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A continuation from the last post.

Some people come slinking back (self-esteem is not a valued trait among Hatsuyuki staff), Naruto takes AnimeTL-Broken’s script and pretends it’s his, and more drama all around.


Please come back?

Treize-kun decided to stay in Hatsuyuki and was apparently sent to try and woo HeavenlyArmed and Fyurie back.

<+Treize-kun> fyurie, heavenlyarmed, you there?
<@HeavenlyArmed> I’m here
<@HeavenlyArmed> ‘sup?
<+Treize-kun> you will rejoin hatsuyuki if naru apologizes and agrees to your joint?
<@HeavenlyArmed> er, not likely
<@Fyurie> Yup, we’re gone
<+Treize-kun> naru said that he’ll apologize and agree to your joint.
<+Treize-kun> he just didn’t want to agree because he didn’t want to have to make the logo maker remake the logo.

Always a good reason to decline a joint.

<+Treize-kun> he already said he was wrong to say what he said
<@Fyurie> No, he can’t think he can say anything, then just apologise and make everything fine
<@Fyurie> I’m not going back, at least.
<+Treize-kun> he said that he was having a bad day and was mad before he already got on, so he overreacted
<+Treize-kun> fyurie, still a no?
<@Fyurie> Yup, sorry.
<@HeavenlyArmed> if I’m not doing anything, I see no point in being there
<@HeavenlyArmed> and again, I’ve never been fond of how things are run in there
<@Fyurie> So yeah, he can deal with the consequences of his actions
<@Fyurie> Sorry, but he can’t be spoonfed
<@Fyurie> He can hire new staff and teach them how to fansub
<+Treize-kun> okay. I’m sorry to hear that.
<@Fyurie> I have no sympathy for him whatsoever
<+Treize-kun> looks like everyone will quit hatsuyuki, then.

One would think.


<Dark_Sage> So after you and like 8 other people left on the day he told off SleepSub, what exactly did you all do? Did you just go your separate ways or something?
<HeavenlyArmed> well, me and three other people were slated to work on a show with hatsuyuki
<HeavenlyArmed> when we left, we still wanted to work on that show
<HeavenlyArmed> this eventually led to me and two of those people joining Hiryuu to work on it
<HeavenlyArmed> this is the Gotyuu Dakara release
<HeavenlyArmed> Zumochi, who was one of the people who joined Hiryuu also joined AnimeTL at this time to work on Tari Tari
<HeavenlyArmed> Fyurie and I were both already in Broken prior to all of this
<HeavenlyArmed> I had also previously formed my own BD group
<HeavenlyArmed> actually, that was the main reason for my having left Hatsu
<HeavenlyArmed> Fyurie and Zumochi left before i did, and they made up about 50% of my group’s staff
<Dark_Sage> So all right, pretty much you and your team split off and went back to your BD group, Broken, and then into Hiryuu.
<HeavenlyArmed> yeah

Upgrades all around.





Final count: 9 quit.















I think you can see where I left off.

I canceled these posts because there really wasn’t much drama and I wasn’t able to clearly articulate what was going on in an entertaining manner. Yes, people left, but it was basically as if they’d been planning on leaving for a while and just took the first opportunity that presented itself. Then some joined back up. And it didn’t seem like people hated each other over this. Hatsuyuki didn’t die and AnimeTL didn’t become a god-tier group that showed Naruto the error of his ways. It was basically uneventful.

I do think there’s some value in the post, which is why I posted it in archives anyway, but moreso as an inside look at how these things sometimes go. You’re welcome, cultural anthropologists.

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    • He mentioned he applied and got in way back when but yeah, apparently he never got a project so his membership just sorta fizzled out.

  1. I do not recall people joining back up in the end, however. The drama did cause quite an effect at Hatsuyuki. I believe that the quality of our releases has plummeted a lot… Although I don’t necessarily think that Hatsuyuki can compete with the other fansubs, I’m still convinced it’s a nice group for beginners at fansubbing.


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