[Whine-Subs] La storia della Arcana Famiglia (Episode 01)

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Ready for some delicious mafia action? And yes, this is the sexiest release for Arcana you’ll ever see.

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Whine-Subs Best Subs

Italian translation (Confirmed issues with CR script. Fixed, of course.)

  • We’ll have an “Addendum” post on this.

Syllable-matched karaoke (Sing along in Japanese or sing along in English without having to awkwardly extend your voice.)

  • Upload audio of you singing along and you’ll be internet famous in the comments section. What a deal!

Dual scripts (Regular or honorifics with TL Notes, your choice.)

  • Honorifics script includes stock Japanese phrases, less liberal translation, some unfixed Italian phrasing, less cussing, TL notes, and honorifics of course.


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  1. But Dark_Sage, with only 720p MKV, how am I supposed to play this on my toaster? Please release a 360p WMV version for those of us who like watching anime on our kitchen appliances.

  2. Good God, when there’s no 8th around to smite you, we’ll never know if those are actually proper subs…

    And why the second track? It sounds like a trap to make fun of all those honorific-lovers like me…

    • It’s not a trap. I had so many opportunities to fuck around, but I resisted. It’s a legit second track that’s been changed to suit the taste of people who like honorifics. You get two TL notes on the Italian meanings, two different phrasing changes, Oujo/Oujo-sama instead of Milady/Princess, Arcana Duello is left in its improper JapItalian form, and “hell” has been changed to “heck”.

    • Okay, now that you posted again with that email/username/website combination, I’m going to assume you’re not a bot and that my spam filter was wrong.

      So here’s the thing, guy.

      1. Don’t fucking skulk around on my site like a little bitch, hoping that people are going to click on your website link. If you have a problem with the subs, come out and say it.
      2. Seriously, don’t fucking skulk around. It pisses me off to see you have so little self-respect.

      For those of you wondering, this guy apparently made a “QC” of our release. It’s fucking wrong, but I’m going to address his complaints because I’m good like that.
      His original: http://pastebin.com/Ebkrxa5r
      His claims addressed: http://pastebin.com/Ai2mVnrr

          • I think his brilliant plan was along the lines of “Haha, I’m going to act like my English is terrible, but I’m going to link to my script ‘review’ in the website field on this site. Then, I’m going to post again under a different username and “discover” my script review. Everyone will be shocked that someone with ‘poor English’ outsmarted Dark_Sage and then I’ll become… *cue dramatic music* internet famous.”

        • just came here so i could explain how a human with the usage of grammar that a first-grader has could act like a whining faggot.

    • Not much. Prepping myself for tonight, which will be a storm of reviews. At work now so I can’t really do that shit.

      Sup with you?

      • You might as well review “Chitose Get You!!” first since it’s only a 4 minute show. It’s something easy that you can cross off the list.

      • Wait, is this heaven, Dark Sage, your already going to review, man you made my night, thank youuuuuu, looking forward to it!!

  3. Well, since for some reason I bothered to watch this episode 1.5 times, I may as well point out the one thing that was bugging me.

    At 21:16, main bishies talking with Felicita…

    Whine: “If I were to win, I wouldn’t have the wish to marry you.”
    CR: “If I were to win, I’ll wish not to marry you.”

    CR’s tense issue aside, isn’t the point that he would use up his prize (the wish) to free Felicita from the marriage obligation? That meaning seems to be lost with the Whine line.

    Maybe something like
    “If I were to win, I’d wish to cancel the marriage.”


    • [01:32] [&Nightowl64] Dialogue: 0,0:21:17.50,0:21:24.05,Default,Nova,0000,0000,0000,,If I were to win, I’d wish to not marry you.
      [01:32] [&Nightowl64] This is mistranslated
      [01:32] [&Nightowl64] should be
      [01:32] [&Nightowl64] “If I were to win, I wouldn’t have the wish to marry you.”

      • I think it’d make more sense if it were phrased as “If I were to win, my wish wouldn’t be to marry you.”

        (I haven’t actually watched the episode; just basing this off of the comments.)

          • While we’re on lines that could be improved:

            There’s no need for that!
            That’s entirely uncalled for! OR
            That’s wholly unnecessary!
            {Just trying to avoid Animish. You know, “Can’t be helped”

            If they’re in a car, they can only take a few routes.
            Since they’re in a car, there are only a few routes they can take.

            We can catch up by using the back roads!
            {It’s actually one word, backroad(s), and backroads usually refer to *rural* routes, not shortcuts involving alleyways.}

            Is this your first time here, boys?
            You new to these parts, boys?
            {Avoids the repetition, also makes her sound folksy}

            That was the vigilante organization that protects Regalo Island,
            {“Vigilante group” or “band of vigilantes” is the usual phrase}

            Maybe you made a mistake in raising her.
            Maybe you erred somewhere in her upbringing.

