Aniblog Tourney v.Wasting Your Time (16 Remain)

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I’ll have my Summer 2012 Preview up tonight for sure. But for now, Aniblog shit.

Edit: I hate my job. I’ll have to finish the preview up during lunch break or something.


There are about 24 hours left in this round and the tourney itself should be over by the end of next week.

This will happen.

We don’t know what the scores are anymore because the admins decided to hide them. It can’t be helped. Oh well, to victory anyway~




So Neibs decided to let us know what we’re getting into. (Yes, I decided to sub La Storia just because the pictures were pretty.) Here’s the plot of the show:

<Neibs> theres the arcana family right
<Neibs> they live on an island thats basically isolated from everywhere else
<Neibs> i dont think its part of any one sovereign nation but is geographically in italy
<Neibs> anyway
<Neibs> the family rules that island and i guess members of the family or people who are granted a chance to be or whatever have powers
<Neibs> that are based on the major arcana
<Neibs> for reasons
<Neibs> the leader, mondo, is getting old and wants to retire so hes like
<Neibs> “hey guys you have to fight each other to take my place and whoever wins gets the marry my daughter and be head”
<Neibs> …Gets to
<Neibs> yeah so feli is like fuck no and tries to beat up her dad but you know loses
<Neibs> so the tourny or whatever starts and feli fights in it too because she doesnt want to marry some guy
<Neibs> thats basically it

Sounds a lot better than what I was expecting. Maybe this’ll be the one show we sub that actually ends up good?



Now about that preview…

See? It’s coming along. I just need to figure out how to make the image bigger and we’ll be golden.

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  1. Girls are obviously weaker in strength than guys, but these guys look more like girls anyway, so I’m sure she will win.

    Or she could seduce all of them, like Fujiko from Lupin III. But then she would have to cross-dress.

  2. Voted for you again. But, for srs, this tourney is taking for fucking ever…. yeah, yeah, it was on hold for a while, but still..

    Anyways, good luck in the tourney and with your sub project.

  3. Speaking of polls, you need to update your one on the right-hand side of the screen. Maybe start a poll of Summer titles?

        • The fuck? I don’t see it on my end. But I’ll wipe my poll data so it goes away. Thought I took it off a while ago, but looks like not.

          Thanks for bringing that up.

          • You’re right. I should learn from you and spend my time responding to flamebait. What have I been doing with my life?

            • I’m sure he enjoyed plenty of Zero no Tsukiama, so that’s why he raged at you for insulting the oh so awesome Hadena.

  4. Aniblog trolled me hard. Somehow I can’t vote in this round, and it redirects me to random god-awful youtube videos ;(


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