20 thoughts on “So I picked up Naruto Shippuden again after 2 years of not following it…”

  1. As much as I laughed at those screencaps, the fanboy in me must say this:

    Top episodes you mayhaps want to watch:

    204 – You’ll hate it if you can’t stand Sasuke, but I loved this arc – much better handled than the final arc the anime’s at now. In this episode (and arc) you get all sorts of ninja ass kicking, “serious” stuff (more on that later) plus Sasuke vs the world.

    248&249 – The much awaited Kyuubi-attacks-Konoha flashback. Fanboys call this epic.

    I pretty much loved Naruto after the Pain arc for going into “politics and serious stuff” – but because this a shounen (or just anime, really), take that with a grain of salt.

    Also, if you like well-made fillers, watch the most recent episodes – the Chikara/Power couple of episodes. Animation is as sweeter than honey, and it’s, uh, shounen.

    tl;dr: If you’d like to skip the awful episodes (you’ll find plenty of them) and just finish the story, read the manga.

    • I’m already so far in, I can’t give up now by skipping the filler. As for the story, I may have lied a bit about “not following it”. I’ve been reading the wikia every couple months just to check in with what’s going on. Same with Bleach and One Piece. It’s a lot easier than investing any real time into the shit. The main reason I’m getting back into Shippuden is so that I can properly enjoy NUNS3 with my brothers who are already caught up on the series.

      • Nice, I wish I had brothers who shared these interests. In my opinion, the NUNS franchise never evolved much from the first game, but I’ll bet NUNS3 will be pretty damn fun nonetheless. I always loved going 9 Tails and beating the shit out of my friends!

        Have fun >_0b

  2. I once tried getting back into this series again myself. I stopped at around episode 60(?) and picked it up again after a while. I kept at it until the current airing episodes earlier this year and then I stopped again at episode 269. I probably won’t pick this up again until it finishes airing.

    Still trying to maintain my goal of never dropping an anime, but Naruto is making it a challenge. I wish I never picked it up during my teen years. >.<

    At least Gintama was worth picking up. I could watch that anime until I get old if it went on that long.


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