Oldsub Review: [Central Anime] Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Episode 03 – Vintage 199X-200X)

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Continuing on with the next thing I found in my assortment of oldsubs…

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Visual Quality

Script Quality



Visual Review


LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_00.32_[2012.12.21_22.32.42]

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_00.55_[2012.12.21_22.33.11]

Oh come on guys. Boring old white text? Where are the colors? The k-timing? This is fucking shit.

Rating: Bad.

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_11.02_[2012.12.21_23.46.37]

Insert. Come on, CA. Are you even trying?

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_22.21_[2012.12.22_00.16.19]

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_22.40_[2012.12.22_00.16.46]

Terrible font/color choice. What are you doing?

Rating: Bad.




LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_00.17_[2012.12.21_22.29.09]

Needs just a little bit more blur.

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_22.06_[2012.12.22_00.15.03]

Great placement.

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_22.12_[2012.12.22_00.15.16]

Never heard of fading?

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_22.21_[2012.12.22_00.16.19]

That is some goddamn stupid positioning.

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_23.45_[2012.12.22_00.20.01]

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_24.01_[2012.12.22_00.21.20]

Terrible, all around.



LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_10.17_[2012.12.21_23.43.24]

Horrible styling and line breaking. Shoulda named their group [Eyecancer]


Script Review


LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_22.40_[2012.12.22_00.16.46]

“go” is a pretty shitty word to use here. Try “travel”.



Main Script.

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_01.34_[2012.12.21_22.34.28]

Don’t capitalize capital in this context.

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_01.40_[2012.12.21_22.34.57]

Is that a fucking double space? Come on, CA. Have you even heard the term “QC”?

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_02.28_[2012.12.21_22.41.41]

They have a space before each exclamation mark and question mark in this release. Stupid .

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_03.37_[2012.12.21_22.45.51]

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_03.40_[2012.12.21_22.45.58]

What the fuck is that supposed to mean? No, really, I don’t understand their version of English.

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_04.43_[2012.12.21_22.47.44]

Oh, CA. You should stop using such terrible generitranslations.

Where’d you pick that nasty habit up from? Ayako?

“Your tea is the absolute best.”

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_07.07_[2012.12.21_22.58.33]

A regular colon would have been the preferred choice.

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_07.44_[2012.12.21_23.15.16]

More like “democratic republic”. Fucking scrubs.

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_08.15_[2012.12.21_23.18.15]

If you want to use the non-accent standard for fiance/fiancee, that’s fine, but don’t screw them up. The fiance is the man and the fiancee is the woman. Because it’s a woman speaking, I think you can guess which one you were supposed to use.

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_08.19_[2012.12.21_23.25.54]

A bit redundant. If he died at the Battle of Astate it’s pretty obvious he died in battle.

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_09.46_[2012.12.21_23.32.29]

This is the dumbest way to stutter, ever. Use dashes, please.

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_09.56_[2012.12.21_23.40.06]

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_09.59_[2012.12.21_23.40.13]
This was the perfect opportunity for some topical editing. Maybe a “YOLO” or “Swag” would have been a good choice.
Barring that, a playful acknowledgment here would have been useful. Something like, “I can see that.” would be nice.

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_13.18_[2012.12.21_23.51.30]

How the fuck do you “purge” an act of treason?

as such, must be purged. -> as such, you must be purged.

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_14.26_[2012.12.21_23.55.41]

Curse words in an oldsub? I think some of the literalfags out there may have something to learn from this.

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_15.33_[2012.12.21_23.58.38]

Huh? Try “We are the PKC, and we truly love our country!”

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_15.46_[2012.12.21_23.59.09]

I don’t even know if what you just said is English or not. Leaning toward “not”.

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_17.09_[2012.12.22_00.01.43]

You mean “either”.

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_18.39_[2012.12.22_00.05.33]

Nice scene bleed. The fuck are you timing on, an Amiga?

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_19.00_[2012.12.22_00.06.43]

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_19.01_[2012.12.22_00.08.10]

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_19.05_[2012.12.22_00.07.58]

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_19.07_[2012.12.22_00.08.22]

I have no clue what the fuck’s going on in these scene. Not a great way to handle fansubbing, CA.

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_19.13_[2012.12.22_00.09.23]

I don’t think “unstoppable” means what you think it means.

“…because of this, the war will probably begin anew.”

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_20.47_[2012.12.22_00.12.44]

He said it dismissively. You’d be better off with “In the end, I’m but a soldier.”

