Fansub Review: [Doki] Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo Ne (Episode 06)

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Hiryuu’s a month behind, so I’m classing their subs as irrelevant for this show. Also, the Tonari reviews for FFF and Chihiro were canceled because neither group edited — they just ripped CR’s scripts and called it good. Fansubbing!

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Release Information

Visual Quality

Script Quality


Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (209 MB, 8-bit), MKV (308 MB, 10-bit), LQ MKV (198 MB, 8-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.

English style: British English.

Encoding details:

Speed: Slow (>48 hours)


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Visual Review


Opening. The karaoke doesn’t fit at all. Absolutely no thought put into it, I wager.

Rating: Bad.

Ending. Isn’t this the same as the OP? Oh, wait, I’m wrong. The kanji and romaji were switched in the ED. Well done, Doki.

Rating: Bad.




Title too hard to TL, Doki?

Watch what?




These are sponsor screens, but I don’t think this anime has any sponsors. And no wonder. I sincerely doubt any company would be so stupid as to tarnish their brand by associating itself with this garbage.


Script Review


The second “all” is unneeded. And in this OP you switch between “self-produce” and “self produce”. Pick one and stick with it.

Don’t you mean everyone is cuter?



Main Script.

The one? Ugh.

“I’m doing this to protect you, because you’re more precious to me than anything else in this world.”

Good gods. If you’re going to use “Onii-chan” for everything, at least understand what the word means. As you have it, these Onii-chans are the English equivalent of “Brother” (yes, capitalized). Plug that into each of those sentences and you can see why this is wrong.

Use “onii-chan” for “brother” and “Onii-chan” for “Brother” (if you absolutely must leave it untranslated). There is a difference.

“But after many months, Akio had still yet to return.”

Even if you think the main character is a faggot, that doesn’t mean you should make him speak like one.

The show’s trying to set him up as the quintessential Japanese youth. Show some respect for their superior itadakimasu culture!

The world is divided into divisions? Tell me more, wise ones.

That doesn’t actually divide the world in twain. It’s either “his sister, and everything that’s not his sister.” or “that which is related to his sister, and everything else.”

could -> would

It’s a hypothetical situation, much like Doki having an editor who knows what they’re doing.

and -> to

“if you say it so suddenly, my heart won’t be prepared…”

Please get your tenses right, Doki. This is English 101.

The second line isn’t given nearly enough time on the screen for a viewer to digest it. Change the line to “and vice versa.”

Subs are touching. :<

I actually think tildes in subs are fine when used sparingly and in the proper context. It’s a good way to get across an extension on a letter or sound.

Yes, its use in this fashion is pretty much exclusive to the anime/manga community, but this isn’t an academic text, so put your style manuals away and deal with it.

Jesus, Doki. Just because you fucking heard the word “Onii-chan” does NOT fucking mean you have to fucking include it in your subs. What kind of fucking dipshit do you have in charge of translating this shit?

We have a word in English for when you’re directly addressing someone. That word is “you”. Fucking learn how to use it, you stupid goddamn waps.

So she wants the manager to be a man,

and she wants the manager to be a woman,

…but both of them are right?

We gonna get a transvestite on this show now?

Oh, guess not. It’s just Doki being unable to edit properly.

“Furthermore, she even”? Redundant much?




Watchability: Watchable.

Visual grade: C

Script grade: D

Overall grade: D+

Beyond what I pointed out, the subs felt incredibly stale and generic. Did the TLs change between episode 3 and this one? Cuz I remember 03 being a lot better.

Oh well. Their only competition is Hadena, so I’m gonna say these are the subs to go with for Oniai. Sure is a shame Hiryuu dropped the ball on subbing this show.

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  1. “These are sponsor screens, but I don’t think this anime has any sponsors. And no wonder. I sincerely doubt any company would be so stupid as to tarnish their brand by associating itself with this garbage.”

    Doki’s TV source is from AT-X. They never put sponsor ads in their broadcasts, because it’s a (bitrate-starved) “premium channel”… but they don’t cut out the sponsor screens and leave them blank, because they’re retarded. Doki probably just muxed their script into a random share raw, resulting in remaining sponsor screens, because random share raw creators are also retarded and don’t cut them out.
    On other TV stations, this show has of course its sponsors in the production committee like every other anime airing on TV.

    • I bet if AT-X cut them out, people would complain about missing out on sponsor screen art or whatever. Yeah, I dunno. It’s probably just how it’s provided to them.

      AT-X HD caps are hard to get a hold of. The TV releases of GotWoot’s Dakara H suffered the same fate after the joint split up, unfortunately.

      • “AT-X HD caps are hard to get a hold of.”

        Afaik Sky Perfect TV encrypts its channels with B-CAS, which has been cracked. So theoretically it’d be possible for everyone with ISDB-S access to capture from AT-X with a modified decryption card. It’s just not worth the effort for some shitty ecchi shows, most of them not even uncensored anymore, on a low-bitrate channel (even though their bitrate increased recently). I’d always choose a cap from a local terrestrial channel (or from one of those fancy high bitrate broadcast satellite channels… that unfortunately air anime several days/weeks later than terrestrial channels) over a crappy AT-X cap.

        • Could be. I just remember there being some reason it was difficult (it usually took days if not the better part of a week for proper HD raws to pop up for Dakara H, for instance).

          And yeah, in cases where there’s no censorship between AT-X and the terrestrial broadcast, that’s probably the best course of action. However, when we subbed Hagure Yuusha no Estetica at Commie using the Tokyo MX broadcast, it was quickly clear that the majority of leechers care about having uncensored video above absolutely everything else.

        • Aye.

          AT-X airs on Sky Perfect E2 ISDB-S as a CS Service. AT-X HD airs on Sky Perfect Premium which is DVB-S2, which is why it’s starved H.264 crap, though the fate of CS channels is far worse so I guess it’s not all that bad since H.264 is its saving grace sometimes. Afaik B-CAS for BS/CS is cracked, their DVB service uses something else.

          • Ah yes, Sky PerfecTV HD was DVB-S2, not ISDB-S, mixed that up. And they use multi2 for encryption, which probably hasn’t been cracked yet (at least I can’t find anything about it). Then discard my statement, that it’s possible to capture from AT-X (HD) without a subscription – that’s only possible for premium communication satellite stations like WOWOW and asahi ch.

  2. “if you say it so suddenly, my heart won’t be prepared…”

    “My heart won’t be prepared” is also a terrible direct TL of a Japanese idiom that doesn’t fit in English in the first place.

  3. [FFF] Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb
    [Nutbladder] Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb
    [Commie] Hayate the Combat Butler!

    Is this all that is left for this season?

    If so…think you’ll finish the plate tonight?

    • [Sigh-Genjo] Magi (06)
      [FFF] Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb (03)
      [Nutbladder] Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb (04)
      [Hybrid-Kaitou] Robotics;Notes (08)

      Commie didn’t edit Hayate enough, so I’m skipping theirs. Sigh-Genjo’s slow, but not slow enough for me to drop them. And Hybrid-Kaitou’s staff kept begging for a re-review. Since they got a D originally, I decided to give ’em another chance. You’ll get one or two more reviews tonight, but it’s more reasonable to expect me to finish the season off on Monday.

  4. I haven’t enjoyed a generic harem this much in quite a while. The OP and ED are catchy as hell and the characters are amusing if nothing else. I can understand the hate but for some reason i really like this show.

  5. If you’re not watching horriblesubs you’re doing it wrong.

    Even if it is a week wait, everyone else is literally shit compared to funi’s subs for this, even if they do have some strange, strange shit going on.


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