Script thievery! (Part 2)

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The thrilling conclusion!

Fun with Elyas (#afftwsubs)

So a bunch of cool cats and I popped on over to talk to the “TL” himself, who’s apparently AFFTW’s leader.

Seems like a classy guy.

<Dark_Sage> Hey Elyas, ya on?
<~ElyasRay> i’m on now Dark_Sage
<Dark_Sage> Hey Elyas. I heard you’re the translator for AFFTW-Hatsuyuki’s To Love-ru Darkness, correct?
<~ElyasRay> um… yes?
<Dark_Sage> Would you mind explaining why your scripts are nearly identical to Pomf’s and Commie’s (depending on the episode)?
<~ElyasRay> sigh
<Dark_Sage> Episode 5, for example:
<Dark_Sage> Episode 8:
<~ElyasRay> ugh… i knew these were coming

Okay, we’re off to a good start. Maybe he can just own up, apologize, and we can all be on our way–

<Dark_Sage> You said you knew this was coming. Do you have an excuse prepared for taking another group’s script and lying about it being your own?
<Dark_Sage> It’s a dick move, as I’m sure you’re aware.
<~ElyasRay> …
<~ElyasRay> if i’m late for my boot camp, i wouldn’t mind saying that i took some lines from other group so as to save time

>some lines

All lines

<~ElyasRay> but for others, they really are my translations

Oh god, this isn’t going to be easy.

<Dark_Sage> Which episodes did you TL, and which did you take another group’s script?
<~ElyasRay> anyways, you took quite the wrong timing to talk to me.
<~ElyasRay> i gtg soon


<Dark_Sage> Sure ya do. Where ya heading?

<~ElyasRay> boot camp of course
<Dark_Sage> Enjoy boot camp. Maybe you think up a good lie while you’re there. I’ll be here when you’re done. :)
<~ElyasRay> …
<Kaitou[Kid]> :)

Too late, Purity. He’s gone.

…Oh wait, he’s still on?

<+Purity> while you’re away, ElyasRay, could ya explain korezombie too? thxm8
<~ElyasRay> kore zombie?
<Dark_Sage> I’m sure you can’t remember everything you’ve stolen, so have a pic for reference:
<Dark_Sage> Since you’re still here, I’d love to hear whatever excuse you’d like to leave us with.
<+Purity> oh, you can explain it now?
<~ElyasRay> no
<+Purity> :(
<Dark_Sage> How long does it take to explain?
<~ElyasRay> explain what about zombie?

Kaitou then starts talking about stupid shit and the topic gets off track… where it’s revealed Elyas is a jerk!

<~ElyasRay> blood sweat tears… reminds me of one of the company in the army i’m in
<~ElyasRay> someone tried to commit suicide the other day
<~ElyasRay> lol
<+Purity> >lol
<+Purity> wat
<+Purity> sir
<+Purity> uh
<+Purity> sir
<+Purity> that’s not something appropriate for ‘lol’
<neto_rare> why don’t u commit for suicide yourself
<+Purity> sir I understand that some people like to add ‘lol’ to the end of things
<+Purity> but suicide?
<Kaitou[Kid]> xD
<neto_rare> ⊙‿⊙
<neto_rare> >XDDDDDDDDD
<Kaitou[Kid]> neto_rare ⊙‿⊙ right back at ya
<~ElyasRay> that guy was reluctant after standing on the edge of the ledge
<neto_rare> no pls
<neto_rare> don’t talk to me
<~ElyasRay> standing there for a good 15 mins
<neto_rare> i just want to watch this autism
<~ElyasRay> giving the commanders time to pull him back
<Kaitou[Kid]> -_-
<+Purity> holy jesus and his disciples
<Kaitou[Kid]> *and his disciples* o.o
<+Purity> you have problems more important than script theft to worry about
<Kaitou[Kid]> (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜
<~ElyasRay> …
<Kaitou[Kid]> such as?
<+Purity> making light of actual suicidal behavior

* ~ElyasRay ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia

Looks like Elyas couldn’t handle getting told.


While this was going on, I decided to have a PM with the guy, assuming he just didn’t want to be publicly embarrassed.

