Dark_Sage edit: what have we done D:

Hey, comments may be a bit unstable while we’re fixing with the new commenting system

Sorry for any inconveniance. This is being done to make your conversations (which we greatly appreciate) easier to manage and read.


Known issues:

  • Comments in the sidebar don’t link correctly.
  • Comments are set default to subscribe to replies
  • Old comments are temporarily gone from posts

Lets hope Dark_Sages likes  this

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    • OMG DARK_SAGE IS CENSORING US! His evil is showing!!

      Call Metanorn they’re the ALLIES OF JUSTICE they’ll help!!!!111!!11!!lim[x->0]|(sin(x)/x)!!!1!

      • It would be fine if the only thing that was changed was the replies automatically nested like they do now. No “read more”, no “page 2”, no voting on replies (this is the easiest way to ruin a community), no fucking twitter or whatever the fuck. Just the ability to read someone’s reply without it being limited to four characters per line.

        goji’s smart though, he’ll figure something out. <3

  1. For everyone whose posts are pending, I uhh… can’t approve them yet om this phone. Gotta do it when I get back to my hotel.

  2. If you refresh the main page it will list the old comment count for each post, of the format "n COMMENTS", before switching over to showing the comment count for the new commenting system of the format "COMMENTS (n)" after a split second. You may want to do something about that (i.e. remove the old comment count-fetching code, and make sure the comment count from the new system is fetched server side along with the page instead of being fetched after the page has loaded).

  3. I wanted to log in using my wordpress account but it always redirects me to and when I go back to this site I have to login again.

    I hope I get notified on replies to my comment (I think I do based on the "Subscribe to Replies" option) even without emails. Can't test now because intensedstuff won't let me login and I don't want to create an account for every commenting system there is.

    • Unlikely. Tomorrow is company-sponsored bar night. After a day of soulless work, I will probably spend the night throwing up my liver onto my hotel’s walls.

  4. And extendable trees? I much preferred seeing all the comments in one go, rather than having to click every two seconds. That's just :effort:

      • I don’t see what’s so bad but maybe it’s my 900 e-condoms blocking a lot of it. I just see nested comments and it’s a marked improvement.

  5. Yeah, this is pretty Web 2.0. I’m looking forward to the upcoming integrations with Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Reddit. You could even rename the site to “whinrs”.

  6. Reputation, upvotes, multiple pages for comments, replies automatically hidden… I must be in the wrong website. Where'd your fucking blog go, D_S?

  7. This is fucking terrible, I know. I don't anticipate it will last very long after gojira awakens. Reason why I can't fix it now is because in doing so, I may wipe the site of all 18,000 comments it has so far and I'm not really willing to risk that.

  8. Was there much of a problem with the comments in the first place? Btw, I see an argument against comment editing: it will help the trolls and idiots to rewrite their comments, and from how quickly replies can pile up here that could be a pain. What we write should be there for all to see. In all of its’ shame.

    Btw, may have spammed something into whatever filter there is/was, entered the same comment 3+ times (last was edited ver found in text history, sent it for the hell of it). Wasn’t that funny, annoyed I did research for lim(x) though. Freaking math, having to know things to make sense.

    • True, but you have to remember that the core audience of the blog are quite anal about spelling and grammar. Perhaps users being able to post addenda or view revisions would be a fair compromise? (Although it could easily be argued that comments can serve this purpose, and revisions would presumably take quite a bit of effort). I agree that deleting comments isn’t necessary for users. Retractions are fine, and if it is truly necessary to delete a comment you could just bug Dark_Sage or someone to delete it.

      • My concern isn’t as much deleting entire comments as someone going back (within the time limit, if there is one) and altering what they said to make themselves look better for future posts. If you word things right you can do this by only changing a few single words here and there.

        I like the idea about addenda, though, having the option to add in a postscript-type thing without necessarily removing anything. Could work for simple *[correction]s, to show they were aware they made a spelling/grammar mistake, or to add in a clarifying point.

        • Another thought tacked onto the last one, maybe if someone deletes something then instead of it being deleted the text has a double strikethrough, or some other method so we have a way of seeing what was retracted.

        • I certainly understand your concerns, but I don’t believe them to be well-founded. To edit posts, presumably one would have to register, which would eliminate a proportion of trolls. The classic
          “edit:Do you like men?”
          “Certainly, I agree”
          “You’re gay HURR DURR”
          exchange would get old fast, and be incredibly obvious, especially if edited comments are marked as such. I don’t think most users would be at that level of stupidity, and even if someone removed an argument they lost, it wouldn’t reflect poorly on the people arguing with them. A system in which you could see previous comments would be interesting, but I don’t see any particular need for it — a point against a feature that would likely take a while to write.

          • Facebook recently introduced a system whereby you can edit comments, edited comments are marked visibly as edited, and on clicking it should you the time, date, and content of the original and previous edits.

            I think it’s a good feature – I often make long posts, look back and think: “Oh, I could’ve worded that better” or “Damn that typo”. Since you have to make accounts, most trolls will find easier bridges elsewhere.

            • That takes the fun out of it though; I edit my stuff so I can shamelessly cover up any mistakes I’ve made and further delude people into thinking I’m perfect.

            • That seems a bit excessive for this site. I don’t even think you really need to mark posts that have been edited, but if you absolutely want one, a simple “This posted has been edited.” would be sufficient.

              • It’s definitely OTT, but it is the best comment editing system I can think of.

                But yeah, I’d say it just has to be made obvious which posts have been edited – a This post was last edited on: should be sufficient.

              • Not to mention Gojira intends on creating a custom comment system, which would require a lot of effort for such a pointless feature.

  9. I don’t see what the fuss is about. The old comments system worked fine without the ability to edit and delete posts – why change that now?

    Nice to see the

    tag working above though :D
  10. Hey D_S, I forgot to tell you, but I ended up watching Nyarko based on your recommendation.

    Shit was awesome. Hastur is my favourite, simply because I can’t resist kawaii shotas. I did enjoy Mahiro (who wasn’t a complete bitch) and Nyarko.

    Season two where?


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