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Whiners.Pro is dead. Long live CryMore.

What happened to Whiners.Pro?

To get a .pro domain you need to register as a certified professional with a business. We never really thought Whiners was going to be viewed by more than the five of us who started the site, so gojira went ahead and registered us as some sod farm in Finland. We figured it would never come up again past initial registration. You know, cuz we’re smart like that.

Yeah, turns out they check these things.

Short story short, we lost the domain. Forever.


It took you a month to get a new domain?


Also I got new hosting because of reasons, causing me to have to revamp the WordPress theme, and gojira’s no longer web admin.


Going forward:

My primary goal is to get as much content onto this site as I can ASAP. You don’t come here to jerk it to the poor web design. That’s also why this post sucks. I’m ready for fansub reviews right fucking now.

But when I get a breather I’m going to look at improving a number of things:

1. The comments. I found a theme that extends comments all the way through the empty space. Unfortunately, the theme’s navigation is fucking terrible so we’re going with this for now.

2. Old posts. The older posts need to be fixed up a bit to handle the new format.

3. Review Summary. A lot of you used the review summary. Unfortunately, it’s not fixed yet. I’ll ask Firebird to take a look at it.

4. Colors/etc. Pretty sure I’m gonna need to get everything on a new theme. But that can wait for now.


Oh, and August 2012’s posts/comments were all lost to the abyss. Hopefully that wasn’t your favorite month. And Summer 2012 reviews are canceled but I assume you already figured that out.


Okay, fansub reviews time.

22 thoughts on “tl;dr shit happened”

  1. Sexy banner, bro. Some faptastic shit right there. Now all you need is an awesome background – I recommend tiling low-res .gifs. Then do some episodic one-line posts to fill out space and you’ll have a real aniblog.

  2. You know what would be a smart idea, to have the poll of shows, and we vote which ones we want to see, sorta like last season?

    • I didn’t have the full Whiners.Pro backup until a few hours ago. I’m trying to figure out how to integrate it into this site without breaking everything.

      • Okay, I tried to get August 2012 back and there is no fucking way I’m messing with this shit again. I just rebroke everything and had to revert it all back in my shitty attempt to restore some of the previous site. So yeah, we’re gonna have to deal without August 2012 and all the other nice shit we had before until a decent webmaster makes their way onto staff.

    • I don’t even know what to watch. Seriously, I haven’t even looked beyond whatever’s on Tosho right now.

      But having watched Tonari, Shinsekai, and Geass I can say:

      Watch Geass if you’ve seen the previous two seasons. Otherwise skip it.
      Watch Tonari if you’re down for some decent shoujo.
      Watch Shinsekai if you’re interested in a supernatural show with a focus on world-building.

      Compared to the abysmal pacing of Another, I’m digging Shinsekai. Give the first episode a shot; you’ll know if you like it or not.

  3. You’re back up FUCK YEAH. Not a ton else to say really, mildly amused they’re paying attention to categories this time around but not particularly surprised since ICANN et al are really trying to push TLDs as potential profit sources. Makes sense the greedy bastards would want to avoid another net/org/com thing this time, at least to some extent. Probably though it was just a function of infamy, someone got rather sore bottomed and reported it. In that respect you could view it as a complement.

    At any rate nice to see this up again. Thanks for both your direct effort in reviews and the metawork needed in the background to keep it all ticking along.

  4. I did domain services for a website company for like 4 years. ICANN are assholes. Sorry for the loss of your old domain man.

    But, not even gonna lie, I kinda like the new domain more. It’s like a warning of what you’ll find in the comments of every single review. Very amusing.

  5. A belated welcome back DS. As PM (in exile?) for the House of Aniblog, you should’ve received a .gov domain.
    Anyway, a rare useful comment on Nyaa directed me here. Now I can cut back on downloads — but too late for Sakurasou, which I endured 2 extra times; the first subs were a joke, the second subs translated the jokes.


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