Fansub Re-Review: [Commie] Psycho-Pass (Episode 06)

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Re-review because I said I would.

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Release Information

Visual Quality

Script Quality


Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (356 MB, 10-bit)

Japanesiness: No honorifics.

English style: American English.

Encoding details:

Speed: Quick (<48 hours)


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Group website:

IRC channel: #[email protected]

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Commie’s fansub reviews:


Visual Review


The majority of the OP plays has teal and blue as the main colors. Each scene has one of those two colors making up the majority of it, and Commie illustrated this by using a font with blue and teal together. I almost would have preferred to see teal subs for the teal scenes and blue subs for the blue ones, but the way it’s handled works quite well. When the grey scenes appear, Commie switches up the subs to display in grey.Combine that with a decent font choice and you have a pretty damn good OP.

I hesitate to call it “great”, but let’s settle on…

Rating: Good+.

It would be better if the start of the ED were subbed, if they didn’t reuse the font they had in the opening, and if the person in charge of the timing wasn’t hopped up on retardium.

Rating: Okay.



I liked it for sure.


Script Review

Main Script.

Could someone tell me what value the “at least” here serves? Far as I can tell its only point is to get in the way.

You can’t use closing quotes as opening quotes, guys.


***I’d like to note that all the Shakespeare scenes in this release were accurate (well, those that I checked, and I checked most). Looks like they found the plays’ scripts online and made sure the lines matched them.

You can’t have the “but” there. It makes no sense.

“Not only are they interesting, they’re also especially cruel.”

This was edited from “You’re stingy!”

Goddamn brilliant edit there, Xythar. Immediately tagged this line as something to talk about.

By now, anyone familiar with generitranslations is gonna know exactly what this robot-girl (I’m jumping to plot conclusions) said. While “You’re stingy” is technically the cipher of what she said (I like that term, Xythar, so I’m gonna start using it more often), “Spoilsport” gets more to the heart of the matter, conveying more about this girl’s character and the line’s meaning than “You’re stingy” ever could.

Great job.

Nobody would ever out-and-out say that in English. Rather, it would be implied. “Listen, Akane. I’ve got a lot more years of experience than you.” would get the point across just as well and reflect natural English.

I’ll never really understand why “Holographic” was chosen to be a capitalized word. It’s not uncommon enough to necessitate it. But Commie is consistent with this, and it’s a sci-if show, so whatever. We’ll let it pass~

It actually should be “If you’d like,” not only because that’s how normal people say it, but because that’s proper English as well, and this chick speaks fucking eloquently.



Watchability: Watchalicious.

Visual grade: A-

Script grade: A-

Overall grade: A-

Generally I’d have a more fleshed-out review, but I kinda just buzzed through this show quickly and want to get onto other things. Gomen. The subs are good, which is lucky for you since no other groups bothered to pick this show up.

If you’re wondering why I did a re-review, then that means you didn’t read my first Psycho-Pass review. Commie promised a translation for the OP and ED that was lacking their 01 release, so I said I’d review a later one so their scores wouldn’t be docked by the visual grade. What a nice Sage I am.

Anyway, the release is pretty good, so go ahead and grab it without fear.

16 thoughts on “Fansub Re-Review: [Commie] Psycho-Pass (Episode 06)”

  1. F-tier to A-tier in the space of one review pretty much sums up my reservations towards Commie (or any group sporting a fuckhuge staff rollcall).

    • Yep this is pretty much why Commie is a group I use only if nobody else competent is doing a show, there just isn’t any way to guess what the quality will be like and I don’t have the inclination to check out everyone’s subs in a Sage-esque manner to compare them.

        • I’m sure you’re right, probably B or B-. But when you guys aren’t on the ball you REALLY drop it hardcore and for me it’s just not worth the time taking the risk if there’s another group that I’m confident in doing it. Granted there are only maybe half a dozen groups like that so I still end up watching quite a bit of your subs.

  2. What in Japanese translates into somebody being stingy or a miser? I know I’ve seen a literal translation there a few times (i.e. not “spoilsport”), and every time, I want to slap something. Slap averted. *salute*

  3. Well sorry for bringing up a week-old topic, but… Is Commie’s visual quality really inferior to that of the HS release? And is the difference significant enough for me to wait for a possible future BD release?


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