Why (Most) Episodic Blogs Suck – A Random Curiosity Case Study

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A lot of people want to stick their dicks into Random Curiosity’s gaping-wide vagina. Let me explain why the Syphilis isn’t worth it.


This post was inspired by this comment chain, wherein someone says RandomC is basically the foundation of society.

I’m in strong agreement with Truth here. To answer your rhetorical question of, ” what the fuck can you get out of that” as you eloquently put is the very reason someone reads a blog. One reads a blog to gain insight into another’s opinion. Humans society revolves around opinions and drives development forward. These ideas we call opinions are the foundation for society. So by reading RandomC people want to know the writers opinion. But why? Well it come back to what Truth said. Their opinions are not just witless ideas as you claim but instead analysis. Analysis of characters, themes, imagery, further events, directorial decisions, soundtrack choice, emotions, messages the anime is giving to the viewer and relations to the real world. These are the things that make anime so beautiful. If you do not realize these components of anime you must not truly be a fan. Series that display these mentioned qualities: Code Geass, Usagi Drop, Fate/Zero, Requiem for a phantom, Mirai Nikki, etc.

I wish I could say they were joking.

But okay, press enough buttons and you’re bound to get some delicious Dark_Sage soda. So let’s talk about RandomC. With 92 million views, I think we can consider them fair game for criticism. Well, not like I’d care even if they weren’t popular; shit is shit.



Not a single writer on RandomC matters. They have 14 people on staff, none of whom have a meaningful personality as it applies to the blog. Hey, bloggers, here’s a great way to test your value in blogging teams: if you stopped writing, what would happen?

In RandomC’s case, they could replace every writer with some random and nobody would give a shit. RandomC’s value does not come from its writing; the value comes from how many posts they can throw up per day to influence Google’s search algorithm and their stupid fans who have never heard of Wikipedia episode summaries.

You can achieve the same effect by picking 10 random blogs and subscribing to their RSS feeds. There you go, your own personal mega-blog. Of course, you’d miss out on interacting with a larger community, but with posts like this

EVERYONE JUST HAS THIS AWESOME RESOLVE and they’re even sacrificing things just for their dreams.

Coorie, u da girl! I wonder how the fanboy would react if he would see Coorie’s ‘true form’, he might die…

Yes, more fan service for us boys! Satuskicchi suki desu! (Oh no, I’m starting to become Pollon… IYKWIM)

I think you’d be better off without it.


The Site

All right, let’s take a look at the front page, keeping in mind the words of “Truth” (not a joke, that’s really what the guy called himself).

I’m sure if Random Curiosity (randomc.net) was entered it would automatically win. That site is the most updated and professional anime blog out there offering a variety on in-depth insights and show coverage.

…It’s beautiful. This is true professionalism.


So let’s see how their articles with these “deep insights” are written. If they’re anything like the front page, I’m sure we’re in for a real treat.

Spoilers: We’re in for a treat.


The Articles


  • 49 images for one shitty episodic post
  • Every sentence links to a fucking picture
  • Twitter talk. @Moomba your writing sucks #faggot #twitter_is_for_preteens
  • The closest thing Moomba has to an original thought (hereafter defined for RandomC as not simply regurgitation of facts and occurrences from the episode) is when he says he may or may not want the characters to succeed. Brilliant writing.



  • 54 images for one shitty episodic post
  • Every sentence links to a fucking picture
  • He con– No, this deserves a full paragraph
  • Unoriginal, boring summary post
  • Generic final “review” — This also deserves a full paragraph

This creepy fuck wrote a love letter to the main character of the show, while pretending he was another character on the show. Yes, really.

Dear Marika,

I don’t think I will ever cease being in awe at how talented you are, how good at practically everything you are, and how endearing and lovely you are. In addition to watching your impressive skills as the captain of the Bentenmaru week in and week out, I’ve also seen you excel in a variety of roles throughout this series. You’re a capable pilot in your own right and an excellent and shrewd negotiator, and even as the commander of an entire fleet, you’re still the brightest star in the sky. I don’t think there’s a limit to what you can accomplish once you set your mind to it – whether it’s singing, cleaning, or racing a dinghy, you always excel at it. Well, you’re not exactly perfect either. You have trouble waking up for class and your grades slip easily, but I still find I can’t help but stop whatever I am doing so that I can admire you even when you fail. If you’ll have me, I-I’d like to spend the rest of my days by your side. But it’s not because I like you or anything!


