Dark_Sage’s Kotatsu Adventure

This post was written by Dark_Sage. He is Dark_Sage.


One day, Dark_Sage was watching Minami-ke…


“Oh shit, that looks super comfy. I should get one.” thought the Dark_Sage.


“Well, my $20 space heater is doing pretty well for me right now.” re-thought the sage.


And thus, Dark_Sage’s kotatsu adventure came to a close.

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  1. Would you even use a kotatsu? You’re on your PC for most of the day and your laptop is barely functional (based off how shitty the keyboard looks).

      • Get a low table, put a comforter over it, Get a separate table top or square piece of wood, a drill and some screws and buy a damn ceramic heater (Something like the Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater $24 on Amazon). That thing is very short and small(8.5 inches tall).
        It’s a small space heater meant to warm up a cubicle or the area around a small desk. It has an over-heat safety shutoff. Basically if it gets warmer than what the thermostat is set to, it turns off till temp drops again. I always keep mine on the 900-watt low setting and the heat on medium. This leaves the unit operating at only 1/4th is maximum rating yet keeping me snuggly warm.

        During the winter I wrap myself with a fleece blanket and shove that thing inside the blanket between my feet while sitting at the desk. Does wonders!

        The chances of it starting a fire are lower because theres no exposed heating coils (all of it is embedded in metal grill cube that a fan pushes the air through).
        All the heat generated is by a fan passing air to be warmed up rather than infrared coils radiating heat.

        People tell me to get an electric blanket but anyone who’s own one, knows that those things break easily put under alot of wear. They aren’t meant to be used to wrap around yourself. Not to mention I need something I can keep warm while wrapped in front of my desk.

  2. That… is actually cheaper then I thought it would be, honestly. Still not worth it but I was expecting those things to be $300-$400 easy.

  3. Shit, man, that’s expensive.

    I’d just strap the heater of yours under a table and trow a blanket over it. Same basic thing.

    With the added benefit of potentially catching the table on fire.

    Depending on the heater.

    And the table.

  4. Hey, they’re only selling the futon there (but really you can use any cheap comforter). The table will cost you a crap load more…

  5. There is a Japanese marketplace called Mitsuwa about 15 minutes from my home. I took a ride over there to see what stores they had. One of them sold household items.

    Like a $500 plastic kotatsu.


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