<Dark_Sage> Listen Elyas, you basically have two options: 1. Own up to copying other groups’ scripts, apologize, stop doing it, and get back to rebuilding your group’s reputation.  2. Keep lying and hope that no one finds out.
<Dark_Sage> But I already talked to Hatsuyuki’s staff and as soon as Hatsuyuki’s leader comes on, he’s going to find out. I can almost assure you the joint will be dropped regardless of what you do. So your best option is to issue the apology, stop stealing, and attempt to salvage what little honor you have left.
<ElyasRay> sigh

Okay, cool. He’s gonna be smart about this.

<ElyasRay> i don’t understand with some people nowadays
<ElyasRay> some of my translations are genuinely mine but some kept on saying that it was ripped off from another
<ElyasRay> just because they are similar doesn’t mean they are from the same script
<ElyasRay> they are meant to be tled that way
<ElyasRay> so what can I say?
<ElyasRay> anyways, i gtg now
<Dark_Sage> Are you fucking kidding me?
No such nick/channel

Well, all right, let’s check to see if Naruto’s back yet.


And he is! (#hatsuyuki)

Naruto post-timeskip looks quite different

 <+Dark_Sage> Oh hey, Naruto-kun1984. Got a sec?
<&Naruto-kun1984> hi
<&Naruto-kun1984> yes?
<+Dark_Sage> Hey man, there’s an issue with your AFFTW-Hatsuyuki joint for To Love-ru Darkness. Turns out the AFFTW “TL” (Elyas) literally just takes scripts from other groups and pretends they’re his own translations.
<+Dark_Sage> See:
<+Dark_Sage> That script was taken from Pomf. And this one was taken from Commie:
<&Naruto-kun1984> wtf
<+Dark_Sage> Yeah, dude
<+Dark_Sage> Apparently AFFTW has done this with other groups too
<&Naruto-kun1984> dam
<&Naruto-kun1984> I don’t watch other group’s relases so I didn’t know
<+Dark_Sage> Yeah, I discovered it while I was preparing a TL Party :/
<&Naruto-kun1984> damn
<&Naruto-kun1984> other staff will be up set to hear about this
<&Naruto-kun1984> I knew he likes to use other scripts, and told him not to touch any scripts from other groups when we joint
<&Naruto-kun1984> to avoid drama

In retrospect, maybe you shouldn’t have given him another chance.

<&Naruto-kun1984> he said he didnt use any T_T
<+Dark_Sage> Well he lied. :(
<&Naruto-kun1984> juding to the file name
<&Naruto-kun1984> for ep 8
<&Naruto-kun1984> we knew that it’s a rip
<&Naruto-kun1984> we won’t use it
<&Naruto-kun1984> I dont want to get into any dramma
<&Naruto-kun1984> can you check on other scripts too?
<+Dark_Sage> Episode 4:   (pomf)
<&Naruto-kun1984> thnx
<&Naruto-kun1984> I will wait for other staff who work on this show to discuss about the situation to see if we keep working on it
<&Naruto-kun1984> I put our skilled staff to work on this show, to have a good release then things turned out suck

Figuring Naruto had a handle on it (and the time being 3 AM), I went to sleep. While I was out, Naruto went to the other groups and apologized.


Naruto’s apology tour (#fffpeeps)

Related video.

<Naruto-kun1984> Hi
<Naruto-kun1984> Eien
<~Eien> ?
<Naruto-kun1984> I don’t know what to say
<~Eien> huh
<Naruto-kun1984> I came to apology for TLRD scripts that the TL used from your releases
<~Eien> wut
<Naruto-kun1984> just found out 20 minutes ago
<~Eien> well, I didn’t even know either
<Naruto-kun1984> I will put an anoucement on our site too
<Naruto-kun1984> me either
<Naruto-kun1984> untill DS told me
<@kokus> lol
<neto_rare> there’s no one blame u mate
<~Eien> well
<Naruto-kun1984> I’m so sorry about what happened
<Naruto-kun1984> T_T
<~Eien> I don’t really know what went on
<~Eien> but i assume you handled the tl & stuff already
<~Eien> so apology accepted
<Naruto-kun1984> thnx for understanding
<~Eien> What I would do, if I were you, will be to fire him
<Naruto-kun1984> oh
<Naruto-kun1984> it’s a joint
<Naruto-kun1984> so no more joint
<Naruto-kun1984> dam
<Naruto-kun1984> Elyas
<~Eien> IIRC
<PolynAzn> afftw

