A Very Scary Crymore Halloween

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Hello ghosts and ghouls! It’s time for… SPOOKY SUBS AND… Umm… I guess that’s it.



Up on tonight’s gruesome menu…

[Geneon] Ghost Talker’s Daydream (ep 01)

[Pioneer] Phantom Quest Corp (ep 01)

[Sentai] Princess Resurrection (whichever episode shows off Riza’s abs the most)

[Funimation] Ghost Hunt (ep 01)


I think we’re all in for a frightfully good time with that lineup!


Bonus! Even the gifs will move like zombies! Spooky!

9 thoughts on “A Very Scary Crymore Halloween”

  1. Unfortunately, I had to work for a lot of this Halloween to meet a deadline at work so I’m gonna have to hold off on the Princess Resurrection review until tomorrow. After which, A Very Scary Crymore Halloween will come to a close.

    I hope you had a scarily good time tonight!

    • Your reviews of the ethereal made me etherSQUEAL!

      …ok I got nothing. That was a good time though, and as was said in the Pioneer comments it really is remarkable how far the tech has advanced on the fansub side. Adoption has generally been very rapid, with quick moves to mkv and then ever improved and more powerful softsubs, H.264 and then 10-bit encoding, and generally improving standards overall. There is usually fairly vibrant competition for most shows, and while there may sometimes be a single clear choice it seems that just as often there are a couple of decent picks with your own preferences in style and perhaps speed as the decider. Competent groups even devote a certain amount of attention to improving the quality of crap sources (like those poor bastards doing the Shinsekai ep5, 8 Mbps mpeg2, now that’s terrifying).

      In contrast the official production companies evoke nothing so much as the slow shuffling undead. They’re level 1 minions who for some reason still appear in the last stage, something once worthy of attention but now reduced to mere background noise starring mindlessly and helplessly up at the high level PCs soaring overhead.

      An interesting case study could probably be made regarding the evolution of fansubs vs official from 1992-2012 in the context of market dynamics. It’s only too bad that back in moonland they don’t take any advantage of it, though benign neglect is not the worst action.


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