Ohayocon 2013 Cosplay Pixtures

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Here. Have some fap material.


Soup was a little surprised that I would just go up to good-looking girls and ask for their pics even if I knew they weren’t cosplaying as anything. It wasn’t anything special, though. I was just following The Chart.

how to take pics of cosplayers

And following this chart, Soup and I came up with the following pics (most from his phone because apparently mine sucks @ pictures):

{Click on the pics for larger versions. Filename format: “Ohayocon 2013 – Character(s) – Anime(s)}


Spoiler for

Ohayocon 2013 - Asuna x Kirito - Sword Art Online 2 Ohayocon 2013 - Asuna x Kirito - Sword Art Online Ohayocon 2013 - Beatrice x Battler - Umineko 2 Ohayocon 2013 - Beatrice x Battler - Umineko Ohayocon 2013 - Inu X Boku SS Ohayocon 2013 - Juliet - Lollipop Chainsaw 2 Ohayocon 2013 - Juliet - Lollipop Chainsaw Ohayocon 2013 - Mami - Madoka Magica 2 Ohayocon 2013 - Mami - Madoka Magica Ohayocon 2013 - Penguin-chan - Penguindrum Ohayocon 2013 - Random Ohayocon 2013 - Saeko x Eureka - HotD x Eureka Seven Ohayocon 2013 - Sheryl Nome - Macross Frontier Ohayocon 2013 - Sparky - Index Ohayocon 2013 - Stocking x Panty - Panty and Stocking Ohayocon 2013 - Touhou Group Ohayocon 2013 - Uzuki Yashiro - The World Ends With You Ohayocon 2013 - Sakura - Card Captor Sakura 2


Spoiler for

Ohayocon 2013 - Angel - SMT-Persona 2 Ohayocon 2013 - Angel - SMT-Persona Ohayocon 2013 - Dragon Kid - Tiger and Bunny Ohayocon 2013 - Juliet Starling - Lollipop Chainsaw 3 Ohayocon 2013 - Leviathan - Umineko Ohayocon 2013 - Mami - Madoka Magica 3 Ohayocon 2013 - Marceline x Ice King - Adventure Time (All My Feels) Ohayocon 2013 - Naruto-chan - Naruto - All my HNGH Ohayocon 2013 - Princess Celestia - My Little Pony Ohayocon 2013 - Steins Gate Ohayocon 2013 - Vagina Monster-chan Ohayocon 2013 - Yukiteru x Yuno - Mirai Nikki Ohayocon 2013 - Yuna - Final Fantasy X Ohayocon 2013 - Daenerys x THROGMOR - Game of Thrones


Spoiler for

Ohayocon 2013 - Kuroko - Kuroko no Basket

Yeah, most people left on Sunday.


There were more pics and stuff, but it would be way too much effort to rename all those too, so just have these ones.

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  1. Dark_Sage

    Why didn’t you fuck the PSG pair?
    Get them drunk.
    Bring them back to your hotel room.
    Make sure you have a tripod set up.
    Film it.
    Wake up in the morning.
    Make sure you eat. Gotta stay healthy with a balanced breakfast.
    Then fuck them some more.
    Don’t forget to check to make sure the camera is still working! Don’t want the battery dead now, do we?
    Then blackmail them afterwards when they’re all sobered up.
    Kinda like a NTR doujin, you know, think MTSP’s most recent works.
    Then you get to fuck them whenever you want.
    Usually about two-three chapters worth, though. It has to come to an end eventually.
    But wait.
    Then you release it. Online. Here.
    Censored, of course. You can’t post nudity on a Christian blog site.

    Make your debut.

  2. Why don’t we have so awesome cosplays at German cons? All we have are a thousand dipshits who think they’re anime pros just because they’ve watched Naruto and cosplay either as him, Sasuke, Sakura or Kakashi. I’d die to personally meet such a Yuno cosplayer.

    Btw, which anime is that tape angel from? Guess, I’ll have something important missing on my To-fa-…To-Watch-list.

  3. Oh man, that SMT angel. I would have wanted to make some really shitty nocturne joke.

    “Oh baby are you an angel?” “Huh? Yeah?” “Oh, great, hold on let me get my gun cuz you LAW people are all assholes. ps fusing your dead corpse into matador if that makes you feel better!”