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_21.57_[2012.12.22_00.14.39]

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_22.01_[2012.12.22_00.14.48]

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_22.06_[2012.12.22_00.15.03]

What a jumbled mess of tenses.

LOGH Episode 03(DVD) - Central Anime(c08dc25b).avi_snapshot_24.00_[2012.12.22_00.21.13]

And another timing mistake. Nice. Except it’s not nice. It’s terrible. :(




Watchability: Unwatchable.

Visual grade: F

Script grade: F

Overall grade: F

These aren’t very good subs by today’s standards. But credit where credit’s due. This is the oldest group that’s still around today, and one of the oldest groups in fansubbing, ever. These guys helped lay the foundation for the fucked-up mess of autists, failures, power trippers, and creepers that make up the fansubbing community today.

And I couldn’t love them more for it.
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43 thoughts on “Oldsub Review: [Central Anime] Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Episode 03 – Vintage 199X-200X)”

  1. You’re not gonna find many groups willing to sub 110 episodes of anything, let alone one with as much military terminology and complex dialog as LoGH.

  2. “Nice scene bleed. The fuck are you timing on, an Amiga?”

    In his own words:
    “I don’t use wave timing, btw. I do it the old fashioned way – on the fly while the video is running. Then I go back into ass and edit the script manually, changing times and splitting up lines as necessary.”

  3. Doubly legendary for subbing everything – all 56.4GB that I have downloaded: 165 episodes, OVAs, & movies…. The series is worth it but I’m going to have to throw my brain into the blender, aren’t I? It’s amazing how much things have changed.

    Oh, here’s a note from torrent I downloaded from:
    ‘This version 2 release is an update of episodes 1-18 to the mkv format – softsubbed.
    I also updated the scripts and corrected several errors and changed some line splits, wording,
    text/line placement, and some minor timing issues.

    Episodes 19-26 are unchanged from the previous files. The were the first to be mkv formatted.’

  4. I actually feel like I’ve heard the “friend of X’s” structure before. I know for certain I’ve heard “friend of yours”. Whether or not it’s formally correct, people definitely say it.

  5. “Strategical” is far more offensive than the double space. Even though it’s technically a word, the correct translation for a name is obviously “Strategic Planning Headquarters”.

    • I don’t care enough to go back and check, but all the names and shit should be accurate because they were hardsubbed onto the screen in English by the animation company.

  6. Again, you’ve presented no arguments to give these subs an F. No semicolon in one place or spaces between exclamation marks… Yeah, great review… A+

  7. The opening karaoke had those captions already in (some of) the raws: http://crymore.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/LOGH-Episode-03DVD-Central-Animec08dc25b.avi_snapshot_00.32_2012.12.21_22.32.42.jpg
    They are not from CA.

    At least we had some serious hardships to deal with that and other “transliterations”. The Japanese used for one name at least two different transcriptions, at times within the same episode.

    Here you can see an example of a “modern translation” from the raw:
    http://img32.imageshack.us/img32/4488/stormntfsanfsgingaeiyuu.png (I couldn’t find any english ellipses)

          • Oh, to pick up Black Dragon’s point here – I’ve heard of this happening before, where licensing companies (maybe even Japanese companies?) have hardsubbed kara onto an ep. I remember watching Tenchi Muyo on Cartoon Network here in the UK whenever that was released (late 90s? Early 2000s?) and for the first few episodes, it had terribad engrish transrations and then, bewilderingly, it had romaji from about ep 4 onwards.

            So yeah, entirely possible that something similar happened on LOGH.

  8. Pretty sure their chief translator is a native Japanese speaker, which means I’m inclined to forgive him all his translation trespasses given that English is a horrible clusterfuck of a language filled with nonsensical and inconsistent ‘rules’ that even most native speakers will never achieve a full mastery over. And still pound for pound CA does a better job than the vast majority of fansubs that native english speakers with a couple years home Japanese courses manage to shit out. Also unless my memory fails me ‘Strategical’ is the official name given in the show. Blame Yoshiki Tanaka, not CA.

    I see you like to criticize fansubs as a hobby. Considering the entirety of your fansubbing contributions seems to consist of one mediocre show after another, the idea of you belittling the group that decided to put the time and effort into translating 162 episodes and three movies of space opera-y goodness is more than a little amusing.

    Either go and produce a better translation or kindly go fuck yourself.

  9. Actually, Silver Wing appears to be about the best thing you’ve worked on, and even it wasn’t terribly good. Pretty horrific in fact, especially given what it’s supposed to be a sequel to (not that Last Exile was exactly a masterpiece to begin with). Which pretty much tells me all I need to know about you and your ‘taste’. Have you even watched LoGH past the first three episodes? I’m going to guess not.

