7+ would be cool, and we released v2 to ep8 since it was done by the previous editor who did Dusk

      2. Whoever transcribed Viz’s subs sucked at it. I checked the “stilll” error and it doesn’t exist in Viz’s release. I sincerely doubt all the other things I complained about are in their release too.

      3. If you didn’t fucking translate it yourself, don’t fucking lie. Your credits mention “anon2” as the TL.

      4. Regardless of any excuses you want to make, you’re still responsible for the final product you release. Saying “It’s Viz’s fault because we took our script from them” is pathetic.

      5. Taking Viz’s script and making it worse is pretty goddamn lame.

      • I did ask you to review Ep7 + and I won’t deny it but I see you mentioning whoever translated my subs probably doesn’t know the difference above so if you wanna see our original translation for Accel World your choice would be; ep1, 2 and 3. To be honest I forgot to remove that credit part for the later episodes. Beside I said I will send them email and it is their official sub:

        But I won’t be making excuses here since it is lame and pathetic unlike some groups did before here. I told you this before but I always look forward to your reviews as base point to improvise the group structure and fix the issues we are lacking at. That’s why I ask you to review more works of us please.
        Hence, I will ask other quality checkers to do the quality check for Accel World and I will release v3 for that episode because I care about the quality of the final products.
        Anyway Keep the good work, bro… I enjoy reading your reviews ’cause I believe its good for fansubbing.

        • Improvise?

          Yeah, I think that’s exactly what your group does all the time.

          I think the word you’re searsching for is ‘improve’.

        • A v3? lol. You do realize the whole point of a v2 release is usually to fix all the errors you made the first time? If you can’t release a proper and completed v2 it’s prolly time to move on and spend time and effort somewhere else more worth while

        • Man, all this hate for Hadena is kind of unwarranted. It seems like they’re honestly making an effort to improve their group, and Dragon didn’t come in here with any sort of hostility.

          Not that I’m against making fun of people for fucking up (on the contrary: it’s a big part of the reason I visit this site), but comments like TheTruth’s and anon’s are just meaningless insults without any sort of thought put into them :|

          • The problem is that they still seem be all over the place.

            I decided to check out their Sankarea episode 9 and it wasn’t too terrible. There were a few awkward phrases and a bunch of missed commas, but it was watchable.

            I guess jrazy as TL and Sket as editor make a decent team for watchable subs. The QC, though, should slow down a bit to catch some of the little mistakes the editor missed.

            • Well, I’m glad you at least found it watchable. I edited that Sankarea ep as a one-time thing, and I thought I did a pretty good job of it. I believe I caught all of the errors, but as you say, there might have been a few awkward lines. I did do my best to minimize those, though. Sket is a very good editor imo, this was all lack of proper QC. I’ve recently started QCing with Hadena for a few shows, and I think I can help in that department. The latest Tasogare ep (9) is an example. A good QC can go a long way, especially with typos like “stilll”. I don’t know who was QCing this, but it seems like no one was, honestly. By the time I came in, this was already out, but I did fix all this shit for the v3 when it comes out, so there’s that.

            • Oh, don’t get me wrong: I wasn’t making excuses for Hadena. They have a lot of work to do if they want to become a respectable group. I just think these cheap insults being hurled at them by people who have nothing else to contribute are a waste of space. At least be clever about it.

          • The only way to improve the group is firing the all incompetent staff, and then have the competent people draft up recruitment tests and judging every future applicant based on these.
            That and taking people who can’t speak proper English, no matter if they’re group leader or not, of the QC role.

            Given, the “trade-off” would be that they would’ve only enough staff for a series or two a season (or every second season) instead of eleven…

  4. You sound like an asshole for complaining about dorayaki being left untranslated, and you sound like even more of an asshole for talking about how “fucking delicious” tiramisu is.

    Both are unique words developed for particular dishes. No, tiramisu isn’t fine because people already know what it is. It’s fine because it can’t be translated, the same as dorayaki.

    Also, this is proven by the fact that the English dub still says dorayaki.


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