<~Eien> AFFTW
<~Eien> has a history of stealing
<~Eien> someone said they stole hadena’s zombie scripts
<~Eien> when they joint’d with doki
<Naruto-kun1984> I knew, I warned him
<Naruto-kun1984> not to touch any other groups releases
<Naruto-kun1984> cant belive that he did this to me
<&archdeco> >stealing from Hadena
<&archdeco> lol
<@kokus> steal from commie
<Naruto-kun1984> cant blame him for all
<Naruto-kun1984> me too, for not checking other groups before releasing
<PolynAzn> steal from commie, remove editing, release!
<~Eien> [18] <Naruto-kun1984> me too, for not checking other groups before releasing
<~Eien> you know,
<~Eien> you usually wouldn’t expect stuff like that
<~Eien> I don’t think anyone checks other groups before releasing
<~Eien> ┓(゚ペ;)┏

Good point, Eien.

I heard Naruto also apologized to #commie-subs, but if they’re as predictable as I think they are, one of ’em probably just said something like “You can use our scripts. Hell, take all our work. Not like we care.” and the others agreed (cuz apathy is cool).



After apologizing directly to the affected groups, Naruto placed an announcement on the Hatsuyuki blog about what happened.

But what’s this? No mention of dropping the joint with AFFTW? Surely this means there’s drama afoo–

<Dark_Sage> I notice you took down the “No more joint with AFFTW” line from your post.
<Dark_Sage> Why?
<Naruto-kun1984> about that, the name for next release will be still [Hatsu-AFFTW]
<Naruto-kun1984> only 4 eps left
<Naruto-kun1984> I dont want to change the tag
<Naruto-kun1984> plus
<Naruto-kun1984> the logo afx was done with both group names
<Naruto-kun1984> the release will be pure from Hatsu
<Dark_Sage> Gotcha. That makes sense.
<Dark_Sage> I assume you won’t joint with them in the future, then?
<Naruto-kun1984> yep
<Naruto-kun1984> I dont want drama

Oh. Well then.


All in all, Naruto-kun handled this situation extremely well.

Nice job


But what about Elyas?

Some say he’s hiding in shame from IRC, to never be seen again. Others say he only has access to the internet when he gets back home from boot camp on the weekends and he won’t be back on until Friday night.

Me? I think he was raped by his commanding officer and left for dead in a drainage ditch, but perhaps I’m just an optimist.

38 thoughts on “Script thievery! (Part 2)”

  1. >I heard Naruto also apologized to #commie-subs, but if they’re as predictable as I think they are, one of ‘em probably just said something like “You can use our scripts. Hell, take all our work. Not like we care.” and the others agreed (cuz apathy is cool).

    Pretty much. In the end, it’s not much different from what we do with simulcasts (and what BD groups do with anything) other than the taking credit part, which is kind of a dick move.

    In the end, it’s mostly just wasted effort on their part, especially if it barely gets edited anyway.

  2. Well, drama aside, it’s nice to hear that some people can apologize and forgive each other at the end of the day…

    Still can’t help but think there’s a bit of a double-standard when lifting or adapting simulcast subs is pretty accepted~ :P But lying about it and taking unwarranted credit, as this individual did, is quite different, I suppose.

  3. Is it just me or is the name Exias ringing any bells here? Might be a bit of a tenuous link (Exias –> Elyas) but I’ve heard stranger. I’m pretty sure he used to pull the same stunts too, though I think he may have had trouble with the law. Went down the fraudulent side of things, so maybe thieving translations would be classed as small fry for him nowadays.

      • Pass. He was an odd entity in fansubdom – he was an oldskooler who turned out to be a bigger troll/criminal than any of the young pups. I’m led to believe that he was milling around since the VHS days, but you’d have to ask some stalwarts of the “scene” to get any more info on him.

        • No way in hell could this guy have anything to do with Exias. He pulled a pretty huge scam with a server business and is now in hiding somewhere… or in jail. Possibly the former, seeing as he just pretty much disappeared.

          Still, save for the whole scam thing, he was a pretty chill guy. Unlike this Elyas fellow here.

          • Just seemed a pretty big coincidence, because I’m pretty sure Exias used to fake tl too – but as I say, it would be a step back from his scamming.

    • It’s kind of hard to have drama when the guy most likely to have a meltdown leaves 15 minutes after you start talking to him and never shows up again. :(


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