Aniblog Tourney v.Almost Done I Swear (8 Remain)

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This match-up is interesting because Whiners is up against the site of our Italian translator for La Storia.

Edit: Thanks for bringing us to victory again. I love you all <3 <3 <3


My picks are slightly bolded.
Star Crossed Anime Blog vs

Caraniel’s Ramblings

How the hell does Star Crossed still have readers? Goddamn, fuck that shitty site. Cara’s ain’t much better, but at least she has personality, which SC is sorely lacking.

Metanorn vs

Listless Ink

Metanorn is a fucking giant superblog with like 20 writers. Listless switches things up a bit by editorial after editorial. I favor originality, so I lean toward Listless on this one.

vs Empty Blue

Our Italian->English TL, feal87, runs Empty Blue. I’m actually sort of impressed by what he’s done with the place. Unfortunately, is a better site because… of me of you.  <3

Canne’s anime review blog vs

Lost in America

Canne writes editorials about old, terrible shows. LiA at least keeps the site relevant.


I’ve been asked to ensure that this tourney never happens again if I win. Any other decrees you’d want me to make as Aniblog King?

39 thoughts on “Aniblog Tourney v.Almost Done I Swear (8 Remain)”

  1. Looking at the figures for the previous round, I’ll be surprised if you win. Star Crossed apparently got over 400 votes whereas Whiners only scraped the 200 mark. Not that you particularly care, but I thought I’d point it out before too many decrees are thought up.

  2. So… your picks are every blog? I mean, you do make it clear which one you’re picking, but all of them appear emboldened to me.

  3. I cannot understand Star Crossed and why it has so many votes, at all. Bad writing and an extremely unlikable writer. I honestly don’t get it at all…

    I’ve never read most of the blogs participating, nor will I ’cause.. who needs that many fucking anime blogs, but I like Cara (whose blog I still haven’t even looked at) based on her comments on there, so bitch better take this match. She can lose the next though.

  4. I spent a good 30 seconds in Star Crossed and one thing in that blog baffled me:

    They rate episodes with a combination of asterisks and plus/minus signs and then write the fucking grade in parentheses anyway (Rating: **+ (Excellent+)). Why the fuck would you use some ambiguous rating scheme if you’re going to write the grade next to it anyway? This shit makes no sense, fuck that blog.

  5. Fuck all the other blogs, don’t have time to read all that shit so I’ll stick to whiners. You got my vote (again).

  6. I’m sure if Random Curiosity ( was entered it would automatically win. That site is the most updated and professional anime blog out there offering a variety on in-depth insights and show coverage. It comes as no surprise that Guardian Enzo’s Lost In Anime Blog would rank near the finals seeing as he is on the RandomC staff.

      • Im not going to put too much effort into arguing other than writing this last post. But the sheer amount of screen captures per post and lengthy and well written 4 paragraph posts is a testament to the effort and professionalism that they show. There is a reason why they are the number 1 most visited anime blog on the internet. If you cant acknowledge this then you must be extremely biased and need to open your eyes.

        • You act like I think episodic blogs matter. They don’t.

          Anyone who visits an episodic blog is fucking retarded because they serve no purpose. Really, what do episodic blog readers think when they go on a site like that?

          “Oh boy, I wonder what InuyashaXKikyoXXBFF4LiFe thinks about the latest episode of Bleach! I always look forward to his amazing thoughts about he thinks Ichigo is gonna bankai his next opponent! lol!!”

          The fuck can you get out of shitty sites like that?

          I don’t deny that Random Curiosity has readers, but pandering to the lowest common denominator will always get you readers. Why should I be impressed by that?

          • I’m in strong agreement with Truth here. To answer your rhetorical question of, ” what the fuck can you get out of that” as you eloquently put is the very reason someone reads a blog. One reads a blog to gain insight into another’s opinion. Humans society revolves around opinions and drives development forward. These ideas we call opinions are the foundation for society. So by reading RandomC people want to know the writers opinion. But why? Well it come back to what Truth said. Their opinions are not just witless ideas as you claim but instead analysis. Analysis of characters, themes, imagery, further events, directorial decisions, soundtrack choice, emotions, messages the anime is giving to the viewer and relations to the real world. These are the things that make anime so beautiful. If you do not realize these components of anime you must not truly be a fan. Series that display these mentioned qualities: Code Geass, Usagi Drop, Fate/Zero, Requiem for a phantom, Mirai Nikki, etc.

          • It depends on the anime; there are some anime that contain many details in each episode that perceptive viewers will catch and think about. I like reading episodic posts that analyze these details. Posts about bad anime like Bleach merely summarize; these are the ones to avoid. In other words, the good episodic blogs have posts similar to editorials for each episode. The writers at RandomC are now summarizing more than analyzing, but at least there are some anime that the blog with more content to work with. The episodic blogs that you recommended during the tourney are actually enjoyable because they tell me more about the details and wrap them up to produce a new perspective on the episode.

            Anyways, the second type of anime that would warrant a good post is a controversial one. Then I would read to see if the blogger has a different view on events that would allow me to view things differently. But other than those two types of anime coverage, episodic blogs are useless unless you don’t understand an episode. Of course, analyzing the crap out of details that don’t matter at all (Rhyhorns in anime) is also entertaining.

            Did that make any sense? ugh.

        • >sheer amount

          I took like the greatest shit yesterday; the sheer amount that came was amazing.


          Don’t let the large amount that came out fool you; each piece was pretty fucking long as well.


          Sure took a lot of effort getting it all out.

          • I enjoy LiA’s episodic blogs. His writing is good, not much summaries and more insights on stuff I hadn’t notice while watching the episode etc. I just come on for fun, I don’t take this site seriously.

        • Just because they took many screenshots (which could be done in less than five minutes) you think that they are professionals?
          Also, while episodic blogging is kind of pointless and boring, at least there are some writers who put more effort to make their post more interesting, compared to those in RandomCrap.

    • Random C was entered in the last tourney, and lost promptly in round 3 to Listless Ink. They chose not to enter this time.

  7. Btw. Just something for you, in the event that you do become Aniblog King and want to abolish this Hunger Games of the sphere.

    Wiill hosts the poll system and is a staff and host for Metanorn. Metanorn, before the poll change when enthusiasm is high, pulls in about 200-250 votes in the first round with Poll Daddy. Ever since the change, they get 50 more votes with each passing round. While Star Cross loses about 50 each passing round. By the time of the finals, I am sure Metanorn will win. Curious, isn’t it?

    • Also, the screenshot was first raised in a comment earlier on the tourney site, but the comment promptly got deleted with no traces of it ever having existed.

          • Okay, looks like it’s much ado about nothing. Spoke with some people and it seems that Wiill was messing around or something along those lines. Gist is, there most likely isn’t a backdoor. I’m not gonna bring up something that doesn’t seem legit just for drama.

            • naw, he was just trying to implement https or some shit for his voting site to make it seem more reputable (actually, the main reason was because he wanted to see if he could, lol). you can trust me here because I was actually in the chat >_>


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