Fansub Review: [AraAraUfufu~] Sukitte Iinayo (Episode 06)

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I really want to like this anime, but there’s something seriously off about Yamato that makes me hesitate. While it could be one of those things that ends up leading into an excellent surprise ending, I doubt we’ll see it with this show, which is unfortunate.

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Release Information

Visual Quality

Script Quality


Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (362 MB, 10-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.

English style: American English.

Encoding details:

Speed: Quick (<48 hours)

Note: They put a lot more effort into their chapters than most groups.

00:00:00.033                   : en:Suki-tte Ii na yo Episode 06: Why… [Prologue]
00:00:27.528                   : en:Suki-tte Ii na yo Episode 06: Why… [OP]
00:01:57.534                   : en:Suki-tte Ii na yo Episode 06: Why… [Part A]
00:12:19.531                   : en:Suki-tte Ii na yo Episode 06: Why… [Part B]
00:21:50.519                   : en:Suki-tte Ii na yo Episode 06: Why… [ED]
00:23:20.484                   : en:Suki-tte Ii na yo Episode 06: Why… [Preview]


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Visual Review


Opening. Here’s the thing, AAU. While your Japanese lines matched each scene excellently, you left the English part to suffer. While that doesn’t particularly matter to me (since for this song I was more interested in the Japanese than the English translation) it’s not good at all for the people who want to understand what the song says in English.

It’s really unfortunate you couldn’t handle the English as well as you did the Japanese considering the Japanese lines were pretty fucking great.

Rating: Okay.


Ending. Nailed it. I mean, they looked that nail straight in the eyes as they fucked its mother. That’s the kinda success we’re talking about.

Rating: Great.



Come on. Is the Japanese so fucking important you need to preserve it like this? Messy.

I share that sentiment.

Didn’t expect them to typeset the last two. Good on them for putting in the effort.

And another thing that didn’t need typesetting.

But uhh, thanks. Have some bonus points for your troubles.


Script Review

Main Script.

This doesn’t follow. A more logical set-up would be

“That’s a tall order…”

“but I’ll try to find someone.”

Though I may be too simplistic when I talk about logic and flow for these things. So let me address that.

While this may seem suitable to a non-native speaker, it just doesn’t fit for someone who’s been rocking the language their entire life. Reason being, the context here is “That’s a difficult request but I’ll try my best.” The “but” in that sentence is completely necessary to convey the tone properly.

Otherwise, the two lines don’t match up and you get a very awkward imitation of English that looks right at the onset but on second blush would fit better in an Indian call center.

I nearly spit out my drink when I got to the first scene. By the last one, it looked like my monitor just rolled out of a car wash. Seems like Ara’s really dedicated to bringing wap subs back in a big way.

While I personally think this style of fansubbing is, to put it delicately, retardation squared, it’s not gonna affect their score because I’m not here to rate style choice. However, I do feel that it deserves a mention in this review anyway.

Nice try, but that isn’t how you edit.

Original line: “Really? I told you when I’d be coming home.”


This is what happens when a newfag TLC hears “high” in Engrish and decides it must be included verbatim in a script.

For reference, HorribleSub’s script had “Since we’re both stars.” and IB’s script had “since we’re both super hot.” Ara’s sounds the least human of the three.



Fuck, this is pissing me off. Why the fuck do some of these editors have such a goddamn aversion to italics? Do I need to go into a fucking article on this?

I didn’t think “The subs should reflect natural speech so words that would have emphasis in natural speech should have said reference reflected with italics in subtitles.” would be such a fucking hard concept to understand but then again I don’t eat paste for lunch.

Normal? That doesn’t really fit.

If you want to go the lazy route, just change normal to “natural”.

Oh, Ara. Why must you edit in more errors?

I’m like 90% certain kaban can mean “purse” rather than just “bag”. “purse” would definitely fit the scene better considering it’s supposed to be a “date”.




Fuck, their incompetency pisses me off.

Why the fuck did they change this from

“Those two make a perfect couple.” and “Seriously. This is better than I expected.” ?

I mean, goddamn. If your input makes the subs worse, you’ve fucking failed.




Watchability: Watchable.

Visual grade: B+

Script grade: C+

Overall grade: B-

Ara edited the CR release to something they thought was better, but the end product actually… is not. You’d be better off just watching the regular version of Crunchyroll’s script than Ara’s attempt at improving it.

Since I enjoyed IB’s more than Crunchyroll’s I think recommending IB’s subs is the logical course of action here.

27 thoughts on “Fansub Review: [AraAraUfufu~] Sukitte Iinayo (Episode 06)”

  1. >Note: They put a lot more effort into their chapters than most groups.

    …because they copy and pasted in the episode title? It’s probably done automatically via script.

    • >The CR translation is not exactly accurate, so there’s more than enough work for us on this end. We will be checking and editing the script, adding some nice typesetting and our karaoke to the release, and muxing everything with fresh encodes.

      There might not have been errors before, but there sure are some after you guys went through the script!

  2. I’m mildly curious what you think of their own translations (for the first four episodes, before CR picked up the show)… Are those any better?

        • All right, sounds like a plan. I’m gonna try to get both Commie releases out tonight. May fall short since I’m gonna try to catch up on those shows first.

            • I only watch anime now when I’m reviewing it. Not because I don’t like anime but because the responsibilities of post-education life are much weightier than I had expected. The two Vita games I just played were the first games I’ve been able to devote any time to in the past four months.

  3. @Dark_Sage

    Original line: “Really? I told you when I’d be coming home.”

    Ara’s edit to: Original line: “Really? I told you when I’d be coming home.”

    I don’t exactly remember the tone of what Mei’s mother said here, but was the whole thing phrased as a question?

    If so, I’d say that the best edit would be “Didn’t I tell you when I’d get home?

  4. Oops, I accidentally copied the original line into what should have been Ara’s line, but you probably understand what I was getting at. My edit is the best if the whole thing was phrased as a question.

      • It looked like you were mentioning it for the translation style rather than the mistake because you followed it with a paragraph saying “While I personally think this style of fansubbing is, to put it delicately, retardation squared, it’s not gonna affect their score because I’m not here to rate style choice. “


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