Okay, shit’s gonna get going again

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Thanks, job, for that extended vacation. I’ll start getting on reviews/fansub stuff later tonight. Oh, and does anyone know if there are any good cons in August? Been looking and they all seem lame.

Next three weeks should see (mostly) daily activity from yours truly. I know, I’m psyched too. o/



Where’d You Go?


I’m pretty much a salaryman (no, I’m not an English professor, nor do I want to be 50 and irrelevant), so sometimes I’m given impossibly retarded deadlines. And sometimes my company decides that the day before a deadline it will be good to get everyone blackout drunk. And sometimes this leads to deadlines being extended.

Sometimes this pisses off the higher-ups who sometimes decide to passive aggressively sign us up for more work when we’re having enough trouble trying to meet our new deadlines. Sometimes half the team decides to go on vacation or not show up to the office. Sometimes this means I get back to my hotel, cook a large pizza, and fall asleep while eating it.

Sometimes this means I don’t have time to do my reviews and sometimes two weeks can go by where nothing happens on the site.

You know, sometimes.



So, Any Decent August Cons?

I’m looking to piss away some money and time, so I was wondering if there are any cons worth going to in August.

I am well aware most cons suck. Finding a tolerable one is the goal here.



tl;dr: Shit’s ramping back up again, desu yo.

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        • I mostly look for cons in America because due to my job it ends up being heavily subsidized or free to travel around the US. And while I could head to Germany if I wanted to, I’d rather spend my money on something else.

  1. Didn’t believe any of your words until “desu yo”. That made it official. It will be good to see you back in all your critical glory.

  2. My friends and I are going to a Con in Sacramento at the very end of August. If it sucks oh well, but I know my friends and I will have a blast one way or the other.

    • Yes, going to a Muslim country sounds like a great idea. I’m sure the women there will be great at cosplaying religiously oppressed anime girls.

      “I’m Senjougahara… in a blanket!”
      “Kawaii! I’m Mio… in a blanket!”


  3. where do you live dark_sage san?~ i can recommend you but where exacly do you want to go?~ i live in israel so the only cosplay you are going to see is vocaloid style~

  4. Looking at animecon.com, I didn’t realize how many shitty, small cons are happening in August in North America. Otakuthon in Montreal and Fan Expo Canada in Toronto are probably the biggest cons that month.

    Here’s a random selection of August cons you can possibly waste your time at:


    I’d probably choose AniMegaCon since it’s in Las Vegas.


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