Script Only Hyobu Kyosuke – The Unlimited (Episode 03) [Temp Post]

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Just throwing out the (mostly finished) .ass for the most desperate among you (and because I said I’d release, but I can’t go into work with less than 3 hours of sleep).

Timed to the HorribleSubs release. Currently stuck at the [Unlimited] version since it’s hard to make this anime actually funny. If I can’t manage it, I’ll just release without the [Unlimited] script from now on.



kawaii no desu hyobu kyosuke


Temp post, will be deleted (hidden, actually) tomorrow~




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      • I’m older than you. Lack of vitamins? Exercise? I only exercise 2-3 times a week. Food? I eat complete breakfast, light lunch, and no dinner (not always).

        • I’m not sure if you’re trying to brag there, but I’ve found that human beings generally require some hours of quality sleep to function properly, be they fit or not, unless they’re seventy or something. In fact, sleep is integral to one’s overall health.

        • What about sleep debt? Surely that’ll catch up to you.. I can (barely) survive a day with 4 hours of sleep, but all the debt I’ve accumulated is already taking a toll.

      • Depends on the work I guess.

        I got 2 hours of sleep this last 40 hours or so, and IIRC I’m 25 already? Yeah, had to calculate based on the year. wtf. But that’s not normal for me either, so I’m hitting the sack now. Don’t follow bad examples, kids.

        Anyway, no probs if Sleepy_Sage needs to recover before releasing Unlimited.

  1. Oh just wait when you want to sleep, but can only get a set hours of sleep within a very set schedule.

    Then you know you are old.

  2. In order to keep the UNLIMITED scripts’ power level over 9000, I think it wise you not rush it… I know you have many other/more famous friends & frienemies in the subbing community, but I’d be more than willing to review over the normalfag script, note moments with best comedic potential, and/or even contribute suggestions/actual jokes for your consideration or improvement in future episodes.
    My own project is not enough & my groups stalled/waiting on BDMVs, so I’d like a laugh in the free time I have now… plus working with you would sex up my resume. And D_S, we can’t have you dropping the UNLIMITED… it’d look bad on your resume).

      • Nah, thanks though. I’m actually an extremely fast editor when it comes to normal editing (I could make Hyobu edited to release quality in an hour). The only hang-up is Unlimited, but that’ll be out tonight. (After I bring my motivation up with a couple reviews.)


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