    Incidentally, the plain white karaoke text in LoGH isn’t from CA. It’s part of the original video. And even if was their doing, plain unanimated text is the norm for professional translations, as it should be. The ideal should be to be as unobtrusive as possible. Colored, stylized text should be treated with disdain.

    • Silver Wing is absolutely better than Legend of Galactic Zeros. Let me lay down some facts for your sorry ass:

      Fact 1: Silver Wing has better battles. Can you find a better tactical mind than Fam? She took down at least three gunships in that fucking series and turned the tide of two battles. What do your lovers do? Lose millions of men per battle? lol scrub mode

      Fact 2: Silver Wing has more moe. The most moe LoGH gets is a guy who likes alcohol. I bet there aren’t even any dakimakuras of him out there. lol

      Fact 3: Silver Wing has a better plot. There are twists like betrayals and stuff (hello, Fam’s sister!!) that LoGH couldn’t even hold a candle to.

      I guess you’re just jealous that your favorite show is complete and utter shit compared to the masterpiece that is Fam’s Bread. Perhaps you should get some taste, old man.

    • Indeed, and since we’ve laid the groundwork that you’re capable of basic thought, you also completely missed what I was doing with this set of Oldsub Reviews. The point is not to point blame at oldsubs of the past; it’s to highlight how things were done back in the day and the failings of oldsubs (and there WERE failings). As you can see from the final grade — Legendary Oldsubs — I don’t actually hate CA. In fact, I respect them for laying the groundwork for fansubbing today. And I think this review was an excellent opportunity to show readers just how far we’ve come.

      The name of the game on Crymore is sarcasm. Sometimes heavy, sometimes light, sometimes none (gasp!). Point is, I’m an untrustworthy narrator (though when it comes to regular series reviews, I’m dead serious about the final grades), so people who come in here and read my articles with no prior knowledge of what this site is about are going to have a bad time.

      If you take all that into consideration, I don’t think you should have many problems with what I did in this review. If you still do, I’m open to conversation about it.

      • Might need to give the old sport some tips on how to leave comments properly – mighty hard to follow a conversation which keeps steering back left like a lawnmower tied to a pole…

        • I would, as I’m a firm believer that old dogs can learn new tricks. But the same does not go for those whose mental facilities are inoperable, which appears to be the case here.

  10. And I stand by everything I said (typed). Spend your time working on something worth a damn and I might actually give a shit about your inane opinions. As it stands all I see is yet another pathetic anime blogger dolling out shitty reviews, though you’re rather unique in that you critique fansubs while having no discernible talent of your own.

    • Well then you’re actually as stupid as I had pegged you originally. Your argument comes from some retarded derivation of ad hominem whereby any fansub criticism is rendered invalid if you don’t like the anime the critic fansubbed, or if the critic has not even fansubbed. “You found a typo? Bullshit. That typo doesn’t exist unless you fansubbed Evangelion!”

      You equate fansub talent (lololol) to shows subbed, and dismiss anything you disagree with under some weird offshoot of Blind Faith. (“CA is great because they subbed a show I like.”)

      It’s as if you’re too stupid to realize you’re stupid, and you were even more stupid than that for not recognizing I gave you an escape route with my site explanation. That was where you could have gracefully bowed out without making an ass of yourself and saved whatever iota of pride you’ve built up in your life so far.

      But since you’re still here, I guess that means the game continues, you stupid sack of shit. Your “unobtrusive” ideal is perhaps the worst fansubbing ideal I’ve ever heard of. Yes, that can be a component of a release, but to be what you ultimately strive for? May as just remove the subs entirely so you don’t intrude upon the great Nipponese works known as Animes.

      As you believe that if a person is natively Japanese they should be forgiven for any mistakes they make, you are not only the most wapanese idiot to ever step on this site, you are also the dumbest. I have no idea why you’re so obsessed with Japan, but I can assure you that forgiving a group’s (let’s say Hadena’s) trespasses just because their TL has slanty eyes is so fucking wap, I have to designate you the King of all Waps.

      Since your argument is based around “only fansubbers are right”, I encourage you to list out your works as well. If you haven’t even fansubbed a single anime, you should probably kill yourself because by your own logic you are a worthless piece of trash that does not deserve to live. And on that, I would be inclined to agree with you.

  11. Who the fuck dares to say the best anime of all time Last Exile is not a masterpiece? Who is the fucking pleb? I’ll fucking gut this person alive!


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