Jesus Christ, Verdant, you are one creeper. And your writing isn’t much better than the state of your mind.


The easiest way to tell whether or not you wrote a shitty review is to see if you can replace a few things with information from another show. If it still fits, you just wrote a shitty review. Let’s take an excerpt from Verdant’s series review of Mouretsu:

I think POKEMON BEST WISHES actually does many things very well, if not necessarily great. It really delivered on its premise which was to tell the story of an average high school BOY becoming a POKEMON MASTER, and it accomplished this with a great balance between appearances by the TEAM ROCKET and the OTHER TRAINERS. The main complaints I’ve heard are that some people didn’t like that vast majority of POKEMON TRAINERS in this show were more involved in putting on stage shows than what we would consider traditional BATTLING, while others felt that the show was too clinical and too safe. However, I enjoyed both these aspects of the show very much and would not change a thing because they helped turn this series into a light-hearted, fun, and romantic take on what can often be a staid and serious genre.

You don’t even need to fucking think. I could shit out fluff like this in five minutes on a day where I was really constipated. Goddamn, people actually read this garbage?



  • 41 images for one shitty episodic post
  • Every sentence links to a fucking picture
  • With writing like this, I’m almost glad the other authors on the site post episode summaries instead of their thoughts.
  • More Twitter talk. I fucking hate kids.

Like the other blogs, the post is absolutely filled with images. I suppose if my writing were that bad, I’d try to mask it with anime tits too. But holy shit, you’d think they’d at least try and pretend their articles are more than just excuses for their freaks of fans to masturbate to.


Honestly, these are some of the worst articles I have ever had the displeasure of reading. This site has 92 million views? I know pandering to stupidity is effective, but goddamn this has gone way beyond that. It’s like the authors decided to suck off the god of retardation and absorb his excess into their entire existence. That would fucking explain a lot.

122 thoughts on “Why (Most) Episodic Blogs Suck – A Random Curiosity Case Study”

  1. >they helped turn this series into a light-hearted, fun, and romantic take on what can often be a staid and serious genre.

    Pokemon is a lighthearted take on cockfights.

  2. Six months ago, Whiners was the only aniblog website that I knew about. I discovered RandomC through their Winter 2012 season preview post. After reading several posts by each blogger, I came to the conclusion that Guardian Enzo’s posts were the only ones worth reading. I don’t think it is of any surprise that LostInAnime would make it to the semifinals of the aniblog tournament.

    • Six months ago, (shit that you wrote)
      Any anime blog reviewing anime is shit. Reading a summary for any episode of an anime is absolutely pointless, seeing as if you’re not a fucking moron and are planning to watch the anime, you’re not gonna look at an “episode review,” and thus, the summary is easily a disposable pile of shit (with the exception of morons that like to waste their time reading shitty reviews). Reading the first sentence in each review is enough to show that.
      Whiners.pro is a website hosting Whine-subs and Dark_Sage’s daily “Fuck you,” which is disguised as an anime blog for the shitty anime blog tourney hosted on WordPress.
      Nearly every blog that is entered in the “tournament” with over 100 votes is obviously using some sort of proxy/ip reset/etc. due to the fact that almost all of the “blogs” are shit.
      Dark_Sage would be doing the same, although he’s too fucking lazy (seeing as he’s writing these shit articles instead of reviewing fansubs) to do so.
      As for the other staff of Whiners.pro, it appears that they seriously don’t give a fuck.

      • someone is bitter. Lighten the fuck up please.

        In-case you haven’t noticed or seen, this season of anime is only just starting and most of it hasn’t even fucking started, let alone subbed yet soooooo, get D_S to review what?

        • Pretty sure somefaggot was quoting something Kamica said a while back when the Aniblog Tournament was first starting.

          And what Kamica was saying wasn’t offensive. It was basically “Episodic review blogs suck. Dark_Sage is in the Aniblog contest. I wish he’d stop being so lazy, but I love him anyway.”