            Luca, do your job as her attendant!
            Luca, do a proper job of being her attendant!
            {Okay, this is a nitpick, so sue me.}

            a dress wouldn’t be suitable enough to allow for flexibility.
            a dress wouldn’t be suitable for activities requiring flexibility.
            {The original line is way more complicated than necessary. The most basic form is “suitable for ____”, but then you tacked on “enough”, and then you decided to toss in an infinitive as well?}

            I shouldn’t be repeating stuff you already know, but we have all
            {Dunno why you went into the perfect tense; “each of us made a deal” would have been sufficient. Also, the break in the sentence smells funny.}

            the Fool
            {Concerning your style choice, I would argue that with this and all later cards, “the” *should* be capitalized, as usual reference to the card would treat each the name of each card’s character as their title; thus, The Fool, The Lovers, ad nauseum. This keeps things consistent with Death, Strength, Temperance, etc. with the first letter always being capitalized. Not a fan of colons, but that’s something else.}

            is that she can read the inside of others’ hearts.
            is that she can read what lies in the hearts of others.
            {We could go all dramatic like The Shadow old-time radio show and use “what lurks in the hearts of men”… or not}

            Yes. Arcana powers use emotions as their foundation.
            Yes. Emotions form the foundation of Arcana powers.
            {You can’t really “use” a foundation, unless you’re talking about makeup. Other phrasings could involve “based”, “depend”, and “rest”; alternatively, use something besides foundation.}

            The reason I have gotten this far is because of all of you.
            I have achieved so much only because of your contributions.
            {For them to be “the reason” can be two things: either they helped him, or he did the things he did for their sake.}

            But I’ve gotten to that age.
            But I’ve gotten to a certain age.
            {More nitpicking: people usually say “that age where” and not simply stop at “that age”.}

            Don’t instigate him, Debito!
            Don’t provoke him, Debito!
            {3rd nitpick: while you technically *can* use “instigate” as a synonym for provoke or goad, it’s a less common usage. Usually you instigate a fight or rebellion.}

            There’s no guarantee…
            You shouldn’t assume…
            {Phrasing it negatively makes it sound like he believes he doesn’t have much of a chance to win.}

            {The “but” would probably fare better on the next line.}

            That is, if I take this seriously.
            Not if I take this seriously.
            {Line as-is doesn’t match up with how he speaks.}

            If I were to win, I wouldn’t have the wish to marry you.
            If I were to win, I would wish to decline your hand in marriage.
            {Marriage is a guaranteed right of the winner; in fact, the winner has no choice in the matter. Blah’s suggestion doesn’t make sense because it doesn’t matter that he won’t wish for the marriage, because he’d have to marry her anyways. He’s stating that he will decline the otherwise unavoidable marriage by way of the granted wish.}

            What? Shorty’s coming, too? Ugh…
            What? Shorty’s coming too? Ugh…
            {Yeah, the final one is going to be a nitpick too, but one that’s been long established. Without the comma, it indicates that Chibi will also be joining the two on their search for the cat. With the comma, next episode is about the two’s search for the cat AND Chibi’s accompaniment. In this case the different isn’t readily apparent, but, well… consistency, y’know?}

            Regarding the frequent use of the verb “to start” through out the script: do you have something against “to begin”?

            • Ah yes, the old GotWoot QC Report. I was always conflicted upon reading one of these because while it usually came out that I had maybe two errors in my script, the other 40 lines in the report were always rephrasing nitpicks. And that got annoying, quick.

              • As an editor, no one expects you to change anything you don’t deem change-worthy. (The same thing applies to then time when you were in GW, like I’ve told you before.)

                Otherwise, it seems a little odd that you would be opposed to reading other people’s opinions on word choice/editing, given this platform you’ve created for everyone.

                • I read it. I just don’t see what he expects me to do about it. You want me to release a v2 for minor phrasing changes?

                  • I dunno, what do you expect groups to do after you grade them?

                    IMO the ones that people mentioned are too minor for a straight up v2, but you might as slap the relevant ones in if you get a new timer.

              • There’s a difference between simply nitpicking for nitpicking’s sake (of which there were a number in this comment) and eliminating uncommon and/or improper usage of words, as well as removing repetition and syntactical ambiguity. I seem to recall SOMEONE here hating ambiguity.

        • If the TLC says that’s the case, then okay; I sure don’t have any Japanese skills. Thanks for the explanation anyhow.

          It still seems like a logic error to me, based on the conditions set forth, unless there are some TL errors beforehand.

          The head honcho says he will give the tournament winner (1) the title of next head, (2) any wish granted, and (3) his daughter’s hand in marriage.

          After his daughter and some bishies get pissed that he’s putting her up like that, the head tells them, “If you want to free my daughter, then you need to win [the tournament]. I already told you. I will grant any wish.”

          Thus the two main bishies are saying that they would use their wish, if they win, to get her out of the marriage. Hence “…if either of us win, then the Princess will be free!” If my interpretation is right, they want to use prize #2 to annul prize #3. That’s a much different meaning than what was suggested by Blah and Whine-Subs.

          But maybe that’s what’s going on in the Japanese script?

          • My 2c (which may be overvaluing it somewhat): I would read the line as “If I were to win, my wish would be not to marry you”, i.e. the CR version. My Japanese is pretty patchy, but I can’t see any other way of reading it, and it does fit the context.

