Official Subs Review: [Pioneer] Phantom Quest Corp. (Episode 01)

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Our night of scares and spooks shall continue henceforth!

Table of Contents

Release Information

Visual Quality

Script Quality


Release Information

Episode details.

Okay, I kinda fucked up this picture, but I don’t care enough to do a retake.



Visual Review


I’m surprised. They actually put effort into this?



Yellow text and black bars? Yup, this is an official release all right.


Script Review

Main Script.

Dracula right off the fucking bat. This show knows how to spook!

Her “No~” went untranslated both times, so I guess that means it was consensual?

This is the first bit of dialogue in the episode… That’s right. The show went on for five minutes without anybody saying a goddamn thing. Easy mode all up in that script.

Okay, not too shabby.

Shabby. The funny part? She doesn’t even say “Sasuga” in this line.

“Wow. Should have seen it coming.” would be a better fit.

More like “Assistant Lieutenant Karino”. You gotta capitalize this shit.

This is a fairly old anime and standards were pretty low back then, so I’m honestly surprised they found someone smart enough to put idioms in the translated script.

Nice translation.

>implying the girl in the picture only has one eye

Pioneers of English.

Someone needs to learn them how to capitalize.

How do you watch an all-nighter?

“Old girl”? What is this, 1960? They also fucked up the pun on “old” that came up later.

You can keep the comma or “that”, but you can’t have both. Nice try though.

How the fuck did this script get greenlit? No wonder Pioneer shut down in the US.

Please stop. You don’t even make sense anymore, Pioneer.

Vampire! Hah! Surprised you, huh? Never let your guard down on Halloween — the spookiest night of the year!

If it’s the specific name of a room, it should be capitalized.

“When I jump into the Panorama Room…”

“walking dead” is actually plural. “walking dead man” would work better. (And it’s a nice play on words.)

have, you uneducated nitwits.



Watchability: Watchable.

Visual grade: D-

Script grade: C-

Overall grade: D

All right, we’re done with the old releases. I hope you can shake off that nostalgia for some Funimation and Sentai Filmworks fun. I bet they’ll be good. I mean, their releases were done recently; how could they be bad?

10 thoughts on “Official Subs Review: [Pioneer] Phantom Quest Corp. (Episode 01)”

  1. If it’s FUNimation, something tells me it will be very bad. Then again, I do not know a thing about this stuff. The yellow text and black bars do bring back memories; kinda awed to see where are modern fansubs now, comparing the two…

  2. Ahh, if only old vhs fagsubs are still being mailed out. Hell, even some old postage-stamp-sized Usenet-traded fagsubs would be nice, so I can sit back and have a good laugh at them.

  3. Things like this remind us all why people started fansubbing in the first place. Yeah, yeah, there was a time when most anime was completely unlicensed so it was fansubs or nothing, but when even the official shit was this terrible, is it any reason people turned to less legitimate sources? It’s like being confused that everyone are stealing BMW’s when you’re supplying them with perfectly good Ford Pintos.

  4. Not sure your “watch” comment is valid. It might be a Briticism but in that sentence, it means “pay attention to so that I don’t overdo them” more than anything. I think it’s a shortened form of “I’ve got to watch [what I do with] smthg.” or something along those lines.


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