Official Subs Review: [Geneon] Ghost Talker’s Daydream (Episode 01)

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I’ll be judging these releases by fansub standards. Surely the professionals will do better than the fans, right? After all, they’re getting paid for this. [NSFW: Review contains poorly drawn breasts]

Table of Contents

Release Information

Visual Quality

Script Quality


Release Information


Visual Review


Well at least they translated the credits.

This was already typeset in the original Japanese release. What are you doing?



The encode is complete shit. Though I suppose you already guessed that.

Those black sidebars, that text… Official subs, we meet again.

Way to interfere with the credits.

Script Review

Main Script.

Untranslated dialogue.

In the first line he has a whole string of words he rattles off. But in the second, all he says is “Misaki-san!”


You can’t just take the translation you had from a previous, completely different line and copy it over here. It’s not even a natural translation for the second line; “Misaki!” would have been fine.

Lazy, stupid fucks.

Oh that’s right. I forgot the generitranslation for “sasuga” has changed in recent years from this shitty excuse for a sentence. Yes. Once, “very impressive” was the accepted TL for “sasuga”.

Those were bad years.

A what?

She doesn’t say anything that would lead into “But” as an acceptable sentence opener. Just drop the “But” and you’ll be fine.

Are DVDs really unable to support italics?

Too long for the time allotted. Go with “Eyes front.”

“Big Sister” if you must use this wappy phrasing.

“Probably.” Why the fuck did you add “so” at the end of this?

I don’t remember ordering the pupu English platter. (Haha, get it? It’s–

Oh shit! Motherfucking ghosts! Halloween all up in this!

Sorry for spooking ya. Back to the review.

This long’s too line for the time allotted.

“If something bad happens, I won’t be held responsible.”

There you go. Shortened by the needed amount.

Autonomous blood-drinking crotch rope! Oooh! Scary!

What, you thought I was only gonna scare you once in this review? Haha! It’s Halloween, bitches!

More fucking ghosts!



Watchability: Watchable.

Visual grade: F

Script grade: C+

Overall grade: C-

C-? Well in my mind, that’s a great success. Congrats, Geneon. You’re good enough. (But not good enough to avoid getting shut down, hey-oh!)

The show itself sucks just FYI. Read the manga if you’re interested in a dominatrix dealing with ghosts.

12 thoughts on “Official Subs Review: [Geneon] Ghost Talker’s Daydream (Episode 01)”

  1. Dat lazy, non-existent typesetting. Dat font and the yellow text. Dem stock phrases and general mediocrity! Nice trip down memory lane here D_S, thank you for both the nostalgia and simultaneous reminder of why the “good old days” were generally a pile of shit. For you kids, life was tough back then. Hardy neckbeards of the frontiers were stuck with mediocre subs as their final memories before dying from dysentery after losing their oxen in a failed river crossing. Postage stamp sized Real Video or mpeg1 was used to pass around shows online, itself a step up (sometimes) from 9th generation VHS dupes.

    This makes me want to go back and find some old official series I own. I think in the attic I might still have some of those “discs” that were used back in the late-90s/early-00s. Take a shot every time “it can’t be helped” comes up!

  2. The Geneon subs for Black Lagoon were quite awful too. Worse than these because there was quite a bit of quick dialogue especially in the first episode. I wish someone would do heavy edits of them and do a better BD release than what’s out there currently.

    Anyway, not all official subs suck… official subs can blow fansubbers out of the water imo. At least in the quality of the script (not typesetting or font though). Check Rightstuf’s subs of Aria the Natural for example.


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