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Archives posts are posts that I either got bored of writing halfway through or didn’t deem worthy of putting on the site. Posting some now to waste your time while I write some reviews. This one has a bunch of chat logs and little else.

Backstory: There was some drama last season over a split in Hatsuyuki. A bunch of people left so I decided to look into it.


Now that I have logs, I guess this can get its own post.

SleepSub forgets his place.

<SleepSub[NL]> Btw Naru
<SleepSub[NL]> Tari Tari will be a joint
<SleepSub[NL]> Someone else TS’d and QC’d a little
<Naruto-kun1984> um
<Naruto-kun1984> no SleepSub[NL]
<Naruto-kun1984> if you want a joint
<Naruto-kun1984> let that group release current script
<Naruto-kun1984> I will manage to do other
<Naruto-kun1984> dont decide anything without asking me first
<Fyurie> So much for CO-admin, Sleep.

It’s almost like he expected the co-leader to have some measure of responsibility. Silly Fyurie.

<Fyurie> I’m taking thecurrent script then.
<Naruto-kun1984> and pls dont use op-ed and insertn
<Naruto-kun1984> since they r done by our staff
<Fyurie> hey’re done by Queen
<Fyurie> Who I’ll be paying off with work at GX_ST
<Naruto-kun1984> you r anoying, you know?
<Naruto-kun1984> dont give me problems pls

Just so we’re all on the same page here (cuz it might come up later!), Naruto is not cool with groups using others’ work.

Fyurie quits.


<Fyurie> I spoke to Sleep
<Naruto-kun1984> I dont want any joint
<Fyurie> the CO ADMIN
<Naruto-kun1984> that all
<Fyurie> I thoguht his position counted for something?
<Naruto-kun1984> here, you work with me, released under my group name
<Naruto-kun1984> so
<Naruto-kun1984> at least folow my way
<Naruto-kun1984> hope this’s clear?
<Naruto-kun1984> I dont want any drama
<Zumochi> You heard ‘m fokes, let’s screw the scripts!
<Naruto-kun1984> I just want peace to fansub
<Fyurie> Then you can get stuffed, in all honesty. You’re the cause of this drama.
<Fyurie> I triedto give yo ua good release, like you asked
<Fyurie> and you’re trying to screw it up
<Naruto-kun1984> sorry but no joint here
<Naruto-kun1984> I do preciate your try
*** Parts: Fyurie ([email protected]) ()

Zumochi quits.

<Zumochi> Don’t expect him to come back anytime soon Naru
*** Naruto-kun1984 sets mode: -I Fyurie*!*@*
<Zumochi> Now, please do tell Virus123 he wasted his time.
<Naruto-kun1984> Zumochi, you can leave if you dont agree my way of working
<Zumochi> Thing is
<Zumochi> I like everyone here
<Zumochi> It’s just that you are the one that’s blocking things
<Zumochi> So I mostly disagree with your way of working yeah.
<Naruto-kun1984> okay
<Naruto-kun1984> thanks for working with me
<Zumochi> Cheers
<Zumochi> I’ll prolly cya guys around
<Zumochi> o/
<Zumochi> Oh right
<Zumochi> Naru
<Zumochi> I will finish One Piece
<Naruto-kun1984> no need
<Zumochi> Naru
<Naruto-kun1984> I dont want any favour
*** Parts: Zumochi ([email protected]) ()
*** Naruto-kun1984 sets mode: -I Zumochichi!*@*

HeavenlyArmed quits.

<HeavenlyArmed> listen Naru, I needed those guys
<HeavenlyArmed> if they’re gone i’m not really sure there’s a place for me here
<Naruto-kun1984> oh
<Naruto-kun1984> now you
<Naruto-kun1984> @_@
<HeavenlyArmed> I don’t want to leave, but I do need them
<Rose_t> yeah they were actually the one working guys
<Rose_t> lol
<Naruto-kun1984> I know
<Naruto-kun1984> if noone works
<Naruto-kun1984> we just stall this season
<Rose_t> anyway, think about it a bit Naruto-kun1984 I don’t think it’s good idea to lose those working guys when you slove matter normaly:P
<Naruto-kun1984> dont have time to think
<Naruto-kun1984> dont want to think either
*** Parts: HeavenlyArmed ([email protected]) (Goodbye cruel world!)