    • lol, I only visit RandomC for the season preview guides. I normally read my episodic reviews off Metanorn (which I wanted to be a blogger for once… but decided again it).

  3. Yeah, I’ve never even heard of RandomC. I like how the guy judges pretty much everyone about reading blogs for the writers opinion. I don’t read blogs like RandomC, mainly because I don’t want to hear another person’s opinion on an episode when I’m going to watch the damn episode myself. If I want to read people’s opinions or thoughts, I’ll go to a forum where they’ll discuss with one another instead of one whole thing from just one guy.

  4. While I agree that you have some valid points. You are TOTALLY biased, no jk. I mean you are generalizing most of their posts. Sure most of it is a summary, but there were a couple of good lines (“analysis” as they call it) thrown into the post. Let’s face it. Movie reviews in the newspaper sound very generic. They all sound the same. So if you can change the sentences around and they still fit it, that means that the sentence structure is well written ( suggesting professionalism). Look at New York Times, Robert Edgar reviews, etc. Oh well. Its not like I take this site seriously. Your mainly just a troll or a bitter young adult. What I do like though which you could call true professionalism, is that they do not tolerate your behavior. The writer’s posts are without swearing, courtesy of others opinions are maintained, and they do not blatantly put others down. I also enjoy that they do write quite nicely, you must admit. Nicely in the sense that their sentences flow, sentence structure is correct most of the time, and it’s easy to understand the message. You could learn to write with a little bit more grace too, you know?

    • Also you seem to like to take things out of context as well. I think that guy you quoted was referring to that human’s opinions are what drive society forward. Anyways here’s some good advice. While it’s all fun and games on the internet, the attitude you display here will get you thrown out of the workplace and society so fast. As I can tell you seem to be still young so you must be relying a lot of your parents financially. You can have this attitude while your parents shelter you, but come real life and you get a job, I guarantee you won’t be like this.

      Tl;dr You act like a tyrannical little brat with a superior complex, while hiding in your parents basement/house or other place you don’t own while making judgmental posts.

        • Try reading all his posts on this page in one go, it’s facinating how he jumps around from one premise/role to another without a backwards glance. He goes from trying to write like a mentor, to a lecturer, to an “adult” (reprimanding), to an almost-polite-while-condescending “equal” (still a trace of leturer), back to a full lecturer, then to… not really sure if that was the same person. You can almost see the mental frequencies he’s operating on at the time of writing.

          It’s morbidly interesting reading stuff like this, where the best case scenario is that they’re trolling, because otherwise it would just be overly… sad? masturbatory? creepy? I don’t even know.

      • He’s pretending to be an old fag so he can try to lecture the masses of Whiners on what it truly is to be an adult, and that means no criticizing, swearing, or having harsh opinions. In other words he’s just a giant faggot.

    • “while I agree that you have some valid points. You are TOTALLY biased, no jk”

      Bias should indicate he has an outstanding and unreasonable reason to not be able to objectively evaluate something.

      What you are using bias for is “I do not agree with you and intend to discredit you as a person rather than your argument.”

      Classy btw. “don’t be so mean and insulting. Oh and btw get a life and a job”. lol worthy

      • I am using it correctly. Bias says that your not able to judge something objectively. I saying he is unable to judge something objectively because his personality is rotten. His writing suggests that he is superior and arrogant. By discrediting him as person I am showing how his arguments are bias.

        Also if you can find any folly in my advice then please state it. ‘Lol worthy’ as you call it seems to be the new term for “Real-life advice that can actually help me”. Oh well take it or leave it.

          • >By discrediting him as person I am showing how his arguments are bias.

            Yeah, that totally makes sense.


            • Well one’s opinions and observations are influenced one’s personality. Is it not? Math or physics on the other hand is a quantitative and convergent subject. No matter what one’s view of physics/math is (string or loop quantum theory) there will always be particles and 2+2 will always be 4. In this case, the observations and opinions made are of a divergent nature. However some are more valid than others. Your opinions are formed from your perspective and personality, no? So if one has a terrible and unethical personality would his opinions not be unethical as well (most of the time that is)? In this case your example is wrong and childish. Judging from your chosen example I believe you to be still a student. Probably high school or lower year university. I believe Whiners.Pro must have the largest following of arrogant/trolling personalities. I could argue all day. Who can I blame though. This type of site would attract those personalities given Dark_Sage.

