Short Fansub Review: [Commie] Inferno Cop (Episode 04)

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Inferno Cop!

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Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (69 MB, 10-bit)

Japanesiness: No honorifics.

English style: American English.

Encoding details:

Speed: Didn’t check, but while we’re on the subject I can tell you that it took longer for me to fill out the info section/tags/etc. here than it did to actually write the review.


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IRC channel: #[email protected]

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[Commie] Inferno Cop - 04 [29D95A4D].mkv_snapshot_00.07_[2013.02.09_14.57.09]


[Commie] Inferno Cop - 04 [29D95A4D].mkv_snapshot_00.13_[2013.02.09_14.57.41]

I like how they didn’t even try.

[Commie] Inferno Cop - 04 [29D95A4D].mkv_snapshot_00.18_[2013.02.09_14.58.06]


[Commie] Inferno Cop - 04 [29D95A4D].mkv_snapshot_00.42_[2013.02.09_14.59.14] [Commie] Inferno Cop - 04 [29D95A4D].mkv_snapshot_00.46_[2013.02.09_14.59.03]

Comma after expenses, please.

[Commie] Inferno Cop - 04 [29D95A4D].mkv_snapshot_02.21_[2013.02.09_15.01.15]

Actually, that would be a Monday, Japan. (I’m assuming Commie TL’d this right and Japan were the ones who fucked up.)

[Commie] Inferno Cop - 04 [29D95A4D].mkv_snapshot_02.35_[2013.02.09_15.01.36]

That stuff in purple isn’t their karaoke — it’s hardsubbed Japanese. And they didn’t leave the karaoke out just because the Japanese hardsubbed their stuff in — since in episodes 1 and 2, Commie left out the kara and there was no purple shit in those releases.

Woulda figured Fnord would TL this since he speaks English, Japanese, and German, but oh well.





Guess it passes.
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20 thoughts on “Short Fansub Review: [Commie] Inferno Cop (Episode 04)”

  1. >Woulda figured Fnord would TL this since he speaks English, Japanese, and German, but oh well.

    It’s pretty much untranslatable, since it’s just random German words put together (some of them don’t even exist).

  2. I was a little disappointed that the German ED wasn’t translated because I think this is the kinda show where it needs to be purely for entertainment value. Also, I got the distinct impression with the typesetting that this was more a one-man/two-man release. A bit of a lack of attention to detail when it came to typesetting/even translating the signs. The rest was fine though.

  3. That kara is pretty random. First two eps had none. Then there were a couple with the purple German/Japanese kara. Then there was one where they forgot the German and only had the Japanese kara.

    This kind of consistency is what’s to be expected of a high quality show like Inferno Cop.

  4. I’ve been curious for a while now: Why is Japan even so crazy about Germany? Some kind of aftermath because they lost WWII together (though Japan a few months later)? Or because it is said that everyone’s here such a hard worker?

    If latter is the case, I would be the best argument against their affection.


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