It starts to sink in…

<Treize-kun> so fyurie and heavenlyarmed are gone now?
<furzi> and zumochi
<furzi> oh wait
<furzi> heavenly left?
<Rankblotch> yeah. she did.
<furzi> :<
<Rankblotch> three guys gone in one go.
<Rankblotch> this sucks ass.
<Treize-kun> they were the only people that did anything….
<vevlaa> WAit What?
<furzi> fyurie, zumochi and heavenlyarmed left because naru didn’t want to joint with broken-subs for tari tari
<vevlaa> o.O Thats…. bad
<furzi> …yeah.
<Treize-kun> kind of dumb reason if you ask me… we shouldn’t have needed to joint on a cr rip.
<furzi> but broken-subs already had the ts and qcing done
<furzi> i think
<Rankblotch> yeah. they also made the logo and whatnot.
<vevlaa> I agree, but who’s going to take over their jobs?
<Treize-kun> we already had people here to do that, though, right?
<furzi> no idea
<Rankblotch> <&Naruto-kun1984> if noone works
<Rankblotch> <&Naruto-kun1984> we just stall this season
<Treize-kun> great.
<vevlaa> hmm
<vevlaa> Oh so the main area where this will have any major effect, is the QC part right?
<Rankblotch> yeah. and we just lost an editor who was supposed to do two shows this season, I think.
<SleepSub[NL]> Aaaand the scripts of Tari Tari are deleted
<furzi> well i guess tari tari’s dropped then
<vevlaa> heavenly is only set to edit Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai.
<vevlaa> and a furie had Tari tari :S overloocked that one
<Treize-kun> so we lost half our QCers and all our editors except for worming…
<vevlaa> So that leaves us with: “RECRUITING: Editor x2 and a QC x2” I guess
<vevlaa> btw, have naru tried talking some major sence into them?
<vevlaa> sense*
<Rankblotch> It was the other way around the whole time
<Rankblotch> THEY were trying to talk sense into him and he flipped them off
<Rankblotch> so they ragequit
<furzi> yep
<vevlaa> aaaha
<vevlaa> “We’re now recruiting staff. The positions are open for translators, editors and typesetters (experienced). Don’t know about fansubbing, we will teach you :D. Pls contact me or email me at hotboy_84 @ if you want to lend us your help :)”
<vevlaa> saw this just now
<Rankblotch> check our staff listing.
<Treize-kun> he took them off the staff list already?
<Treize-kun> SleepSub[NL], you know how we’re reorganizing our projects at all now that all our editors quit?
<vevlaa> No idea, I’m not doing editing if my life depended on it :P
<SleepSub[NL]> [4/7 21:45:40] <&Naruto-kun1984> dont decide anything without asking me first
<SleepSub[NL]> I’m not gonna do anything
<Treize-kun> naru shouldn’t be leader be sole decider of everything if he’s not even going to be here that often.
<Treize-kun> *shouldn’t be sole decider
<Rankblotch> and what happened to the co-leader thing? doesn’t that mean you have as much say as he does in the first place?
<SleepSub[NL]> Seems not…

Rekyu quits.

<Rekyu> Hey SleepSub[NL]
<Rekyu> u there
<Rekyu> i have to talk to u
<SleepSub[NL]> Yo
<Rekyu> so basically
<Rekyu> i didn’t do any projects last season
<Rekyu> and now that h dekinai moved to gotyuu
<Rekyu> i’m not doing anythin
g summer season either
<Rekyu> so i’d rather quit at this point
<Rekyu> instead of idling here all the time ==
<SleepSub[NL]> I won’t do anything
<SleepSub[NL]> nor I will do anything to hold you here
<Rekyu> mmk
<Rekyu> just letting someone know..
<Rekyu> cya all around
*** Parts: Rekyu ([email protected]) (Leaving)

To be fair, Rekyu was clearly going to quit anyway. But hey, might as well get that combo meter as high as possible.

Treize-kun/Rankblotch/Vevlaa/furzi quit.

<Treize-kun> well, if naru wants to stall everything for the season, I’ll probably just quit too.
<Treize-kun> too much drama here
<Rankblotch> yeah
<vevlaa> agreed
<furzi> i guess i’ll quit too
<Treize-kun> if rank isn’t editing anything, then we have 0 editors here. I can’t see doing anything with 0 editors.
<furzi> w

Well, they made short order of that. This whole affair took place in about four hours.


Next up, part 2.

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  1. Heh, I guess I did well by leaving that group in silence. I can’t imagine myself getting caught up in all that, though I probably wouldn’t have gone down without giving my old ‘friend’ a piece of my mind if I were.

  2. >Naruto-kun1984
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    • It’s an Archives post, fgg. I explained it in the first fucking sentence. “Archives posts are posts that I either got bored of writing halfway through or didn’t deem worthy of putting on the site.”

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    • I’m no expert but if I remember correctly their first language isn’t English or at least I’m pretty sure Naru’s isn’t


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