                  • Forgot to check back until now :P
                    But yeah, if that’s what the line is, while CR’s line isn’t all that well worded, Nightowl is a moron who misunderstood a very simplistic line, and who has no business being in a TLC position.

  4. Woah! Dual sub tracks! Amazing stuff.

    Honestly, this is undoubtedly one of the best things that any group can do with a release. Thanks so much for the added effort and do know that the hard work is truly appreciated.

  5. Thanks for the weeaboo track, I am one that both prefers a less liberal translation AND is simultaneously willing to wait for quality releases so the effort is appreciated here.

    • And after watching it I still appreciate the alternate subs, it’s just too bad all that effort is wasted on this strictly average show. Most of the characters seemed to be walking tropes and the main character herself appears to have no personality whatsoever. Did she do ANYTHING at all in this episode aside from the part where she gets her ass handed to her by her dad? Hopefully when the tournament proper starts the show will focus mostly on action because that’s where all the enjoyable parts of this episode were and if it focuses on that it could be entertaining. If it chooses to focus on conversations and character development though then the writers better have a lot more in their bag of tricks than they showed us in the premier.

  6. A little thing I noticed in the first line of the OP translation: “wareta bin tobichiru” is translated as “a shattered bin”, but shouldn’t it be “a shattered jar”? (Japanese “bin” = “bottle/jar”.) It would make more sense for honey to be spilling out of a jar.

    • I made particular effort to match the Engrish with English. But you’re right; jar is a better choice. Same number of syllables and everything. Thanks for the tip.

  7. Why’d you use “Th-The party tonight (…)” instead of “Tonight’s party is very special”? Just to match the audio length?

    Other than that line and the ED font, I found the release to be quite good. Well done.

    • No special reason. The line read all right as-is, and while your change is better, I didn’t register it as something that needed to be fixed while I was editing.

  8. Most contrived exposition evar.

    “As you know, Bob, my card is the Hermit and my Arcana power is invisibility.”

    PS Hi Janice! Hi thecowgoesmoo! How’re things?

  9. No we don’t all watch it raw, because fansubs groups have better encodes than ZeroRaws and LeopardRaws, and LeopardRaws and if I just want speed HS is usually the fastest.

    Bad subs are jarring.

    • The literal TL is “chickpea” which makes no fucking sense. If any group used “chickpea” in their release, they’re bottom-tier already.

      The gist is that he’s insulting him by looking down on him and saying he’s inferior. We figured we’d go with “Shorty” because… the kid’s 15 and he was called “chibi” (or something like that) earlier in the episode by someone else. We could have used any other number of insults, but felt that linking it back made more sense.

  10. I’ve only recently started to see how there can be a big difference in quality between different fansub groups, and more importantly realised how much the quality of fansubs can affect my final impressions on a series.

    I appreciate you guys going the extra mile with dual scripts but would like to ask a potentially silly question: is there a way to tell the difference between the two subtitles without having to go through the episode and spot the differences in translation?

    It’s possibly just my media player being shit (MPlayerX) but when I go to select the subtitles, both are titled “[ENG]”. If you haven’t done so, it’d be a small but appreciated touch to help us differentiate between the two subs by their title alone with future uploads.

    Up until now I just lurked on here so this is my first comment, but it’s a good opportunity to say I appreciate the effort you guys put into these uploads and it’s nice to see fansub groups whose results don’t look like the work of someone taking the Japanese subtitle text and grinding it through Google Translate into English. So uh…stay frosty?

    • I did label the subtitle files. Default is non-honorific and Honorifics is with honorifics. If it doesn’t show up on your player, that’s an issue with the player being unable to recognize script titles. I can’t change the languages and I’m not going to label something German if it’s not. The way you can tell the difference is the default track is without honorifics. So if you want honorifics, switch to the other track.

      • Thanks for the information, I had a feeling it might just be my media player of choice. I don’t really feel like installing a secondary player so I think I’ll take your advice and just look out for honorifics early on to make sure I’m using the right one, and yes of course I wouldn’t want you to label something in German if it isn’t.

        • No problem. I know there are very few players that work with 10-bit video on Macs. Whatever it’s set to originally will not have the honorifics, so you should always be able to tell which one you’re on by which is the default option. If it helps, I’ll put in the non-honorifics track first so the second one should always have the honorifics.

          • Thanks. Keeping the same track as the default will definitely make my life easier, but as you said I can always just look out for honorifics to know if I’m on the wrong one as a worst case scenario.

  11. Does anyone know who sings first in the ED song? I’m not familiar enough with either Fukuyama’s or Yonaga’s voice to tell the difference.

    • Listening to past songs recorded by each VA, I’m pretty confident that Fukuyama is the first singer. The more nasally sounding one is Yonaga.

    • And a dissenting voice from our IRC channel.

      [fuku] Yonaga, Tsubasa
      [fuku] i think
      [&Dark_Sage] Thanks, fuku!!
      [fuku] no prob. pretty sure he is

      • Also,there is this one line in the lyric that sounds more like “hatenai sora bakari miageteta” instead of “akenai”. Could you please double check it for me? Overall, fantastic job on the lyric translation since this song has quite a few o.O lines :D.


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