              • *yawn* Boring troll is boring.

                This is a site about fansubbing. Fansubbing is all about being arrogant and trolling. Go figure.

        • You know what, forget this. Explain to me how this article even attempted to be objective or what gave you the impression of it being so?

          “Real-life advice that can actually help me”

          Are you really convinced of this? Don’t be a douche is a social skill people develop on their own, not because some random mook on the net told me to be so.

          Also you kinda missed what I found lol worthy. It was more to do with you telling someone to be nicer and not so insulting and then outright making a personal attack. Not the “advice” if you could even call it that.

          • I do believe that in your relent to reinforce your argument you have realized that my points in fact do contain some validity. Thus you have switched your focus onto why I would post a critique as if the article were objective in the first place. Well to answer your question, D_S is clearly trying to discredit RandomC as witless with the writing having no substance. As a result he brings in post examples and makes observations of it. As a result I merely wanted to show that the observations made were somewhat biased.

            Also in regards to your second question. It is better that you hear advice as much as possible, whether on the net or in real life. The more you hear it the more you realize that it is something others have picked up and is something you need to change. Most kids these days will not change despite their parents constant guidance, yet will only do so when they hear it from their peers, others, and teachers. I merely wanted to aid in this effort in trying to echo advice onto the next person.

            Lastly, in terms of the personal attack, I will beg your pardon, i had not meant it to be so. However it was to be said nonetheless. I did try to phrase it in the most utmost polite way as possible while getting the message across. It was quite objective you see, as that tl;dr was true. Sometimes it takes the truth for someone to change.

            • Stop. You’re embarrassing yourself and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s started to be embarrassed for you.

              Everything you’ve said is an example of ad hominem, which is not the right way to try and win the argument you’ve presented. You say my article is discredited because I’m biased against Random Curiosity, but I don’t think you know what that word means.

              You’re clearly not mentally equipped for this site just yet. Here, read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fallacies , come back under a different name, and try to argue then.

              • Irrelevant. Let me give a Statistics lesson. Bias, in this case and more specifically, response bias, is to purposely lie or untruthfully give facts in order to conceal or warp the truth. Bias is present in all reports. Why? Well someone writes a report or article with the intention of giving a message or proving a preconceived thought. For example Colgate does studies, but are biased as they are conducting their studies only to prove their topic. Bias originates from one’s intention. Seeing as you have quite the rotten personality your intent is to discredit RandomC.net through whatever means and as a result most of your observations become bias through your intent. By identifying your bitter personality I am unveiling a source of bias.

                On a secondary note, since you have not attempted to defend your personality against my comments, I believe that you realize what I have said about your character to be quite true.

                • Given your large vocabulary you must be a university arts student. I think you may be the one needing tutoring in the academics because clearly your logic and problem solving skills aren’t up to par. Perhaps you should have paid more attention to the mathes and sciences.

                • “Irrelevant. Let me give a Statistics lesson. Bias…”

                  You sir, have just made my entire day. I can’t actually stop laughing every time I think about this. Were you born this stupid or did you have to work at it?

            • Don’t you think it’s in the least bit condescending to guess at peoples’ backgrounds and start moralizing? Just in case you’re so out of touch that you’re unaware, phrasing arguments “the most utmost polite way” can easily be the most insulting.

              At least with Dark_Sage, everybody knows not to take him seriously. Are you actually bothered by the swearing and lack of tact? (Yes, it’s quite apparent that many people would be, particularly those that aren’t of a certain demographic on the Internet.) Are people really so much interested in style over substance? Granted, there’s often not much substance when Dark_Sage is involved; don’t get me wrong.

              There are many points that are more effectively made with a more vulgar tone, whether it pleases anybody or not. If you whitewash it with professionalism, you could be reducing its value.

              On a side note, professionalism is more about competency and actions to me, but you seem to have used the word in the traditional workplace sense, so I stuck with that meaning.

              • Alas, I am beaten. This post accurately describes the argument at hand and answers it openly. I am satisfied. Good job, truly.

