PSA: Will do reviews on Sunday

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Been busy playing Virtue’s Last Reward. It’s fucking awesome and has consumed my time. As an apology, you’ll get four reviews tomorrow. More, if I feel sugoi. That’s it. PSA over.



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    • Which system? If you’re getting it on the Vita, grab yourself a tablet stylus. I picked up some cheap ones from China way in advance of this game, but you can always improvise with some felt and a DS stylus or something.

  1. I’ve got 18 hours logged on Virtue’s Last Reward and im only about a third of the way through the game. Quite long (or maybe im exceptionally slow).

    Dark_Sage: Similar to how you have fallen behind on writing fansub reviews because of VLR, I have myself fallen behind on reading your reviews. The game has quite the ability to suck out all of life’s (other) ambitions and interests. Using the game’s flow chart as an indication, about how much progress have you made so far?

  2. Oh and just for anyone wondering about the quality of the text, they have “donno” instead “dunno” for everything, “it can’t be helped” whenever they can shove it in, and tons of glorious spelling mistakes, mismatched text-to-dialogue, and general English fuck-uppery. Par for the course for any official release, of course.

    Oh well, I’d say the localization minus those mistakes is fucking sugoi and the dub is fabulous.

    • You know, for someone who bitches about “Wapanese retards” so much, you sure use the word sugoi a lot DS. Better be careful, staring too long into that void could be hazardous! People might stop thinking you’re doing it ironically.

  3. So…my save file with 26 hours logged got corrupted. I did some research online and found out that saving the game in puzzle rooms can cause corrupted save files (3DS version). Save only during novel sections.

  4. Oh wow, that

    Spoiler for
    Tenacious D

    reference made my entire day. Thank you, Aksys.

    Also, that spoiler plugin appears to break comments. Fantastic.

    • There is some evidence to suggest that ANY puzzle room could potentially be affected by the bug. The statement Aksys Games released stated that it is better to be safe than sorry. You;re right that the PEC room is the biggest culprit and is what caused my own save file to become corrupted.


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