  4. I swear to god the “Persona 2 Angel” looks like one of the “angels” from Hitman Blood Money. The design, that is. Google it.

    • I sincerely hope you’re joking. You seriously only took pictures of cosplayers to masturbate to? You’re a shame to all con-attendees everywhere. It’s one thing to only treat people nicely if they’re not fat, which is extremely immature to do in the first place, but to only take pictures of people you thought looked pretty so you could masturbate to them? What kind of perverted creep ARE you? These people don’t dress up for freaks like you to masturbate to. Plus, you act as if it’s some sort of privilege to be masturbated to. People like you just leave me speechless. Don’t you have any self respect? Or do you just figure that since it’s the internet you can just make fun of people and act like a little brat? All you’re doing is making everyone realize what a fucking creep you are.

      • Oh boy, one of them turned up here. I can see this turning into the aniblog debacle all over again.

        BlueCandle, welcome to the internet. It’s a strange and sometimes confusing place where people embellish and say things that aren’t necessarily true or what they actually think. Feel free to ask if you require any more information on the internet. It can be quite overwhelming for newcomers.

      • Your reading comprehension is terrible— at no point was it suggested that Dark_Sage took these photos for the express purpose of masturbating over. That he took a picture of a cosplayer he evidently had no desire to wank about clearly demonstrates that. I’m afraid you’re just going to have to accept that people will be fapping (and schlicking) to these photographs, as they would any other. If you seriously think cosplay pictures on the internet have no audience, you’re delusional. Sorry, but all the photos on the Ohayocon gallery were diddled to. Labelling the photos as ‘fap material’, perhaps not entirely seriously, serves only to acknowledge that. If you can’t accept that, you needn’t be here.

      • Uh-oh. Looks like one of them managed to stumble their way over here from tumblr.

        Welcome to the internet. Not every community is filled with the same kinds of people as what you find on tumblr. It’s time for you to accept that.

        You’ve taken a post made in a joking manner out to be far more serious than it was ever intended to be. People like you are absolute idiots, and should simply stop frequenting the internet if you’re that fragile.

      • Actually, I took pictures for these two main reasons:
        1. To make the cosplayers feel recognized for the effort they put into their costumes. (And, often, to express an interest in similar subject material so that they’d feel like someone else “got” what they were going for.)
        2. To share their efforts with the people who read the articles on this site and want to see a small sampling of what the convention had to offer in terms of cosplay.

        I don’t expect you to share this information with your fellow tumblrcunts, because that would interrupt your circleschlick of “eww, someone thought I was cute, that’s super gross, am I right?”. But you may want to keep it in the back of your mind for the next time you want to get all up in arms about something you know nothing about. Call it training for real life.

  5. Well that’s one awesome Mami cosplay on Friday, guess I wouldn’t put it past western cosplayers for boobs, here in Asia you’ll see mostly pettanko characters at con (the DFC philosophy is actually a conspiracy)

  6. What the hell is up with most of these people’s stances? Like, they’re all just kinda standing there with poor posture and a neutral expression or standard smile, even the ones with great costumes and characters with distinct personalities.

    All the fun for me when cosplaying is slipping into the personality of the character, at least a little bit. What’s the point otherwise? That’s why cons are always so boring to me – everyone dresses up in elaborate costumes and then stands around doing nothing. It’s especially irritating when you find someone from the same series, try to act in-character with them or make a reference they could respond to, and then you get nothing. They just stand there and go “huh?”.

    • Ah sorry about that. My experience with MLP is limited to getting really drunk on cheap vodka and watching two episodes with a friend before vomiting out the window into a snowbank.

      Good old college.

  7. oh this was fun con, I was marisa on saturday. I am personally sorry to the beato and battler cosplayers because when I saw them I think a part of my brain exploded and I just. yeah no. I loved them so damn much

  8. Haha!
    I can’t believe that someone took your fap material joke seriously.
    That Uzuki girl was hurt by your tongue in cheek chart becuase she was chubby. She was humble bragging too, ‘Some dude took pics of me to fap to!’


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