                • On a side note: I do believe all my predictions and arguments on Mahjong to be bang on true. I will apologize for that invasion of privacy.

                  • >I do believe all my predictions and arguments on Mahjong to be bang on true.

                    If you actually believe so, then you’ve further invalidated everything you’ve said. I am satisfied. Good job, truly.

                    • I think he was attempting to troll you guys, but one does not simply troll without an abundancy of overused memes

                      p.s. abundancy is not a word
                      p.p.s. neither is memes

    • Seems like this aniblog thing are bringing trolls more than ever.

      People should really learn to respect others opinions and personality.

  5. Out of curiosity, what is “twitter talk?” I mean, I would assume that it’s mostly referring to choppy, stop-and-go sentences, but I haven’t actually heard that phrase before, lol

    Then again, I don’t even use twitter, so I guess that’s to be expected.

    • By Twitter talk I mean this is what they put at the end of every article:

      tl;dr: @SaberMochi – Falcon Punch! Seirin takes the win, and it’s off to the pool(?!) for them in the next episode. Plus… doggy! #kurobas

  6. Btw, D_S, have you started subbing Arcana Famiglia? Commie and Hadena have already released theirs, but I’m definitely waiting for your version :P

    • We had a script ready for release a few hours after it aired. And by ready for release, I mean in fucking sexcellent condition. Unfortunately we got stalled at OP/ED TL, leading me to fire and kickban my TL permanently. So Convexity’s lending us a hand with the script TL. We’ll get it out to you as soon as possible because you don’t deserve to be stuck with subpar subs.

  7. Don’t care.

    Go back to reviewing sub releases. HS released their Tari Tari, Hadena, Commie, and HS with Arcana Famiglia.

  8. And not to mention that the main writer of RandomC used to ask for DONATIONS, just because he was “curious of how much he could get from his posts”.

  9. I have no intention of defending RC because most of what you said was basically true. I read it sometimes because I like to get other people’s perspectives on stuff and every other super popular site is even worse than them, but to each his own. But damn, Twitter bashing? Is this some kind of age thing? I’m nearly 30 and every person my age that I know uses Twitter, it’s pretty clearly NOT just for pre-teens.

  10. I agree that using Twitter style writing outside of that platform is stupid.

    And yes, you are obviously missing something. I never said me and my friends use Twitter to keep in contact with each other, that’s what texts, emails, gchat, and phone calls are for. Twitter is used by me and most people I know to follow and interact with other people, in my case a lot of musicians and a few of my favorite web cartoonists. It’s a strong platform for direct interaction with people you’d never get to interact with pre-Twitter.

    • “Twitter is used by me and most people I know to follow and interact with other people, in my case a lot of musicians and a few of my favorite web cartoonists. It’s a strong platform for direct interaction with people you’d never get to interact with pre-Twitter.”

      Aka star-fucking.

  11. “One reads a blog to gain insight into another’s opinion.”

    I don’t read a blog to “gain insight” on someone’s opinion, read it cause I’m fucking bored.

  12. Steps of how to create DRAMA (Blogs Edition)

    1. Create an article that talk about Blogs
    2. Make comments about what are they doing wrong
    3. Show some “facts”
    4. ???
    5. Profit

    • True enough, this blog are very professional – so professional that it stick to it’s name – a depressing blog that just depressing, so depressing that make World war II looks like A party in Candyland.

  13. >92 million

    What. That just can’t be right. I knew RC was popular but that’s absurd. Even Sankaku Complex puts more effort into their posts.

    I’m supposed to be an anime fan and yet my own people baffle me. Well, it at least explains why there’s so many RC derivatives out there.

  14. Dark_Sage, if you win this tourney, make goddamn sure that it never happens again.

    I’m just reinforcing the promise you made here, but for the love of pizza on a stick, terminate the tourney given the opportunity.

    • Original line was “Let my penis explain why the Syphilis isn’t worth it.” I changed that for various reasons, but forgot to update the line. Good catch. <3

  15. Next round of anifap has started, 161 votes for your match are already in, and I feel they’re not for whiners since influx doesn’t usually start until you do a reminder post.

