Fansub Review: [GotWoot] Magi (Episode 08)

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I still love you GotWoot, but you make it hard.

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Release Information

Visual Quality

Script Quality


Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (193 MB, 10-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.

English style: American English.

Encoding details:

Speed: Quick (<48 hours)


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Group website:

IRC channel: #[email protected]

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Commie’s fansub reviews:


Visual Review


Opening. What the suck is this? The English font is fine, but that k-timing effect with a yellow circle turning into fireworks… Yeah, that’s not appealing.

You can’t just grab your karaoke from random Youtube videos and expect it to work.

Rating: Okay-.


Ending. Why do previous lines stay on screen for four syllables into the next line? Why does the k-timing effect make the syllables so large? And why the fuck does that first line start out half-unreadable? Questions!

Again, the English part is fine, but the Japanese part doesn’t fit.

Rating: Okay-.



Because only losers have their typesets match the Japanese signs.



This styling is eyecancerous and infects a full third of the script. Yes, really. It’s terrible.


Script Review


>The storm of cheering voices hits me like a warm bullet

>like a warm bullet

I’ve got an inkling that this may not be the best simile for this line. Must just be my fail-o-meter going off.

“I’m sure that beyond that magic door where no one ever bothers going no one there has a VIP ticket”



My mouth is agape. “It looks distant, but it’s actually close // Treasures, such as prophecies” ?

It’s episode 8. Shouldn’t someone have fucking edited the karaoke by now?



Main Script.

This doesn’t make sense. If even the army can’t raise a hand against Ali Baba’s army, why would these guys be safe? They’re staring straight at the most powerful armed force in the city, so they’re anything but.

If he’s bluffing, then his final line should be, “But we’ll be safe.” That would show him acknowledging that even though the guys they’ve encountered are powerful, by some magical miracle they’ll be fine anyway. This… just doesn’t work.

“anymore” implies that leaving them is something Ali Baba does continuously. If he’s only left once or a couple times, “Don’t leave us again, Ali Baba!” would make more sense.

Edit: After having finished the episode and coming back to this, I think it would be more accurate to have “Don’t leave me again, Ali Baba!” because then Cassis would be referring back to his and Ali Baba’s childhood when Ali Baba left Cassim and Mariam alone to live in the palace. That would have much more emotional impact and it’d fit with the show better.

In a line like this, you’d accent the “my” to put the emphasis on it being his problem and not anyone else’s. In the next line, Foot Job-chan even says “It has quite a lot to do with me.” which is a direct refutation of the “me” from the previous line.

So yes, my change is necessary to fully reflect the nature of the situation.

“He he he he”. It’s like fucking Scooby Doo up in here.

Learn how to vary your fucking word choice; you aren’t gonna win a prize for using less than a hundred different words in your script.

Why is this text blue? And why is it “boss on this hill” and not “king of the hill”? I mean, I’ve heard of the “king of the castle” variant, but “boss of the hill”? What the fuck?

Were you homeschooled or something, GotWoot? And did your teacher molest you? An emotional breakdown is about the only thing I can think of that’d keep you from knowing what this game is called.

Cut “after all” from your vocabulary this instant. I thought the subs sounded a little generic but it wasn’t till I got to this line that I became sure of it.

Generiphrases are bad, bad, bad. The “after all” stands out in this screenshot because while it appears to be something you could hear someone say, it’s really not. No one speaks like this.


And fuck you for that fucking blue text. I swear to god whoever’s bright idea that was needs to have their genitals introduced to a blender (hit purée). Yes, it’s really pissing me off.

Is this Japanese? Cuz it sure as fuck ain’t English.

He’s talking about what his father said about his mother. The whole “I loved her.” bit.

So this should be something around the lines of “His words touched me to my very core.” Or maybe “His sentiment touched me to my core.”

He thinks of him as his actual brother, so this should be capitalized.

“Think about it, Brother!”




Watchability: Watchable.

Visual grade: D- (You can’t make my eyes bleed for one third of the show and expect me to say your visuals were pleasing.)

Script grade: C+

Overall grade: C-

This wasn’t the release I was expecting from GotWoot, but it’s the one we got. So far I’d just stick with gg’s release, which is better in every single notable way.

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  1. Going by the actual content of your review, I expected the script grade to be a C rather a C+. I think that logic errors are pretty bad, and would personally penalize this more than for having minor typos.


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