  16. Wow, I used to enjoy visiting RandomC for quick opinions, but I guess they have gone downhill quite a bit. Then again, I really only read posts written by Divine or Enzo.

    The easiest way to tell whether or not you wrote a shitty review is to see if you can replace a few things with information from another show.

    That is solid advice. I should try that out more often.

  17. Never read Random Curiosity, sounds terrible.

    Episodic blogs don’t have to be picture bloated episode summaries. That sort of thing certainly is lazy, and certainly isn’t worth reading. A good episodic blog unpacks the themes, analyses character relations, and points out and explains references that many may not get.

    Altair & Vega did a great job with their Penguindrum entries, and E Minor is always entertaining, intelligent and succint, doing a great job of giving a feminist interpretation of a lot of series, as well as using posts as jumping of points for bigger issues or trends.

  18. Just one thing: every sentence linking to an image is pretty much the only thing I like about some of the entries, that ‘s not a downside. Why the hell would it be?

  19. You’re entitled to your opinion, but all the sheer negativity in this is a little overwhelming. I find the fact that you don’t have a *single* good thing to say about RandomC a much more telling detail than all the bad stuff you did have to say.

  20. There was once a time when RandomC churned out posts that were actually fun to read couple of years back. But somehow after the original writers left, most of the insight left as well. Wouldn’t say that the posts were extremely in depth, but that ‘fun and interesting’ factor of the posts pulled me in the most was lost. Over time, posts degraded to thoughtless writing and then verbal spewage with a hint of… immaturity of sorts? I guess the aim of the blog is no longer the same, changing from a somewhat professional ani-review blog, to a fanboy diary._.

  21. RandomC has degraded rapidly ever since Omni retired, back then I actually enjoyed reading blog posts. Now that Divine is gone too I just don’t see the value of the site besides the screen shots, tis a shame.

  22. Just because you think someone’s blog sucked doesn’t mean your blog doesn’t sucked too, from your immature writing style, i can truly see that even my hairpin are way more expensive than your education, next time, correct yourself before you try to correct other.

  23. Well Played, *insert some magnifying claps here* this isn’t the first time i see a blog make a very discriminating article about another blog, and guess what? i’m cool with it – because i know, on every case of popularity, there’s at least one or two person get butt-hurted and swear so much when seeing another get more spotlight, your envy and your ego is a very natural thing, everybody born with envy and ego, but then, when they growing up, it will directed into two path: those who can beat it, and those who promote it – like you, now keep on promoting it, keep promote those craps until entire world cries…

    …at your foolishness.

  24. All right, I’ll play the devil’s (Dark_Sage’s) advocate here. Why are you even bothered enough to comment here if you are cool with it? Thing is, frequenters of this site know and expect these kinds of posts. You can see more of this writing style, and worse, in some other posts here. In short, don’t take offence, it is his personal opinion. Just ignore it if you do not like it rather than stirring up a hornet’s nest by taking a dig at him here.

      • Please make a coherent argument that shows:
        1) Credible reasons that are not based on your opinions stating why you believe Blogsuki is “a blog that sucks”,
        2) Examples from full entries in the blog that support your reasons in a way that logically proves your words without using any segments in a manner that would be contrary to the intention of the author,
        3) A punch line. I don’t know what “pathos” means, other than that people who rely on it in their arguments without “logos” and “ethos” are “pathetic”. (In other words, limit ranting and opinions to one line, add too much and the original Turtle will come back to haunt you with the red herring you tried to bury in your past.)
        Good luck, have fun. Who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough for someone to bring you the word of “Truth”. (pun intended)

        • Here’s the latest article on Blogsuki:
          Title: “san antonio spurs and studio ghibli”
          Tagline: “What does the San Antonio Spurs and Studio Ghibli have in common? Nothing really.”

          For the punch line: you haven’t killed yourself yet. Life’s got some cruel jokes, huh?

  25. Honestly I only use the website for their screencaps of Anime. I haven’t been able to find another website that comes close to taking the time of screencaping high definition pictures of every episode. I honestly don’t know any of the writers nor care, and if they changed their website to something with less pictures I’d never use RandomC. My point I’m getting at is I use it for different reasons as do others who like to be able a find a quick high quality screencap from a recent anime.


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